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Browsing View

  • Bookmarks
    • Shown as folded corner
    • Toggle using mouse cursor
  • Annotations
    • Use XO color-coded icon
      • Confined to single column
      • Hover over column (w/ no icon) shows icon / hilites block
      • Clicking icon shows popup to add/view
  • Font Size Control (Yet to be defined)

TOC (Hyper Zoom) View

  • Four levels
    • View all (headers/contents/etc.)
    • All headers + first line of text
    • All headers
    • H1 headers only
  • Annotation icons are collapsed by header
    • If you've annotated, your icon is on top
    • Otherwise, most annotated user is on top
    • Cluster if there's multiple (horizontal? cluster?)
  • Bookmarked state is shown next to header
  • Each header is focusable

Section Scroll View

  • Quickly move between next/prev sections
  • Menu for fast movement/view

eBook View

  • Broken up into two columns
    • Each column is a semi-page
      • Done by IFrames
      • Right-hand column is current
      • Left-hand column starts as blank
    • Page is shown in the header
      • Either defined by the publisher (p. 17)
      • Defined by current (Sub) Section
    • Must watch font size to determine column height
  • Bookmarks
    • Shown as a folded corner
    • Add/Remove using 'B'
  • Navigation
    • Up (Prev Focus)
    • Down (Next Focus)
    • Left (Prev Page)
    • Right (Next Page)
    • A (Perform Action on Currently Focused Item)
      • Show Annotation (Popup)
      • Visit Link
      • View Footnote (Popup)
      • Headers are focusable too
    • B (Add bookmark to current section)
    • X (Hyper Zoom)
    • Y (Section Scroll)
      • Each are modifier keys to Up/Down
      • Hitting Up moves menu up
      • Menu centered in screen (w/ up/down arrows)
      • See the effect in the background
      • Release of button hides menu
      • Hitting the button shows menu briefly


  • Editing
    • Inline-Level
      • Bold
      • Italic
      • Underline
      • Mono
      • Links
        • Has contextual menu
      • All selections expand to the word boundary
      • Contextual menu on selection
        • Hover to preview change
        • Option is dull until active
        • Display context in things that have style or selection
        • Selection within style (undoing) effects only selection
      • Auto-convert stars, etc. on enter/space
      • Can undo last action
    • Block-Level
      • Blockquote
        • Hit tab at start to make it
        • Hit backspace or shift-tab at start to un-indent
        • Triple enter ends block
      • Paragraph
      • Raw
      • Lists
      • Headings
        • No endlines
        • Kill all inline styles
        • Contextual (H1, H1 or H2, etc.)
        • Can write =...=, triggered on enter
      • Can select block by clicking margin
      • If block is selected, show contextual menu
        • (includes inline styles, inclusive)
      • Check for characters on start of line
        • Auto-make bullet, order-list, Headers