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Finding answers to help in the wiki

For general help with OLPC Project questions, please see

(in roughly that order).

Help on using (building) the wiki

  1. To get started really quickly, see Help:Wiki Quicky.
  2. REDIRECT name of the target page
  3. Moving the table of contents. Click the edit button to see the code below, resulting in the TOC as you see it on this page's right hand sit:

The Table of contents can be forced onto a floating table on the right hand of the screen with the code below:

  1. 2009 Distribution Ceremony
    <-- thumb is the word that creates the a little box under the photo where the text appears e.g. explaining what the picture is about.
  2. Also refer to "Wiki getting started"
  3. For help editing, see editing help and the full MediaWiki help index (on the Meta-wiki).
  4. For a style guide for writing and organisation specific to the OLPC Wiki, see Style guide.
  5. See also Category:Help.
  6. You may also post questions or comments about this wiki, itself, on its bulletin board.
  7. Editing/creating these double {} (= braces or accolade) inserts you notice in many pages. These double accolades makes the software program that generates this wiki, pull content from a "Template page" into your page. The "Template page"'s link is - as you might have guessed - the word(s) between the double accolades. So if you would copy/paste these word(s) behind the root url of your wiki "", then you'll see the template page and that's where you can eventually also make edits to it. The edits will appear automatically on all pages that invoke the template page content or in other wording, that have the double accolades in them.