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In 1999 OLPC came to my ears and since them I've been contributing to it a.o. by talking about it to Teachers without Frontiers a.o. Today I'm the to be challenged President of the OLPCO2e - the open group that takes care of the CO2e-certificate side of the OLPC educational initiative.
I'm a Technical Engineer in Biochemistry with a speciality in Environmental Technologies. I'm also a Car Mechanic, specialised in Alternative Propelled Vehicles (Electrical, Biogas-Hydrogen, ...). I hold a Post Graduate Degree in International Relations/Finance and World Peace Development. I'm registered as a Financial Advisor and Planner under the rules of the Belgan Ministry of Economics, the Comission on Banking, Finance and Assurantia, as number: 65070
Since 2004, I presented myself on the market as a "Kyoto Protocol Consultant", with a basis starting point a lecture on:

"How to increase welfare, create local jobs, attract financiers, bring additional profit, develop business and M&A opportunities, offering additional Risk Reduction and Roi thanks to sale of CO2e-certificates under the Kyoto Protocol".

As such I find myself on the crossroad between all parties involved: governments and their 40% largest CO2e-emitting companies that HAVE to buy the CO2e-certificates, financiers, technology providers, project developers, inventors and policy makers/politicians. I'm based in Brussels-the capital of the largest CO2e-market on the planet, well positioned to take part in the Carbon Friendly Economy and regularly participate in EU workshops/think-tanks, give lectures or proceed sessions there.

I noted that the OLPC had done tremendous effort to be environmental and found out that the OLPComputer only uses 3 Watts versus 47-74 Watts for a regular laptop. This clearly breaks away from the normal path at which laptops are increasing their energy efficiency thanks to technological improvements, meaning that the OLPComputer will generate CO2e-Certificates under the Kyoto Protocol.

Some figures:

  • 2007: 62 billion $ turnover in CO2e-Certificates Alone
  • 2008: 100 billion $ turnover in CO2e-Certificates Alone
  • With USA joining the Kyoto Protocol, the need for the CO2e-Certificates will rise to 3.000 billion $ by 2020, that's 3 trillion $ ... more sectors are being put under the Kyoto Protocol, even the Data-Communication Centers are now under the Kyoto Protocol, even the partner of OLPC: google has to come up with CO2e-Certificates to compensate its CO2e-emissions in all its data centers where the google servers are running. OLPC could offer a tremendous win-win for Google because the computer sector can only compensate its CO2e-emissions with "ear-marked" CO2e-Certificates, meaning they have to come from withing the sector ... meaning that e.g. Microsoft has to buy CO2e-Certificates from Apple generated CO2-reducing computer projects (I'd like to be put in contact with Apple to discuss this and welcome your support if you could get me in touch with the top at Apple.).

In 2005 I tried to communicate this to OLPC, but couldn't get through to the required level as I I had to to this using fax machine according to OLPC management during a chat. When I found out that OLPC had opened an office in Brussels, I immediately sent an email to the manager - friend of Mr. NEGROPONTE, Mr. Walter DE BROUWER. It was until end 2005 that a meeting was set-up at their office via a common acquaintance. I developed an animated presentation and on the request on what I needed, I replied:

  • a mandate
  • a salary & contract/engagement for at least 2 years as this is the time it requires to calculate and have the computers generate CO2e-certificates in 1 year and milk out the whole trajectory from calculating, generating, giving workshops, selling the CO2e-Certificates, opening up CO2e-accounts for every owner of OLPC's, receiving the money, etc.
  • a place to work from + space for at 2 and later on 5 assistants,
  • a laptop
  • gsm
  • transport
  • and a chair in the Board of Directors since this "Kyoto Protocol" impacts near to ALL departments and this allows all members of the Board of Directors and managers to have direct access the impact of the "Kyoto Protocol" on their Strategic Plan and I only have to explain things once at one place for all.

The "Kyoto Protocol" has an immense impact on the communication strategy, stratigical plan, impact on the people responsible for the financial planning, opening up bank accounts by the million (for every OLPC owner as it is the owner who generates and is the legitimate owner of the CO2e-Certificates), the strategical alliances OLPC could undertake, the legal implications, the impact on the Commercial team, ...

I experienced that it is not possible - as in other groups I've worked in or with - to have the impact of the "Kyoto Protocol" transferred by a person who is not in the "Kyoto" bath on a daily basis to other mangers and board members or not to come over as a "know it all better" as I'd have to walk in in every manager's office telling that manager ... "hey... you know the "Kyoto Protocol" ... well the impact it has as you understand implies you to complete rethink your strategy doesn't it.. that just doesn't humanly work and is not efficient ... now I always have to explain it to Walter DE BROUWER, who then has to transfer it to the Board and then it has to come back down to the other managers... or it obliges to bring / transfer power to 1 person what is not healty / deserved imho. Please support me to take-up a seat in the Board of Directors of OLPC. Since 2005, OLPC has NOT been generating and selling its CO2e-certificates ... I leave it up to the reader to estimate the numbers of lives that could have been changed and saved.

If you want to support me in obtaining a chair in the Board of Directors, please leave your name and contact data here:

Support OLPCO2 to acquire a seat in the Board of Directors

Nr. Firstname FAMILYNAME Contact data Your Comment + I support the OLPCO2-manager to have a seat in the Board of Directors as it is the most efficient for OLPC to get steering on the impact of the Kyoto Protocol on all its departments and for the Board to understand strategic issues and eventual alliances first hand.
1. Sven AERTS skype SvenAERTS I support the OLPCO2-manager to have a seat in the Board of Directors as it is the most efficient for OLPC to get steering on the impact of the Kyoto Protocol on all its departments and for the Board to understand strategic issues and eventual alliances first hand.
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3 row 2, cell 3
3. Séverine MATHEÏ Your Comment + I support the OLPCO2-manager to have a seat in the Board of Directors as it is the most efficient for OLPC to get steering on the impact of the Kyoto Protocol on all its departments and for the Board to understand strategic issues and eventual alliances first hand.

Google hosts fundraiser for climate-denying Sen. Jim Inhofe: Sven Aerts This is indeed strange. I was the manager of OLPCO2e . As you know OLPC is a main sponsor of OLPC. My OLPCO2e dpt. was killed after intervention of google. This concurred at the time Commissioner Nellie KROES held a consulting round on putting the ICT sector under the Kyoto Protocol/CO2e Emission Trading System. Strange that google would be against this as they have a much better starting position with first right of refusal to obtain the CO2e certificates generated by OLPC implementations.

Over 1 million OLPC's have been distributed by now, and kids are learned and learn each other how they work, take them back home, change lives, change their lives, ...
and another million OLPC's will be distributed very soon.
Assembly lines are working full hours to keep up ...
the smallest school in a box, for the poorest and those who need it most first.
And wherever they get into the hands of those children, they do amazing stuff ...
And one day, very soon,
a kid will lay his or her hands on an OLPC
because it knows there might be somewhere out there,
on the other side
and will send out a message looking for someone
maybe that kid is alone
because its parents died of some desease
maybe that kid needs help
because it's got separated of it parents during a conflict and it doesn't know what to do
maybe its little sister or brother, maybe his older sister or brother, maybe one of his or her parents is sick or needs help,
and that kid tries to reach out looking for help from a doctor ... on the other side.
Or someone who might know what to do,
telling it that you'll be there again tomorrow when he or she wakes up,
and that you'lll be thinking of him or her ...
and that kid will be able to fall asleep,
maybe less tormented by what it has gone through that day.
You could be that person, that doctor, that teacher, that student, that adult, that sister or brother, that parent, that caring person, whatever... you are important, because they are important and because humans are important and even more.
This project is not begging for money... in fact you might be surprised to hear the project is selfsustaining.
This is about adding something to the world.
Something that's good, usefull, open, available to all, inclusive ... making the world more beautifull and better than ever before and in a way that was never possible before. Be part of it ... ask others how you can help ... prepare stuff on the web if it doesn't exist yet, tell the IT-teams what you need, why, how they have to programm it, explain others what is needed to bridge the Real World to the Virtual World to the Real World again, what additional programs are necessary, now existing programs have to change a bit to link up whit this phenomenal thing that's happening NOW. The Planet needs it ... Life needs it ... in more than one way you can imagine. Be part of this. Tell others you're part of this and invite them to be part too.
If you are a teacher who can help teaching or connect his students with those other kids, a parent, or a retired with spare time, all knowledge, skills, spare time, paid time is necessary and can find a place, if you're a doctor that can convince his practice to open up to this endeavour, skilled people, politicians to open up their educational programs and their societies, who ever you are, where ever you are ... whenever ...
Over a quarter million people are joining hands, helping each other to find their place in this great endeavour, we won't be complete untill we reached your hands too.
Be part of something bigger, something that next generation - when they look back at this decade will refer to as a Milestone in the history of humanity... because it IS nothing less than that.
This is different from anything that's happened before and that could only have happened untill now. Don't miss this... it doesn't cost anything. Be part of this, feel great and proud to be part of this unique endeavour, that you can tell to your loved ones, those that live around you and those who will come after you.


Intro to OLPC

The OLPC Educational Initiative comes from the MIT Media Lab, where people come to work around stuff, to invent and create. The OLPC Educational Initiative was a response to participate in the global challenge to bring knowledge where it is most needed, receiving another boost with Millennium Development Goal nr. 2 : bringing universal primary education. One of the things they created was a rugged, open source, open hardware, open community, open robotics laptopschool. Kids and parents and families could gather around, in, under it and do stuff, learn, learn to learn, learn to program, have fun, play games, search the internet, meet others. Team-up:

Instructionism vs. constructivism. Khan Academy vs. olpc's constructivism:

  1. . Khan Academy is going to write everything.
  2. . Khan Academy are not pro's but relies upon amateurs for lot of the subjects
  3. . Khan Academy is going to do everything themselves

At olpc's constructivism:

  1. . we're going to invite the best who have already written to come together and make something transformational, allow others to write and contribute as well
  2. . we rely upon what pro's have made available, and pro's to foster, coach, manage the teams
  3. . we look for partners and behave as a partner

At MIT Media Lab: we're offering a place where people can meet to invent, we make sure there is stuff to make stuff, you can learn from each other, go learn ... but we as teacher are not going to learn you a lot. Then you have to go to e.g. Princeton. Team-up: as per:

How to pay for an XO-deployment, by Sven AERTS

An XO deployment is paid for by a combination of money resources: 1. CO2e certificates: the XO deployments qualify for CO2e certificates. OLPC doesn't want to develop this, so we've moved that to the organization where I manage the olpc community and CO2e dpt. The XO laptops are extremely energy efficient. Our calculations show that every XO generates about 4 CO2e certificates under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol or Emission Trading System as specified by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The price for the XO laptop-x-tablet-x-robot = $185/XO = ±€135/XO + 30 € PV panel / 7 years average life time = 24 €/year.

So about ±165 € / 4 CO2e certificates = 41 €/CO2e certificate. The price for CO2e certificates anno 2014 is about half of that. Latest news: " according to a little-read table in the EU’s 2030 impact assessment, the main driver for a 40% CO2 emissions cut will be a €40 a tonne carbon price by 2030, which will rise to €264 a tonne by 2050."

You are neglecting emissions during manufacturing and distribution, which cause the net emissions of a deployment to be greater than the net emissions of not deploying anything. How do you account for the CO2 emissions in China? Are you considering it to be out of scope because it is far enough from the EU? China is on the same planet. --Quozl 20:10, 18 March 2014 (UTC).

The price for the XO laptop-x-tablet = ±€ 162, the portable PV panel = ±30€ and the average life-time = ±7 years. So, 1 XO laptop = 162 €+30€ PV panel/7 yrs alt= 27,51 €/yr => 2,29 €/month.student. Implementation in Paraguay, Rwanda, Peru, and other ict projects point towards a cost of implementation of 200-300$/year per student, including the 27 €/yr for the XO. The technical cost - the XO itself is only 20% of the total cost including teacher training, manuals, infrastructure, connectivity cost, etc. More:

If the population cannot afford 2,29 €/month, it can be easily paid for by the government from the additional tax revenues it gets from a population that can read, write and do basic math, let alone has ict knowledge and is equipped with an XO in every family.

Research shows the taxes thus obtained top by far the missing 75 € and this from the first year. Governments can thus negotiate a loan for an XO-deployment with a development bank.

3. Other revenue sources: You would be surprised how many other groups would be interested in co-funding an OLPC XO-XS deployment. For example every nation's bureau of statistics: there is money available from the UN-Development Banks and Grant providing institutions, from the EU, USA, Japan, China, foundations, you name it, but the condition very often is: show me the numbers, how accurate are the numbers you are using in your calculations. How many people exactly, what age groups exactly, how much revenues do these families in that region from that category have exactly. How efficient were your previous actions for which you received money exactly: by how much rose the revenues, health of that target group exactly? That's all statistics, data that have to be gathered by every nation and they have to report that to the United Nations etc. if not it will be a lot harder to get access to these loans and grants. All that data can be much better and more accurately gathered if you have a regoinal OLPC XO-XS deployment of course. You would be surprised how much money these statistics departments spend, how much money the UN, the top ONG's spend to gather correct data. So once you have an OLPC XO-XS deployment these national bureau's of statistics come knock on your OLPC XO-XS doors and you can negotiate a deal to get to those numbers. Examples of data that is monitored in some of the deployments: what applications are kids using during school hours, after school hours. How much time do they spend on the XO's, etc. But there's also possibilities to send out a notification that kids/families can earn something / a voucher if they complete a questionnaire.

Conclusion: the OLPC laptop deployments pay for themselves. In Uruguay, Peru, Rwanda, etc. about all kids aged 5 to 15 have an XO, and this often since 2008. Though some Western kids may have an iPad class, may all be missing a boat, or be on the wrong ship and it's name reads Titanic? Your computers come built-to-fail, your governments read your hard drives and listen every word you say, fortunately your gsm operators kick the last euros of your family out of your pocket 5€ at a time. Maybe these olpc kids and families, with their XO's that are made to be repaired, solar powered, printing carbon money, all open software, open hardware, open community, etc. simply have the best laptop-x-tablet out there. Maybe your Western kids should have one too? Who said the XO was a poor kids laptop? Not OLPC. Microsoft did. And some media have been repeating, repeating and repeating this. OLPC is an open community project and it's time YOU participate in it!

Public Sector and Educational Sector: Support Open Soft- and Hard-ware projects like Linux, LibreOffice, Raspberry and One Laptop Per Child! Support safety and active learning versus closed and passive consumerism.

Educational Sector: the best laptop-tablet for your kids is open source and open hardware, it exists and millions of kids are using it.

Open Soft and Hardware projects have been developed by tax payers money e.g. at Universities, the educational landscape, students ICT, governments and the public sector using open soft and hardware, but also companies build around open soft- and hardware, and more.

Not taking a position in favor of Open Source Soft- and Hardware in respect of the "god of objectivity" is as guilty as not taking a position in favor of healthy food or brushing your teeth. The educational landscape is NO match for the sales force of proprietary soft and hardware giants. Thus, if, e.g. our educational landscape is not actively standing up and promoting and learning our kids about Open soft- and hard-ware, then they are just preparing our children to become perfect passive consumers until they can't pay up for all the gsm bills, computer updates that push you to pay for a new computer, live in constant fear for big brothers & sisters watching over your shoulders ready to sue you with fines for not listed software or songs you might have. It is as claiming to be objective towards food in schools and just mention that "we can only inform them we all need food" and then it's up to "society and parents and kids" to figure it all out. No, then the one with most money wins, or the one buying all the marketing slots that wins!

We - the public sector, parents and in schools - we have to stand pro healthy sustainable food, no sugar pop drinks at school, etc.. If not, the food industry will thank you for preparing the terrain and they will finish off your kids with fat fast food with a health logo. All they needed was you bringing your kids to them: fast food chains , TV and youth magazine advertisements, etc. : Healthy choco, healthy oversugerized yoghurt, overprized mini booster bacteriarized and over sugared yoghurt drinks, healthy oversugerized sports drinks, ... .

We don't do that anymore. We ban over-sugerized soft drinks from our schools, in favor or plain healthy water. We ban sweets in favor for fruit. We reduce meat intake during school meals, etc.

Now it is time to adopt the same attitude towards the OLPC's Open Hard and Software laptop-2-tablet.

Ideas by SvenAERTS

... can you please quit saying OLPC and the XO's are laptops for poor kids ... XO's are the best laptops out there for kids, also YOURS

You do know that in Uruguay, Peru, and many other Islands states ALL kids 5 to 15 have an XO, right? And this since 2010 ! Some of the 15 year olds from back in 2010 turned their XO's into robots by 2013. They put wheels under their XO's and the thing fucking drives around looking around through its camera! I have never seen any iPad class kid do that. You don't believe me ? Just check it out for yourself: You don't want to give your kid a 750 € iPad. You want an XO for your kid: a rugged, cheap, connected laptop. That's what you want. If it gets dropped, bumped, it survives. The iPad has a broken glass. The XO is made to be repaired: you can open it with a simple cross-screw-driver and all the screws are the same. You WANT an XO ! There really is a misunderstanding: it's not because there's a lot of pics out there with "black kids" holding an XO that one has to assume: XO's, OLPC .. great ... for poor kids, but not for my kid. Who said that? The XO is the best laptop for your kid ! Or your kid is like magic, never drops anything, never breaks anything? All kids are pretty much the same everywhere: you want an XO laptop ! OLPC is a very SMALL not for profit. So of COURSE, the little spare time and resources they have - next to their core mission that is keeping the XO-XS open hard and open software and improving it and delivering every month grouped orders to the manufacturers so they can keep their component prices hyper-low. Of course they focus on the less organised countries first. Because at OLPC they assume that those living in organised countries and regions are strong and smart and organized enough to get organized and come to orders of 100 XO laptops for a test-deployment / olpc lab class for your region. But OLPC never said these XO's are only for poor kids: "... the XO learning system was developed by OLPC to provide educational opportunities to children around the world through connected devices ...". That's what OLPC said! So again: the XO is the best laptop for kids out there, also for your kid, wherever you live. --SvenAERTS 00:15, 19 July 2013 (UTC)

"... the XO learning system was developed by OLPC to provide educational opportunities to children around the world through connected devices ..."

So again: the XO is the best laptop for kids out there, also for your kid, wherever you live. It's not a computer for poor kids. It's very useful for kids from poor families, that's true, but that doesn't mean it's not the best laptop for kids everywhere, even in rich countries and rich families. --SvenAERTS 00:15, 19 July 2013 (UTC)

Request for Comments: make the XO Hardware manufacturing free as "Linux"

In case nobody's interested in a certain market-segment -e.g. kids from poor families that are all going to be too poor anyway for a couple of more generations - then the best thing to help them is to use Open Community projects ... e.g. software but also for hardware... show where to buy and how to assemble the laptop ... and allow anybody who has the time, means, network that can assemble them to do so. Imagine some guy in the Open Community knowing the scandinavian CEO's from Nokia/Ericsson ... and they'd be interested to fill-up spare capacity during this recession ... why not. We're not going to make any money from the XO's anyway. Thx for reading this Request for Comments. --SvenAERTS 11:07, 29 April 2009 (UTC)

How the XO-XS pays itself back

190 € for a laptop and photovoltaic panel / 7 years average life of these laptops = 27 €/laptop.year with all books for a whole school career and 999 more on ventures that can be set-up with a micro-credit. If that can generate more than 25 € per year.kid, these laptops pay themselves back. Ow and they generate CO2e certificates too. And maybe the digitalization of gvt. records of the countries' kadaster, vehicle licence plates, can be taken care of by the OLPC kids - One Laptop Per Child?

Unlocking the Synergies between the "Kyoto-Protocol, the UN-Millennium Development Goals and the OLPC-education & dynamisation project

This part is a work in progress and you're welcome to participate. We're preparing a presentation where we are going to combine the strengths of 3 initiatives that have synergies: the OLPC initiative, the "Kyoto Protocol" and a technique to dynamise communities by reaching out to the community, via the parents and to the parents via the schools and the children/youngsters. Draft of the presentation can be viewed :

Discuss Unlocking The Synergies Between OLPC, MDG & Kyoto Protocol

Where did the idea come from ?

1. I've been following the 100 € laptop project from its beginning.
2. I am a "Kyoto Protocol Consultant and CO2e-reducing project developer". The OLPC computer obtain an additional stream of revenues from the sale of its CO2e-certificates. Indeed: The OLPComputer can earn CO2e-certificates under the "Kyoto Protocol"/"Emission Trading System" for all electricity that is NOT required and the equivalent CO2e that is NOT being emitted compared to other laptops.
3. I've been working with the Blue Helmets in former Yougoslavia, where we developed and improved a Peace Development and Peace Restoration technique that had to enable the Blue Helmets to get in contact with traumatised people and redynamize a traumatized society. It used the a similar principle: to reach out - via the children - to the parents. We'd set-up and deploy a "Green/Nature Program" in the schools, where a Blue-Helmet in Civilian would come into the class to talk about nature in the region, the extraordinary animals (wild cats, bears, wolves, ...) living there etc. In the second week they'd take the kids out to enjoy nature with kits developed for every age groups: smallest kids would be taking plaster prints from an animal footprint, but the oldest ones would be sampling the water and air quality. The third week the teachers would continue and in week four everybody would be invited to a school-nature festival with plays, short-stories, songs, exhibition of drawings, foot-prints of animals ... and there - even war traumatized parents would come to, after seeing their kids for 4 weeks being focussed on something positive - and the Blue-Helmets would be able to have a first contact/breaching the ice.

the 100€ Laptop Project is an education project

Quite a challenge to convey ... but it is perhaps easier to understand like this... - and anybody who has seen parent-kids relations will recognize this - kids re-educate parents ... kids have a lot of influence on their parents... everything they learn at school ... parents get to hear it too ... Even in developed countries: many parents learned dental hygiene via their kids ... who followed hygiene programms during school... idem for internet... many parents and even teachers learn a lot from their kids ... so ... via kids you can reach parents/adults. Via their kids you can bring a whole society/community in contact with internet & computers... and you can take away a big hurdle : "Own ... computers & internet... that's nothing for me anymore..." ... until grandparents discovered that if a 10 yr old can do it ... and if properly explained .. it's an easy way to keep contact with children that move to other towns... to break through isolation ... ". Idem for schools... the moment schools see how it helps improve scores... the development of their students... well... try to do something against enthousiasm... especially to something like the 100 € laptop with such an immense support and massiveness... OLPC is a teacher in a box... and youth trainers will confirm that the best teacher of another kid ... is a slightly older kid or ... just another kid ... And ... the hottest topic around in the educational society is the interaction between formal education and non-formal education. Formal education = school: teacher - pupil ... non-formal education = education via youth organisations... youngsters among themselves... and how both formal and non-formal complement each other. Check the wikipedia for more on that.

The 100 € olpcomputer initiative and the Kyoto Protocol

So.. the 100 € Olpcomputer initiative is an education project, not so much a "computer project"... This becomes particularly clear if you combine it and look at the synergies the Olpc project has with the "Kyoto Protocol" ... In the Kyoto Protocol, financiers that invested in polluting technologies in the developed countries and companies that operate polluting technologies in that they contribute to the Greenhouse effect... have to present a greenhouse gas Emission Reduction Certificate to their national representation of the UNFCCC = Kyoto Protocol ... for every ton of CO2equivalent emitted. The idea is that our atmosphere is 1 communicating vessel... and removing greenhouse gasses here or in a developing country is the same... so .. for the same 100.000.000 € ... you can probably reduce a lot more greenhouse gasses in a cheap-labor country than in a developed country ... or ... put a lot more Photo Voltaic Cells. Now every PV you put on the roof of a school ... will earn the financier a carbon Emission Reduction Certificate since the electricity is made by the PV ... so there is no fossil fuel burned to produce the electricity ...and you can imagine that if you follow the right calculations and rules laid out in the CDM (Clean Developement Mechanism) and JI (Joint Implementation) ... you get a greenhouse gas Emission Reduction Certificate for every ton of CO2 that is not produced thanks to that Photovoltaic Panel on the roof of that school producing green electricity versus producing it with a fossil-fuelled diesel generator for example.

What's the good news and what's the bad news ?

The good news is ... we have the investors ... we know how to calculate the CO2 certificates for the financiers... so we have access to the money ... so we know we can offer PV's and Windturbines etc. to -not only- every school where Olpc's are deployed ... but also to the houses of these youngsters ... benefitting also ... the parents ... and why not a wind-turbine for the village ... thus benefitting the whole community ... + a solar collector for hot water ... + replacing all the light bulbs in the public buildings with low-consumption bulbs ... thus benefitting again the whole community ... the 100 € for the computers ... well... that's marginal to the investments of of the "Kyoto Protocol" investments ... so the computers can be obtained by the governments at a mere 10% of the investment or something similar.

Bad news ?

We are still looking for teams that can bring together ngo's, teams that know how to install 1.000.000 Rural Developement kits in schools and houses ... a Rural Development kit = a PhotoVoltaic Panel+invertor/plug system+batteries probably + solar collector for making hot water and a biogas installation for cooking gas and/or a high-performance cooker, eventually a wind-turbine for the village and a solar-village cooker for baking all the bread etc for a single village.

If you feel like you have the time and energy and cheer to bring together a team that can install 1.000.000 of these = gather all parties in a Limited Partnership Agreement ... skype me: SvenAERTS

What's a Limited Partnership Agreement ?

Well .. that's an agreement where all parties .. and I guess we need: a producer of the kits, a team that knows about installing PV's etc... eventually complemented by a team that knows about grid connection ... a team that can make a feasibility study on how much the local people can contribute as there is no financier that will financie 100% ... I mean ... many developing countries have everything to be a lot richer than many developed countries... it's just pure corruption that's killing everything ... so ... before a financier finances over a 100 or 200 or even more 1.000.000 € ... the financier will expect 10% contribution from the people receiving the rural development kits and 10% from the government on an escrow account in Switserland. If the government plays dumb, doesn't live up to its promisses .. the financier can call upon the 10% ... idem for the people ... if they "loose" the panels = they removed them and sold the wire and the PV panels on the local market ... they will loose their 10% ... well.. that's for your team to come-up with: they should loose as much as they could get on the 'black market" ... so it doesn't make any sense to steal from the project ...

OLPC and Redynamizing Techniques

Well.. as said before: via the kids ... you reach the parents ... but not only that ... we're going to rebuild the schools : good insulation ... straw-bale or adobe insulation .. with material that's availabe on site ... imagine the school from going from a shacky place to a nice and cool place in the summer and warm in the winter ... where parents and people in construction can come and get trained when the kids are not using the school ... adult education ... and the publicity is made by the kids: "... our school has Photo Voltaics for the electricity ... it doens't run out of fuel... and we have nice and hot water from the sun .. always... we don't have to go cut trees or whatever for cooking ... we have a solar cooker and the latrines produce biogas on which we cook ... and every kid who comes to school gets a free hot meal and can take 1 for a whole family back home ... how's that for a challenge to parents that don't see the use of sending kids to school ? And how hard do you think it is to bring all kids back to school and recuperate many kids if all they have to do to get a computer ... is come to school.... how cool is that ? And the teachers have changed too ... because they get a 24h/24h support from colleague teachers and educational programs for free via the internet ? Tapping in alll that "free energy" from the aging society in the developing countries... I've seen it happen : Youngsters in yougoslavia ... trapped in their regions because of a civil war... prays for the maffia ... chatting with peer-students via an eco-project in the school ... over internet and regular mail with kids about "water... food ... climate ... migrating birds" ... with other students that wanted to learn english : in Scandinavia... the Philipines... India ... Yougoslavia ... Australia ... There's a lot of great things happening ... just be part of it .... and since the "Kyoto Protocol" ... the money is there as well.

The OLPC back at 100$ thanks to the sale of its CO2e/Carbon Emission Reduction certificates ?

Computers get more energy efficient every year, but the OLPC breaks away from that path ... and the equivalent CO2e/Greenhouse Gas emissions that are additional and NOT emitted thanks to an OLPC project implementation, the project can get it in CO2e-certificates under the Kyoto Protocol, bringing additional revenues and cost-reduction to the project.

These CO2e-certificates HAVE to be bought by the governments that caused the Global Climate Destabilisation and their 40% largest CO2e-emitting companies. The price of these CO2e-certificates are determined by offer and demand, but typically CO2e-certificates with an "additional" value - because of very inspiring or having a very social side - can obtain higher than market prices. The market price for CO2e-certificates, went from 5€ in 2005 - the entering into force of the Kyoto Protocol - to, anno 2008 about 25€ and the future is looking bright : Next to the European Union countries, also Japan, Canada, also Australia, New Zealand and finally the USA are also joining the Kyoto Protocol, on top of that the transport and aviation sector are joining the Kyoto Protocol and Emission Trading System, and the targets for the post-2012 period have gone up from -8% CO2e-reductions versus 1990 - downto -30% for 2020 ... all adding to the rising demand of CO2e-certificates, not even taking into account the possibility of CO2e-certificates to serve as a hedging "money/currency" in times when money would become scarce since CO2e-certificates are uniquely defined and understood in every monitory system in the world.... "Carbon" is the worlds first currency ... and anybody putting a windturbine/solar panel in the air ... can generate one for every ton of CO2equivalent that is taken out of the atmosphere.

Price estimations go up from the 2008 25€ to 40€ by 2020. Since the OLPC project is very inspiring and social to many groups that need to buy the CO2e-certificates, the additional price these groups are prepared to pay for attracting the "sexiest/cleanest/most inspiring CO2e-certificates" brings the OLPC price back into the sight of the original 100$.

By: skype SvenAERTS - Kyoto Protocol Consultant and CO2e-Reducing Project Developer / Brussels 2008.10.28 - Tuesday, after meeting with OLPC-Brussels hub, with help of Gert Van Mol of the Wall Street Journal.


OLPC ... there's one last thing ...

Did you know the OLPC generates CO2e-certificates under the Kyoto Protocol ?

Actually ... we didn't know ourselves. But since 2005 - when the Kyoto Protocol / United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - started, our economical system shifted somehow: all of a sudden we now live in a Carbon Friendly Economy ... and CO2e-reducing projects, get rewarded by these CO2e-certificates that HAVE to be bought by the governments of the countries that caused the Global Climate Destabilisation and their 40% largest emitters. We didn't know this in 2000 when we started off with OLPC ... but it seems now a lot of people and nations now recognize we were right all the way back in 2000 to invest so much time and effort on environmental friendliness of and in the OLPC educational initiative... and now we get the return of that effort in the form of CO2e-certificates. You can buy these CO2e-certificates on the stock-market or directly from us.

We're still quite new to all this, so ... if you want to join ... please do so. It seems like we're going to need a whole lot more people and different breed of people that we ever expected before.

If you need to buy CO2e-certificates, want to buy some because they're are good investment we are told or ... if you want to team up or know more ... just click on OLPCo2 ...
Thank you ... so that's or OLPCO2e... get involved.

Intro to OLPCO2e

Welcome to the starting page about the Open Community Project : "OLPCO2e". Here you'll find the starting points/links to everything related to the "CO2e-Certificates"-side of the OLPC-educational initiative.

If you want to know more about the basic principle behind the OLPCO2 and CO2e-certificates in general, click here:
If you want to know more about the Kyoto Protocol, click here:
If you want to go directly to the United Nations' "Kyoto Protocol" website = United Nations Convention on Climate Change, click here:
If you want to know how to talk to a Climate Sceptic and become trained in the Global Climate Destabilisation, click here:
to find out more about Climate Change and Your Country, don't forget to just google it !
If you want to know how you can get involved in OLPCO2e, click here:
If you want to know what's going on at OLPCO2e, click here:
If you want to meet some others that are involved/interested in OLPCO2e right now, why don't you check out the chat-group here :
If you want other questions to be listed here, just create a log in and type them here:

I guarantee you one of the most inspiring moments in your life if you team up with OLPC and more specifically the OLPCO2e aspect of it. We're going to do things that have NEVER been done before, in a way that has NEVER been done before. An endeavour that society/the whole planet is rewarding with flat-out money, additional revenues because OLPC initiative implementations reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Send out this link which is a request for collaboration/getting involved/comments/capacity building ... to as many friend you have and let's make this one of the greatest milestones for your own lifes, OLPC and Life itself. We're going for the realisation and supportment of as many of the Millennium Goals as possible, for the the protection of Life itself as we know it, as that is what is at stake with the Global Climate Destabilisation. Hop on the most inspiring ride of your life, join OLPCO2e. Ow... and did I tell you we're going to make money here ? LOADS OF IT !

Looking forward meeting your contributions,
Manager OLPCO2e

Press Release Launch OLPCo2

... Can you help me ?

OLPC ... there's one last thing ...

There's one last thing about OLPC, the One Laptop Per Child, an Open Community project that goes for Universal Education and in which the United Nations is a Partner.

Universal Primary Education is the UN's Millennium Development Goal nr.2 and will be achieved by 2015. To find out more:

Since the economy shifted in 2005 from a Fossil Economy to a Low Carbon Economy, under the Kyoto Protocol/United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the OLPC deployment projects all of a sudden are eligeable to generate CO2e-certificates. The CO2e-certificates HAVE to be bought by the governments that caused the Global Climate Destabilisation

Press Release OLPCo2 tries to connect to everybody who bought an OLPComputer via the Give one Get one initiatives

OLPC is asking help of all media to publish and thus reach out / find all owners of the OLPComputers

Press Release Launch; Video clip OLPCO2e Launc: Hi ... I'm OLPC ... and I'm OLPCO2e ...

Hi, I'm OLPC

  • ... and I'm OLPCO2e

WE go for Univeral Education. OLPC is the One Laptop Per Child, an Open Community project that goes for Universal Education and in which the United Nations is a Partner. Universal Primary Education is the UN's Millennium Development Goal nr.2 and will be achieved by 2015. To find out more:

  • ... and we bring the "Kyoto Protocol" money and resources to the OLPC, to boost it so that Universal Education will be a reality by 2015.

Together, we can do it ... want to learn more ? Checkout:

Press Release Launch; Video clip OLPCO2: Hi ... I'm a Mac ... and I'm a PC ... and I'm an OLPC

"Hi ... I'm a Mac ... and I'm a PC ..." Mac: "Hi Pc ... is this your kid ? PC: "I thought it was yours with one of your latest "ow so need I don't know what" laptops for kids or something ... look at how childish they look ... it's green and plastic" Mac: "Hey kid... where are your parents ? Are you lost ? Who are you ..." OLPCkid: "My name's Alexandra ... and this is my laptop, look ..." PC & Mac: "Eh ?" Mac: "So ... where are your parents, are you lost ?" OLPCkid: "... ow look... my friends are connecting ... " PC & Mac all surrounded by OLPC kids popping up everywhere ... OLPCkids:"Hi Mike, Hi Elga, Hi Krishna ... Hi Tommy, Hi Sue, Hi Maria, Hi Obi ..." PC: "What the heck ... it's an invasion ... ". OLPCkid: "... my computer has wifi. I can connect to all my friends around me and every they've got around them ... it's called mesh networking. Do you have that too? Can you see me ?" PC and Mac: "... eh ... yeah ... we've got wifi too ... eh ... let's see how we can connect ... ow yeah ... here you are ... but I'm not sure how I can connect talk to you". Mac: "... listen kid... this is a TV commercial and it's kind of costly ... Can we like ... where's your parents ?" OLPCkid;"... My parents are in heaven ... now I have to go play with my friends... CU online sometime, when you figured out how it works ... maybe then I can ask you something when I'm alone ... that would be nice. Are you friends ? Maybe you can play too ... Bye" PC and Mac: "... eh... yeah ... bye ..." ... and look at each other in a completely off line manner... then trying to find out together how to make their computers connect." Mac: ".. hello PC .. can you hear me or see me?" PC:"... no ... how about you ... can you see or hear me ? What if I do this ... nothing ?" Mac: " ... nope ... but there gat to be a way... it went seamingly on their computers..." PC:" ... Mac... shh.. we're still on the air ..."

OLPC, the first Open Community project to bring inclusive education to all kids, starting with the poorest and most remote. Find out how you can get involved: - Open 2 You

Today a first in a series of OLPC publicity video clips will be released...

Press Release OLPCO launched first OLPCO2 video-clip: Hi ... I'm a Mac ... and I'm a PC ... and I'm an OLPCO2

Mac: "Hi ... I'm a Mac ... and ... yeah well.. we're the first to deliver a patch to connect to the OLPC kids ... PC's still trying to figure it out ..." OLPC-kid: "Hi ?" Mac: "Ow .. there you are ! How are you?" OLPC-kid: Good ... how about you? Where's your funny friend ?" Mac: "Ow .. you mean PC ? Well ... actually he's not like .. my real friend ... " OLPC-kid: We all have to be friends ... Mac: "... yeah ... PC is a actually compettitor ... OLPC-kid: What's his name ? Mac: "I don't know, I never asked really ... we're both actors ... " OLPC-kid: You're an actor ... so what's your real name ? Mac: "I can't tell you that ... everybody know me under my artist name "Mac"" OLPC-kis: Well.. I'm Lisa and I will be your real friend then, OK ? ... what is your real name ? Mac: "Ow my God ... let's go play a game ... I'm Tom by the way ... you got any sisters or brothers or uncle or aunt looking after you... or how does that work?"

OLPC, the first Open Community project to allow you to connect, collaborate, improve, take care, to kids that need you. Find out how you can get involved: - Open 2 You

Press Release OLPCO2e: Value of children has risen thanks to OLPC

Sending your kids to school can earn your family a kid with an OLPC. There is a debate going on about wether or not (some form of) child labor should be permitted and it's been handed over for the time being in the favor of those NGO's/Child advocacy groups from developing nations that are in favor. OLPC can support breaking through the cycle of child slavery. As actions are undertaken to get to a better world on all fronts, some adult organisations are implementing better price strategies for parents to obtain from their crops. One of the strategies is to organise regional exchange markets for their crops, such as:

The additional value of OLPCo2e-certificates versus other CO2e-reducing projects projects

The story of the 2 windturbines

When I see a windturbine turning in the wind, I always get a warm feeling ... how peacefully and clean it stands there producing electricity. It was a nice afternoon in the sun. I went out for a walk and took a seat on a bank overlooking the hill slope landscape in front of me. The geography made it so that the wind was accellerating as it met the hill and that's why there was such an increased local and constant windspeed there. This wind, has been blowing there for thousands of years... how many other before me must have appreciated it ... I felt a bit connected to these people, this earth, this land, this wind ... and I got the feeling like ... ok ... but this company that paid for the wind turbine had the rights for harvesting that wind for the next 50 years or so ... that company was just quicker - I mean - it is its JOB to be informed on new grants, reforms, strategic insights in energy matters ... quicker to understand how strategic power a company can derive from having all the sources that generate power - think of the power OPEC that gathers all fossil oil producers - but now also the power of mastering/having/owning all "CO2e-certificate printing machines" = in this case this windturbine ...

and I wondered... what if all these families living around this hill would have been given a proper explication about what they were selling and why this company or its derivate-hidden-alley companies were see keen and so quick to buy these lands, exploitation rights ... And it's strange how you see that many citizens protest and feel there's something they have to stand up to ... as if there's some very profound warning that's alerting them ... and they are looking around to find what it is they 're not telling ... but it's all so new this "Kyoto Protocol" and nobody seems to be communicating clearly what really is at stake... but eventually time is on the side of the Powercompany/Windturbine company ... the land is transferred, the rights are given ... and now it stands there turning in the wind ... and with every turn it also produces a CO2e-certificate. That now comes in the hand of that group, pure money ... more powerfull than money because Governments and Companies that are maybe not yet in the grip of that group HAVE to buy each year an increasing amount of these CO2e-certificates ... and I wondered... how these discussions would go ... would they go in the same way like the OPEC discussions or a country that needs fossil fuels and one that produces ... linking it to all kind of things that have NOTHING to do with the fuel ?
"You're going to back-off from workers rights building our sky scrapers and you're going to drop some charges against some nuclear submarines that are leaking ... or otherwhise we turn of the fossile fuel tap ?" ... is it that kind of discussions that allow these CEO's/managers to push their influence all the way to the top of their governments: listen ... either this and that ... and you're going to shut up and help us ... otherwhise we sell our CO2e-certificates to another block and you can go buy them there ... and they'll get more rich and your people will become a bit poorer ... we want more power.
Is this fair ? A group of citizens ... if they would have been given 10 more years ... they would have understood too and would have had the time to set-up a cooperative that would gather 10 € here, 100€ there, a 1000 € with another familiy ... giving them respectively 10/100 or 1000 shares in the wind-turbine ... and they'd have free power from now till the end of times basically ... for themselves, their parents, grandparents, but also their children, grandchildren and the children of these children ... would NEVER have to pay for electricity anymore ... they'd be producing it themselves ! What a gift would that be ?!
And THAT is the difference between just ANY CO2e-certificate and CO2e-certificates from ALL the OLPCO2e-projects !
OLPC is an OPEN COMMUNITY project by the people and for the people.
Imagine your kid would - together with the 1000 kids living around that hill - would come to you, the parents, the grandparents, the uncles and the aunts, the bakery, the little supermarket, the farmer where they buy their vegetables ... - imagine all their kids would come by and ask ... dad, grandpa ... do you want to help out getting us that windturbine ? 10€, 100€, 1000€ ... doesn't matter ... to keep that windturbine and that windpower in our communitie's hands. What do you think grandpa... free electricity for you, mom/dad and me ... and my children and when I'll have your age .. I'll be able to tell my grandchildren that it was my grandparents that supported this as a gift for them ... and I would tell them under that very same windturbine grandpa ... it would be a warm sunny day and we'd all look at how it stands there spinning ... from miles away... the wind touching those blades, striking them ... we would think and remember and be gratefull of what a gift and your message your sending every day ... every evening we switch on the light you'd be a bit with us ... we would feel your light shining on our faces.
People ... this is REAL ... choose what projects you support, buy power from, buy CO2e-certificates from ... give your kids, the kids of this planet the power, let them own these CO2e-certificate printing machines ... give THEM the power to print this money ... to determine what to be done by them ... and NOT some private families that first take care of their kids ... and only THEN about yours !
OLPC is an educational initiative. It's an OPEN COMMUNITY project... it's supported by UNESCO, in some countries the governmental leaders have the OLPComputer on their stamps ! That's not happening because it's a stupid retard project. NO ! The OLPC-educational project is a very well though over project and it's first crystallization is this little computer ... and even this first "product" ... even when it was developed before the start of the Kyoto Protocol, it took SO much care in all of its environmental aspects and set a new standard and this was possible and came about BECAUSE it was an OPEN Community project that ALLOWED people with environmental skills/knowledge/plactics to take part and make publicity for their knowledge via OLPC or even see their product integrated in the OLPComputer. Even YOU can be part of it and if you have the slightest criticism that would not have been raised and answered to by one of the many millions participating ... raise it ... post it ... and it WILL be taken care of, addressed and if necessary change the way the project is evolving... but for now ... I think it is assumable to accept that this is the best humanity could bring this project to.

The entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol to combate the Global Climate Destabilisation meant a new Milestone for the OLPC-educational initiative... because from now on OLPC is not begging for money anymore, but on the contrary has something to offer: CO2e-certificates. And because OLPC is massive in its deployment and brings it to the poorest first, it generates more efficiently, more cheaply than any other CO2e-reducing project out there its CO2e-certificates.... there is NO project out there that can match OLPC ... AGAIN.

But now we have the power ... the kids have the power ... and they will be instructed, live, be the product of an Open Community product... and it is their little OLPComputer that's generating/printing these CO2-certificates ... and they'll be able to reduce the prices even further, expand the other OLPC-educational initiative objectives: generating the money to build eco-schools, to transform existing schools into eco-schools where the school itself becomes a paedagogical tool from where all lessons can start, well insulated with organic insulation - e.g. strawbales, generating additional revenues for farmers for what is a waste product today, solar technologies, a solar oven, biogas, growing organic food, teaching children about the cycles of life, with adapted educational kits per age group. The youngest maybe making puppets from the fruits and vegetables, the older analysing dna.

OLPCO2e will set, will be the new standard for CO2e-certificates: we stand for Open Community projects that generate CO2e-certificates and any government that needs them, any company that needs them will have to show how they do on Human rights, Environmental and Social Responsibility Programs they're developing, how they treat their people. And there will be a list published together with other organisations that are world references on such matters and together we'll go for a better world, where it is good to live in for everybody, independent of race, religion or social background, we'll go for World Peace ... and nothing less ... and we'll get it, because we know how to get there and we've seen the first glimpses of it !

To be Challenged Manager of OLPCO2e
To buy CO2e-certificates or find out more about the OLPCO2e-certificates: : and use the search function.

Weekly OLPCO2e-Brussels Video's

Hi, my name is Sven and we're here at the offices of OLPC Brussels and OLPCO2. If you are an NGO or any organisation, even company or an individual wanting to follow step-by-step for you how OLPC gets to its CO2e-certificates, does the calculations etc ... this is the good place. Thanks for giving us this great video broadcasting.

Todays video is going to be about teaching you the basics and ways to explore more for those that want more in depth info.

CU Next week !

OLPCO2e-Strategical Questions

Imagine: country where OLPC's are deployed. One of the OLPC staff contacted OLPCO2e, showing a list of over 100 schools where the OLPCKids are. They ask if we want to help them improve the schools: insulate them with strawbales/build additional buildings because more kids want to come to school to get an OLPC. PV and Solar technologies on the roof, a solar cooker for bread and meals, etc. And if we can them help calculate the CO2e-certificate potential for all that.
Do we say yes ?
Imagine we find the financier ... because one of our shareholders happens to be under the Kyoto Protocol and needs the CO2e-certificates... and they are interested to co-finance the eco-school conversion projects. Do we say yes ?
How should the CO2e-certificate revenues be shared ? What's just ?
Enjoy taking part in the discussions. Can you come up with a logic ? Make those grey braincells work and happy collaboration !

OlpCO2e - Capacity Building

  • UNDP Paris: Marianne
  • approach UNDP colleagues to explore possible arrangements
  • source of funding mentioned by Giulia was large european cities.
  • The World Digital Solidarity Agency could be a link between UNDP and regional and local institutions for so-called decentralized cooperation.
  • With Sven:development of a project document that could serve for fund raising


Statistics show importance of OLPC by showing a link between internet access and GDP growth

Every year, 1000 inspirational, bright people meet in Monterey ... the 100$ laptop computer was mentioned in this lecture ... last minute... it brings an interesting insight and statistical support for the the importance of the 100€ laptop for development.

How to obtain 1 million OLPC computers without having to pay for them

Babylon is a financial product backed by a fund, created in 2000 to support the Millennium Developement Goals, for Governmental Initiatives a.o. for the OLPComputer Initiative and e.g. PhotoVoltaics/Renewable Energy projects to power all the schools and homes, in exchange for the Cities' EUA's, CER's or other CO2 certificates.

Your government certainly has "collateral" = governmental buildings, ships, airplanes, tanks, minerals that are still in the ground waiting to be excavated or already under mining ... anyway, stuff to which a "value" in Euro's or Dollars can be given.

Imagine your government has a building ... and an independent real-estate company estimates the value of that building (set of buildings) at 100 million €. With those Real Estate as a backing, "Babylon" will then transfer 100 million € in a fund.

Babylon has been generating 35% of interest every year since 2000 ! ...

35% of 100.000.000 € = 35.000.000 € ... this means your government could buy 350.000 OLPC computers the first year, another 350.000 ones the second year and another 350.000 the third year = over 1 million OLPComputers (the minimum order quantity). Result ... after 3 years over 1 million kids are running around with OLPC's in your country. Your government takes back its building out of the fund as collater ... we take our 100.000.000 € back ... so ... your country has 1 million kids running around with OLPComputers without having to pay for them ...

A bit more about the fund

This fund has

  • a capital protection of 100% for any collateral that stays in the fund for at least 5 years
  • a track record of giving a 35% return every year since 2000
  • The Fund Services have won Standard & Poor's first place awards for offshore fund management and administration several years running.
  • which earned the financial product & technique a triple A rating (AAA) on the financial markets
  • this means that in the event of a regional/global war, natural catastrophy or economical crises where the fund would not be able to generate 35% ... and other funds on the stockmarkets may loose money ... product Babylon guarantees you'll get your cities'government's 100 million € back
  • product Babylon shares everything above 10% return at a 50-50 split,
  • this means that product Babylon makes from 100 million: generating 10% interest (=10 million €) for your initiative and any additional return is split 50-50, meaning that in case the return a given year is 30%, the remaining 20% is split 10% for your City's Babylon projects and 10% for fund "Babylon", so that year you have 10 million € to spend on projects that green your city.
  • the financial product backing up Babylon is very exclusive because it is re-insured at State-Bank level ... and limited to the first 20 billion € applying & receiving approoval ... you will have to apply and the Babylon steering committee & board of financers have the right to turn down your application.
  • the collateral can also be given by a former colonial nation or by a Western group or a UN/EU/USAid- grant

Can I get more info on Babylon

We have a problem: too many people ask us ... ".. very interesting .. send me a brochure... I'm family of the president or the mayor... "... and then nothing happens. We do not have the time to follow-up and send out prospects... Our job is closing deals and taking care of investments. But ... we found a solution to that:

  • To get more info, we expect you to apply accompanied with your countries/cities' banker and financier, e.g. a banker from your National Bank or your Regional Governments' Bank via an [IntentionDeclaration], stating that your national gvt. or local government is interested in obtaining 1 million OLPC computers (and the necessary number of PhotoVoltaics a.o. to power the schools and homes), and stating that your governments wants to put that particular building as a collatoral at Babylon's disposal and a proof that it has been estimated by an independent auditor to have that certain value (e.g. 100.000.000 €). In exchange for this intention declaration, we will contact that person and disclose all details and the procedure to get access to "Babylon", so they can do a due diligence on everything. The Intention Declaration is just an intention an does not oblidge the government to anything ... it just oblidges YOU to get in contact with the REAL mayor and the REAL president, the real National Bank officials etc. and come with REAL collateral/buildings etc. That way we know YOU don't consume our precious time. We're convinced you understand our approach.

When you have this letter from the government, just sent us an email or skype us, we'll sent you a Memorandum of Understanding in which we confirm your 2% comission on the value of our profit/Confidentiality Agreement and Non-Circumvention Agreement (so you are sure we won't go around your bright ideas), signed by us, after which you can transfer us the Intention Declaration by the government and we'll have one of our Financial Advisers contact the government official in question. So .. if you waste a lot of our precious time .. it will just be deducted from the profit ... and you'll get 2% of something that's a bit smaller ... That way we are sure you'll bring us only real cases.


Post Grad - Eng. Sven AERTS For more info: skype SvenAERTS or SvenAERTS228 at gmail dot com ... but certainly don't contact me if you don't have Letter of Intent from your government to show me .. because then the door is closed and will remain closed for ever... all your emails will automatically go to the junk folder.


  • a Government offered a variable financial injection every year for local governments and its educational network of Schools, Universitites, Youth Clubs, etc. to implement the One Laptop Per Child Initiative :
  • a government used product Babylon to back-up its 1 million OLPComputers x 100 €/OLPComputer = 100 million €. The government took 100 million it had reserved for the Ministry of Defence, for new weapons, and placed it in Fund Babylon. Immediately 100 million € was transferred to the fund. Last year the fund generated 30% intrest = 30 million € for every 100 million€. The 30 million was split as described above: 10% went integrally to order a first 10 million/100 € per OLPComputer = 100.000 OLPC computers, the first semester it was an immense job for the Ministry of Education to implement a project so quickly that could inform local school networks of what what happening, to train teachers, set-up exchange projects with other students from other OLPC countries both in the formal and non-formal educational circuits. The second semester an additional 10% was released, resulting in a second wave of 100.000 OLPC computers... the countries count upon an implementation rate of 200.000 OLPComputers every year for the next 5 years, resulting over 1 million OLPComputers implemented.
  • 5 other governments soon followed and joined hands, so that together every year a joint 1.000.000 OLPComputers were implemented eveyr year and this for the next 5 years to come. An equivalent number of CO2 certificates were handed over to the Babylon Fund.
  • in parrallel another 100 million in assest was dedicated to the fund for providing PhotoVoltaic panels to all the schools and rural electrification projects and a system to equip the postal services'scooters with stripped linux computers that up-and down-load all message when passing through the villages and eventually in the big town where a governmental internet access sends the messages further to the other side of the planet if need be.


  • FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
  • Risk Mitigation = "Putting the risk somewhere else", meaning that many people/organisations/funds/ngo's/private companies really would like to help by investing in developing countries .. but they simply don't dare ... because they don't know if their money will actually serve e.g. for buying the 100 million OLPComputers, or PhotoVoltaic panels to power the schools and the homes of the kids and youngters that received an OLPComputer, etc. Then Babylon is the solution: with the money or collateral (a building or buildings or value of a company, backing up the statement from the CEO/Boss/Owner of the building) that is brought into Babylon, Babylon will put down an equivalent amount of money in its fund ... and it is only with the interests generated from that fund, that the 100 million OLPComputers and PhotoVoltaics or any other investment supporting the [Millennium Developement Goals] are paid for.


Please add your question down this list. We'll answer it as soon as we see it.

  • Can the Applicant loose its collateral (buildings/money?): in a manner of speaking : if all the central banks of the planet go bankrupt yes ... Meaning: the fund uses a variety of investment techniques backed up back-to-back risk-sharing techniques, dynamic capital protection, re-insurance, ... some of these techniques are exclusive for banks or state-banks or re-insurers. When you apply, you will get all the time to ask all the questions to do your due-diligence and applying doesn't engage you in nothing. But your application must come via your bank, with an extract of your bank that indeed you have buildings/company balance sheets/x million € ...
  • Why don't you give out all data and techniques before ? Ah ... couple of reasons:
    • Can you imagine how many people CLAIM they are the right person to talk to ? We've had tenths of people like that ... and ok ... when we start explaining ... we have to notice we have to first give a full University Level course on economics, financing, insurance, hedging etc. ... and then at the end the people get bored or just don't have the intelligence or background to grasp everything. So... forget about that. We only explain if you are accompanied with your own banker(s)... and we can guarantee them they'll have a lot of different specialities they'll have to gather/bring to the table.

Virtual Office to Channel negative Energy surrounding the Olpc project


The One Laptop Per Child project (OLPC), has aroused quite some energy and questions+criticism.

I'd like to help channel all that energy and free time and knowledge and disponibility in the World Community by offering the World Community a

Virtual Office, an internet Project Management Center and an online Communication Center ...

I think one could consider the OLPC project as a little fish that has been thrown into the water by the United Nations Kofi ANNAN. I prefer to congratulate MIT for winning this challenge and help creating an environment and providing all the necessary tools so that the OLPC and likemined projects to strive for nothing less but WORLD PEACE.

thank you for your reading and help, -- Sven AERTS Engineer Environmental Technologies - Post Graduate in International Relations & World Peace Deployment - Grad. as Car Mechanic in Hybrid/EV/Hydromix Vehicles - Grad. as Social Fiscal & Savings Advisor-Private Financial Planner - Kyoto-CO2e - Expert -Free Wifi Internet+Virtual Offices in Open Source Software Louizalaan 223 b9, av. Louise B-1000 Brussel - BELGIUM GSM: +32 (0)487/580.265


Have a nice day...

A Virtual Office for the UN and the OLPC project

The One Laptop Per Child project (OLPC), has aroused quite some energy and questions+criticism.

I'm looking for help to channel all that energy and free time and knowledge and disponibility in the World Community by offering the World Community a

Virtual Office, an internet Project Management Center and an online Communication Center ... thank you for your reading and help.

What is a Virtual Office, an Internet Project Managment Center and an online Communication Center?

What is a Virtual Office ? Many people want to help to go for World Peace and contribute with time, knowledge, money, online and instant assistance.... especially if they can do that from behind their computers... a spare 15' here and an hour before going to sleep there... etc. Many people in the first world (Europe,Amerika,Australia, Japan, etc.) - especially now their populations are aging- have a lot of free time ... and especially retired people... they have a lot of knowledge and experience from which many people could benefit.

In the Communication Center they could subscribe and as soon as they'd log on .... like an instant messenger tool such as AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, etc ... they'd be visible... and if you want instant advise from say an electrician ... you could get some instantly... because the Communication Center is linked to the Virtual Office.

You want to know what a Virtual Office is ? Have a look

Simple... it's a website but + all you have in a real world office: - agenda - filing system, for pictures, for files, for ... - polling tool to keep democratic level high and speed up decisionmaking+cut short lengthy discussions - ....

and it also has 'open webpages' ... with simple clicks you can add pages, save pages, edit pages etc. ... just like in a wiki. Such a Virtual Office is an 'Open tool' ... because if YOU have time AND knowledge YOU want to share ... just add a page on a topic or improve a topic ... iso re-inventing stuff over and over again.

There's also a Project Management tool .. that way you can participate or kick-start and manage a team that meets over the Internet... imagine you want to help and electricity project ... you understand where a certain group stands now: situation A and you know where you and your team want to go to= situation B, AND you also know HOW to go from A to B ... the Project Management center allows you to visualise that.... just have a look: on one of the pages you see these blue+red coloured lines.... blue indicates the work that has been done is indicating the work that still needs to be done. When you are online ... your team members will notice ... and they can start asking questions etc.... According to their satisfaction of your answer, they can give you points from 1 to 20 .... if you have high marks ... other people in need of an eletrician ... when they see you come online ... they might want to ask you iso someone else.

The fundraising team will make sure that people with high points will be able to win stuff...

The great thing is ... that the people from the Open Source Community have programmed all the necessary software to make above subscribed.

I just need help to get it to be implemented. I suggest fundraising to get a paid project team to kick-off this project. I think a budget of 100.000 euro will do just fine to get the 3 programs linked together and pay for a reasonable salary of a small management team for kicking off the project. I think after a couple of months the project will be self sustainable.

Thank you for reading and for helping channeling all the Free Energy in the World Community. Make some more pages where you allow subjects to be developed in more detail... start deviding the project in subprojects ... and great team working for you all!


A Virtual Office for the UN and the OLPC project BluMail is a global email, content and networking portal for youth and others who will be coming online in developing countries.

Suggestion of First page for the Flanking Initiative

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Please keep this list as logical as possible to offer people a nice experience.

I agree to be a technology follower if I cannot see how I can make so much profit from or thanks to being part of the first wave so that I can jump to a higher level of where the second wave product takers are going to be at … therefore I want to have a product that helps me to incorporate the R&D developments … the OLPC is a good example : I go with the first wave … because I cannot afford to waste a generation in my society … I cannot replace/kill the generation that is now … to wait for their off-spring to take immediately the second generation olpc …

Suggestion for the page after clicking "Do you want assistance ... click here"

You want assistance on:

- technical matters - money matters - social matters - scientific matters - management matters

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Youth Initiatives and the OLPC Initiative

IT4YI=InformationTechnology for Youth Initiatives has taken up the initiative to launch a competition for

  • the first Youth Initiative run by and for a Youth Organisation that manages to organise an over the internet event bridging first world youngsters in contact with the first wave OLPC-computer youth owners
  • the first Youth Initiative run by a Youth Department that manages to organise an over the internet event bridging first world youngsters in contact with the first wave OLPC-computer youth owners
  • the first Youth Initiative run by a School/Institute/University that manages to organise an over the internet event bridging first world youngsters in contact with the first wave OLPC-computer youth owners


the IT4YI-Team

Request for co-organisation: (online) Workshop on Virtual Offices and iTeams

Dear M.,

Herewith our invitation to collaborate in the organisation of one or more Workshops.

We have made a series of workshops on:

"Social Internet Techniques and Technologies" for NGO's, Youth Organisations and Non-Profits

Workshop I: "Reorganise in Virtual Offices and iTeams" (cf. picture included herewith.) Workshop II: "Bringing Wireless Internet Access to remote locations with home

             converted tools"

(cf. )

These workshops won the 2002 NetD@ys logo, an initiative by the European Commission and the Directorate for Education and Culture. (cf. )

These workshops can be funded by your national/regional/EU/foundations grant providers/ministries ! __________________________________________________________________________

SUMMARY _______

Learn Youth Movements, NGO's, Non-Profit-Organizations a. to organize themselves via the Internet and to become much 'lighter', by 'moving' their Real World Office to a Virtual Office on Internet, consultable from anywhere, at any moment, by making a major part of their communications go per Internet-chat and VOIP (Voice Over Internet). b. to increase member participation c. opening up to lesser-abled d. to reduce costs e. to grow and become more efficient.

In Workshop I, participants learn to create a Virtual Office and are taught good working practices to enable them to work efficiently in group over the internet; in Workshop II, we teach them how bring internet access to their remote locations and - if necessary, via their Virtual Office created in the first Workshop - to keep providing assistance over the internet.

WHAT IS A VIRTUAL OFFICE ? __________________________

Take a look at the picture on the website mentioned above.

A Virtual Office is a software tool that enables group-working, based upon internet. So you can collaborate with team members whilst you are physically located at another place.

Basically, it gives you everything you have in a normal office-environment:

- communication system: Voice Over Internet, Chat, email, webcamera's - archives of communications - library with files, customer files, articles, links, photo's - mutual agenda and reminder system - tool to speed-up decision making, a polling system

Thanks to several password-levels you can give people access to different sections or levels, writing or only reading permission, etc.

TRAININGSCOURSE/WORKSHOP - MODULES Workshop I _____________________________________________

MODULE 1: INTRODUCTION TO Virtual Offices & iTeams - 1 to 2 hours by means of slides

MODULE 2: 5 days spread over a period of 12 days - by means of games, and classical teaching practices with slides, flip-overs, board + internet connected computers (1 per 2 participants)

MODULE 3: idem module 2 but during 5 consecutive days, all at the same place & time.

Cf. Module 2: Day 1 & 2: introduction days, Workshop leader and participants are at the same time at the same place. Get-to-know each other games, physical contact games, games to train people’s minds to thing ‘out-of-the-box”. The participants set up a Virtual Office for themselves/their organisation. And start working -at their own pace- on some excercises that are sent to them over the internet to their Virtual Office. When this is understood, the participants and Workshop leader go back to their own homes/countries. Day 3 to 7: Participants continue receiving and working on excercices, sent over the internet. In the meantime, participants -at their ease- continue developing, documenting the Virtual Office of THEIR ORGANIZATION... Day 8: Whilst everyone sits 'at home' behind her/his computer... participants follow the second part of the workshop in the 'Virtual World', via their Virtual Offices: participants will “see each other over the internet” & collaborate in group (!) - Day 9-11: Idem day 3 to 7 Day 12: Third part of the course, taking place again in the 'Real World', participants and workshop leader at the same place, at the same time. We will exchange experiences and discuss techniques that go beyond the mere setting up of a Virtual Office: the specificities of group-working in a Virtual Surrounding, the additional-synergetic values to be obtained from working via a Virtual Office but also the disadvantages which will appear. We will talk about OVERKILL, redundancy and what Virtual Offices cannot solve. We will help you to arrange your experiences and those of the participants so that one can mind him/herselve for the negative factors and assess the positive ones correctly. And once more we'll give you a clearly structures and summarize everything. In the closing part of that third day, we will explain you how you can fly now further on your own wings... where you can look for additional aid after the Workshop... of course this will be at specific places on the Internet, always and from everywhere accessible.

VERIFIABLE RESULTS FOR THE ORGANIZATIONS OF THE PARTICIPANTS ____________________________________________________________ (these results are measurable and verifiable objectively)

- number of members will increase - costs of transport per member will decrease - costs of communications per member will decrease - number of parallel circuits will decrease as there will be a movement of consolidation in your sector - satisfaction of the members on the operation of their organization will increase - number of realized projects will increase - greater number of the objectives set by the organization will be reached - organization will find more easily human and financial resources - organizations will survive (longer)

PRACTICAL _________ - We need a computer room with 10 to 20 computers, equipped with a fast Internet connection - 2 students from same ORGANIZATION per computer - 10-40 students/workshop - the Workshop can be given anywhere in the world, eventually by one of our local members - a projector able to project what's happening on the internet onto a wall - a blackboard or a flip-over - an overhead projector

COST-PRICE __________

There are many funding opportunities for this type of workshops !
In the world of the "environmentalists", we work with a currency called '

the ECO '. That is a weighted/average currency taking into account the individual and purchasing power of average people from certain countries/regions.

To convert the ECO-currency to your currency and for more information: (EYFA is a daughter-ORGANIZATION of YEE)

MODULE 1: travel expenses, meals, pocket money* + 160 ECO (for Belgians: 1

ECO=0,9 euro)

MODULE 2: travel expenses, meals, pocket money* + 990 ECO (for Belgians: 1

ECO=0,9 euro)

MODULE 3: travel expenses, meals, pocket money* + 990 ECO (for Belgians: 1

ECO=0,9 euro)

* pocket money=amount to be determined by you, serves to make the trainer

pay his local non-private consumptions, a little fruit/snack, his beer on a terras on initiative of the group/organizator.

If you are interested to co-organise on of these workshops, please contact

us and we’ll sent you a document with more details about:


Sincerely Yours,

AERTS Sven - Belgium
Engineer for the People
Louizalaan 223 b 9, ave. Louize
B-1050 Brussel(s)/Bruxelles
: GSM: +32 (0)485/389679
: Email:
: CHAT : ICQ: 113835655 - YahooID: aertssven - SKYPE: SvenAERTS
       AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: aertssven1 -
       MSN Messenger:
Have a nice day

The link between Youth - Peace - Environment, Nature and CO2e/The Global Climate Destabilisation: deciding who will live, who will die, or Climate Change Adaptation

As you know, the adult leaders have abandoned to even try to get rid of the Global Climate Destabilisation and think it's ok to put us all up with a Global Climate Destabilisation equivalent to a +2°C Global Heating. And it becomes more and more clear we're not even going to make that. You want to know how life is going to be even within our lives: ...

So ... adults are behaving completely irresponsible... talks have now started at UN and EU level on how to start to prepare populations or ... how to prepare for desaster ... containment policies. Great news aint it ?

I had the priviledge to talk to the lady preceeding the European Union working groups on containment and negotiations with the representants of the regions that are going to be hit the hardest. It's called "Climate Change Adaptation", but I prefer to be clear about it, it's about deciding who we let to die and who we will save. There was a Bangladeshi representing 1 billion mainly poor people living in areas that are and will increasingly be harder hit by the Global Climate Destabilisation.

To both I asked... what is the importance and the role do you think Youth can play in Global Climate Destabilisation Containment Policy Implementation? Is there any global youth exchange networks where youngsters from different regions can get to know each other, train and develop, invent the necessary skills? You as young hot shot adults making up these policies... you better have new young people coming under your guidance that are damn good, efficient in all these things that allow quick and no nonense decision making, working in and with large groups, building common ground, taking supported decisions: open space techniques, brainstorming, over the internet, using pollings /computer assisted decisions in real world meetings, etc. No ? So ... what are the budgets for reinforcing or creating inter cultural, inter continental Youth Exchange networks ? What networks are involved now ?

No answer from the EU Lady.... not interested ... stakeholder consultation was held last year ... progressing the results. Goodbye... But really great idea's or an approach or how to have youht involved and why it might be usefull to her ... nothing... so ... anybody ? The person from Bangladesh was a lot nicer and was more interested to find out what I had in my sleeve.

What is needed to make an OLPC roll-out successfull from a paedagogical point of view Speaking at LIFT 2007, Sugata Mitra talks about his Hole in the Wall project. Young kids in this project figured out how to use a PC on their own -- and then taught other kids. He asks, what else can children teach themselves? Sugata Mitra's "Hole in the Wall" experiments have shown that, in the absence of supervision or formal teaching, children can teach themselves and each other, if they're motivated by curiosity…

Costs and value perspectives of OLPC's XO

What is the average number of books in a kids/youngster's school career ?

What is the average number books in a kids/youngster's school career between the aged 5 till end 16? And average cost? It helps put the value of the XO in perspective. Let's say that the cost of the XO anno 2014 is about 162 €+30€ for the PV panel = 192€/XO. 7 yrs average life time= 27 €/year. And for that money you have a kid/youngster equipped with all the books in its school career.

I'm trying to find out figures on this e.g. at


--SvenAERTS 15:04, 26 April 2014 (UTC) Above were presented during an lunch time conference at the Directorate General EuropAid. I asked both lecturers if they knew the answer to the above question. Here's the first answer by Antoninis, Manos "Dear Sven, There is no doubt that the tablet would easily beat the cost of printed textbooks." --SvenAERTS 23:52, 28 April 2014 (UTC)

It's not that simple. Have the total product lifetime and associated costs been taken into account? How many technicians will be required to service the devices, compared to the librarians needed to maintain and replace printed books? How much power is consumed by charging? How much embodied CO2 is in the device, panels, and printed books? How quickly can printed books be opened, compared to the startup time of software? --Quozl 07:03, 29 April 2014 (UTC)


Imagine your harakiri

First I didn't participate, because nobody believed it was possible, so I followed the flock,...

then a guy wrote a song "imagine, all the people" ... but I couldn't listen ...

Then I didn't participate in the OLPC-Universal Primary Education Initiative, because nobody took the lead ...

then I didn't participate because someone else had taken the lead, so it wasn't my business ...

then I didn't participate because nobody told me about the progress, so I didn't know ...

then I didn't participate because I was no hardware IT engineer... and there was no "OLPC-laptop"

then I didn't participate because I was no software engineer ...

then I didn't participate because I thought the OLPC-Universal Primary Education Initiative was an IT-project ...

then I didn't participate because there the price of "they" didn't manage to get the price down to 100$ ...

then the OLPC price was reduced to 0$, thanks to the generation and sale of its CO2e-Certificates, and I still didn't participate because I didn't live in the countries where it was deployed ...

then - 7 years laters - these poor kids, had taught their brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, ... they set-up a little business, made money, started going to university, and one of them found a cure against Alzheimer ... then they came to me ... but it wasn't Alzheimer I suffered from ... it was ... please fill-out yourself.

--SvenAERTS 08:58, 13 April 2009 (UTC) Dream, think, dare, do and go go go ...

PS. You're welcome to show me your version of this poem ...

OLPC competing projects

[10-100 $ Indian Laptop:]

How the iPhone Could Reboot Education

OLPC Senegal

Salut! I moved the page CoordinationOlpcSenegal to a more 'standard' country page: OLPC Senegal where I added the Category:Countries and the {{Country color status}} box (feel free to correct my french). The CoordinationOlpcSenegal page is now a redirect tagged for deletion (if you don't object). Cheers, --Xavi 18:22, 10 October 2007 (EDT)

PS: We normally prefer [[Plain titles with no capitalization]] instead of [[CamelCaseForWikiPageTitles]]... :) --Xavi 18:25, 10 October 2007 (EDT)

deleting LetterOfApplicationBabylon

A page you created, LetterOfApplicationBabylon, has been proposed for deletion. I don't believe it belongs on the OLPCwiki. It will be deleted within the coming 5 days; I have blanked it for the time being. Please save any content you want to keep from its history. Discussion of this sort of financial instrument is not appropriate for our wiki. Sj talk 01:21, 14 October 2007 (EDT)

  • Can I develop it on "my talk" ?
    It doesn't seem appropriate on your talk page either. I see nothing about this that is specific to OLPC. This wiki is not a forum for attracting investors.
  • What are your financing qualifications to back-up/sustain your claims and worries ? Or .. you just are not familiar with this technique and that's why you are afraight?
    A generic 'finance technique' is out of scope for the OLPC wiki. There are international finance and investment sites for this. Sj talk 10:32, 14 October 2007 (EDT)
  • OLPC has a software side, a hardware side, a legal side, etc ... and also a financing side ... why wouldn't you let people that want to discuss the financial side just do that ? Or are you telling me that OLPC is only open for programmers and IT people ? I specifically state that you can ONLY apply to the fund ACCOMPANIED WITH A BANKER AND FINANCIER of the Government of the Country itself... most of the time this will be someone from the national treasury ... Where is the fishy smelly side ? --SvenAERTS
    I don't think this is fishy, it is just confusing. Why don't you help develop a page about financing laptops, and leave the application forms and details to an external site? DFKINTL, for instance, should have these details available somewhere online. That makes it clear that this is a DFK program being suggested as a general way to provide financing for anyone; and not an OLPC program. Sj talk
  • Check our references: then go to the Brussels member: Advisers Associates DFK and call Maurice DEGREZ ... or you'll get me on the phone ... DFK are auditers ... you think they are smelly ?! This is a financing technique that is 100% relevant to OLPC ... please answer me : how many countries have paid the 100.000.000 € ? The financing IS there ... and I can help OLPC people that are talking to the right people in the Governments to bring the financing to the table .. what's wrong and not relevant to OLPC about that ? If this is not interesting to you .. give me the phone number of the person in OLPC who is dealing with financing ... and I'll take it up with that person. --SvenAERTS
    It's fine to discuss financing. Please don't host the details of one particular financing technique on this wiki. Sj talk


Dear User SvenAERTS,

We have used your page and information on another platform based on the Wiki platform to do so. See:[1] your link[2] You entry reference is: T_bitFdx4. Thank you.


I've noticed that several pages you've created use the CamelCaseNamingStyle... instead of just the normal text prefered in this wiki (ie: "Non-camel case naming style"). Thought you should be aware. Also, keep in mind that pages in the wiki (and content) should have the apropriate focus and scope. For example pages like QuiEstQui or PlanDAction are really quite narrow in scope and would probably be better sections in some context-giving page (OLPC Senegal maybe?) --Xavi 11:23, 15 October 2007 (EDT)



The Philippines have shown interest on the OLPC Education Project, we will be contacting you soon to fund the project.

We could deploy the XO machines to schools upon approval of the fund and closing agreement with OLPC Boston.


removing advertising language from financing ideas


If you are describing a financial instrument you're making available to others, you must be explicitly clear that you are not part of OLPC, and OLPC is not related to "Babylon". For instance, please do not use OLPC as part of the description, in paragraphs such as this one:

apply accompanied with your countries/cities' banker and financier, e.g. a banker from your National Bank or your Regional Governments' Bank via an [IntentionDeclaration], stating that your national gvt. or local government is interested in obtaining 1 million OLPC computers

Sven replies: excuse me ... but ... we do demand that if they come to us and the money is intended for financing 1 million OLPComputers... that they mention that ... I added in the beginning that Babylon is developed by financiers that have NOTHING to do with OLPC.

Please also remove the advertising language from the descriptions of financial ideas here. This wiki is not the place to advertise for your own financial service; so for instance "how to XXX without paying for it" is not appropriate language. And please remove details about the fund which read like marketing pitches, and host them elsewhere; such as the list of features

Sven replies: this is my talk ... IMHO ... I am allowed to write how I can help from a financial point of view... In the country list ... Olpc claims that certain countries have principally agreed... but there is no way to verify this ... the people contacted and the who contacted these ministers are not mentioned. How do I do that ?

A bit more about the fund   This fund has

  • a capital protection of 100% for any collateral that stays in the fund for at least 5 years
  • a track record of giving a 35% return every year since 2000
  • The Fund Services have won Standard & Poor's first place awards for offshore fund management and administration several years running.
  • which earned the financial product & technique a triple A rating (AAA) on the financial markets

Sven replies: ok will do that.

-- Sj talk 16:15, 15 October 2007 (EDT)

Removal of costs for 1.75

Hi Sven - manufacturing and shipping costs depend on many factors, including model options, and change over time due to parts cost changes. It is not appropriate to document online, people should contact OLPC with a concrete enquiry to get a cost estimate. This wiki is for documenting technical and learning topics only. thanks - --Martinlanghoff 14:30, 17 July 2012 (UTC)

Prices are mentioned elsewhere too e.g.
having indicative prices is important to people that e.g. talk about olpc. It's one of the most FAQ.--SvenAERTS 16:08, 24 August 2013 (UTC)
Yes, but having _you_ document them online without reference to OLPC as you did last year is a significant risk. Please, leave the pricing to OLPC, because only OLPC has a clear idea of manufacturing and logistics costs. When you cite costs in your own work, refer directly to OLPC, and make it clear your estimates are based on information as at a specific date. --Quozl 00:26, 26 August 2013 (UTC).

Excellent teacher examples and advise


OLPCO2e, et al

Hi Sven,

I was cleaning up the wiki this morning and found all of the CO2 pages, which blossomed over the spring. There were about 12 pages which all had the same content, Sj talk 13:00, 8 December 2009 (UTC)

12 pages with the same content?! How can that be ? I did create pages on olpco2e ... but they certainly were not with the same content. Can you show me these pages? --SvenAERTS 11:16, 9 December 2009 (UTC)

so I merged them (without the use of any gang :) into OLPCO2e. Sj talk 13:00, 8 December 2009 (UTC) I cannot find the page: OLPCO2e link Agenda 21 anymore. How can I recuperate it? It is a very important page for all in OLPC and OLPCO2e. Thanky--SvenAERTS 11:16, 9 December 2009 (UTC)

I also updated the page to make it clear that the program isn't currently being pursued by OLPC. You might want to make that clear on the googlesites wiki as well. Regards, --Sj talk 13:00, 8 December 2009 (UTC)

You are right, we'll do that asap.--SvenAERTS 11:16, 9 December 2009 (UTC)

Foreign aid is not associated with internal education budgets

You have placed a sarcastic comment on nine country pages about the inconsistency between their foreign aid to Nepal and the country's own deployment or non-deployment of an OLPC laptop program. Quoting:

from OLPC Nepal "School Sector Reform Plan (SSRP) Phase 2 - NEPAL: The total budget for this project is approximately €1.26 billion to be jointly funded by the European Union (EU), Asian Development Bank (ADB), AusAID, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Unicef, World Bank, Global Partnership for Education (GPE), and the government of Nepal." I'm happy to read the European Union (EU), Denmark, Finland and Norway found about a billion so all kids in NEPAL could have an XO. I'm not quite sure how the EU PIIGS - Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain parents with school going kids welcome this news. Doesn't it make a valid claim to maybe get at least an olpc lab in every of their provinces?

I've removed these because I don't think you have thought through the consequences of this kind of argument. Foreign aid budgets in a country are unrelated to education budgets, and many of these countries may have one to one or shared computers in schools already. The text also distracts from the main text of the country or OLPC country pages. You have also created country pages for no other reason than to add this text, creating the appearance of an association between OLPC and those countries.

Please remember that This Wiki is for documenting technical and learning topics only as said on this page by Martin Langhoff. Much of what you have been writing is advocacy, without any significant contributions by others. I don't mind if country organisations use the Wiki, but you don't represent these countries, and one person working alone yields unreliable content.

Please also take backups of any important content contributed to this Wiki. --Quozl 01:10, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

from OLPC Nepal "School Sector Reform Plan (SSRP) Phase 2 - NEPAL: The total budget for this project is approximately €1.26 billion to be jointly funded by the European Union (EU), Asian Development Bank (ADB), AusAID, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Unicef, World Bank, Global Partnership for Education (GPE), and the government of Nepal." I'm happy to read the European Union (EU), Denmark, Finland and Norway found about a billion so all kids in NEPAL could have an XO. I'm not quite sure how the EU PIIGS - Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain parents with school going kids welcome this news. Doesn't it make a valid claim to maybe get at least an olpc lab in every of their provinces? Nepal has 26,494,504 inhabitants, average lifetime expectancy some 66 years. Age range olpc kids: 5-15=10 years. 10 years/66 years is about 1/6 people in Nepal is an olpc kid = 1/6 x 26 million = 4,014.318 olpc kids => 1,600.000.000 €/4,014.318 olpc kids = 400 €/olpc kid. An XO = 135 €+30 € portable PV panel = 165 €. Why can't we do that for EU kids? --SvenAERTS 01:20, 21 January 2014 (UTC)
Discussion moved by Sven to my talk page, but I've no idea why the discussion was not left here. --Quozl 03:55, 21 January 2014 (UTC)
Ah. I've never quite understood how to discuss things. How do you know I leave a reply if I leave it on my page? I'll go retrieve copy/paste it from your discussion page. Thx --SvenAERTS 08:14, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

Sven replies: I don't know if my writing is sarcastic or not. I think it is relevant data to the EU olpc community that will hopefully help bring arguments to get XO's deployed here in the EU. I do understand the 1,6 billion € for a complete School Sector Reform Plan is for more and needs more than just delivering XO's to Nepal's kids. This phrase could be added. I was interested in putting forward some ball-mark figures to get some points of reference. I assume it would be interesting to others as well. I did some math work and preferred to share them here so others didn't have to waste time on that again. I think think the informative weight of the data outweighs the riks of people seeing this only as a sarcastic paragraph, and then again a kind of sarcasm that can only be interpreted as negative. Maybe read it again? As I did? Maybe it can be moved to the discussion page of the relevant countries involved? I mean this is their tax payers money. Don't they have a right to know? I think it will help further XO-implementations in Europe; this 1,6 billion € can't be reclaimed from Nepal or anything, is it? --SvenAERTS 02:00, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

The data does not seem relevant, since it is relating to foreign aid rather than education funding within a country. Aid money is spent in agreement between the donor governments and the recipient governments. This agreement is outside the scope of education funding within the donor government. Foreign aid and education are different departments. I don't think it is of interest to others, but let's wait and see what these others say. --Quozl 03:55, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

What do you mean by 'This Wiki is for ... learning topics only? Thy --SvenAERTS 02:00, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

Learning in this context relates to how the OLPC XO is used in education, with the audience for learning content being teachers and students. --Quozl 03:55, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

I thought this wiki was also to allow the olpc community to organise itself? I assume this does not fall under This Wiki is for ... learning topics only? Also how does it align with OLPC being a community project? I can imagine this wiki was first used in a quite closed and small ICT hardware/software community. I think you are on the OLPC pay roll / someone with the authority to take official OLPC decisions, right? Do you have instructions to keep this wiki for documenting technical and learning topics only? Do you / OLPC have a problem with the evolve and be also for the olpc community contributing non technical and learning topics? Is there a better place? --SvenAERTS 02:00, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

Yes, members of the community have used the Wiki to organise themselves. This isn't happening so much now. I am a technical contractor to OLPC, and have administrative access to the Wiki, and see every change. Nobody else at OLPC uses the Wiki at the moment. The Wiki contains the technical documentation for OLPC. Apart from what Martin and others have told me, I have no specific instructions regarding the Wiki, so I act in accordance with my perception of OLPC's business needs. Whenever your edits may hinder OLPC, I am obliged to act to protect OLPC. --Quozl 03:55, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

"I don't mind if country organisations use the Wiki, but you don't represent these countries, and one person working alone yields unreliable content. " Can you expand on what is a country organisation? Like an olpc community of a country? What criteria does it take to set that up? Thy --SvenAERTS 02:00, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

Once I see edits by four different people, I would say there is an organisation of some sort. Your edits alone do not constitute an organisation. Beyond that, I cannot advise. --Quozl 03:55, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

This wiki might be taken down?!

cf. Quozl 03:55, 21 January 2014 (UTC) : "Please also take backups of any important content contributed to this Wiki." SvenAERTS 02:00, 21 January 2014 (UTC) replies: Do I have to understand you're about to remove just about every of my contributions? Are my contributions that much out of line? --SvenAERTS 02:00, 21 January 2014 (UTC)

No, but I cannot predict how long this service will remain available. I have backups of all the essential technical documentation, necessary for my work, but I'm not making backups of your private edits to country pages. If you are relying on this Wiki to be available, then you may be upset if it goes away. --Quozl 03:55, 21 January 2014 (UTC).
Wow! I thought backing-up a wiki is quite easy and doesn't even take up that much data space. I understood that the data is quite transferable towards other similar tools s.a. a tiki-wiki. I've always been advising people to make an account here and team-up / expand upon work that's been done here. Is there any discussions at OLPC to take this wiki down? What's the reason? Can't OLPC even pay for a wiki anymore? I can't imagine that. Is there nothing sure anymore for us at the olpc community? Where do we have to move to? HELP ! --SvenAERTS 08:30, 21 January 2014 (UTC)
The large attachments contribute to data space. The large history contributes to data space. But I have no estimate of the data space required. I don't imagine the data space is a major concern. I don't know of tools for translating to other Wiki engines, but it isn't necessary to do so, given that it is MediaWiki that is used. MediaWiki is open source, I think. I'm not copied on any discussion at OLPC about this. I'm not aware of the hosting costs or of OLPC's financial status. I cannot advise what resources you should use, but of course you should use resources that your audience is familiar with. Therefore services like E-mail, Google+ or Facebook may be appropriate. --Quozl 06:37, 24 January 2014 (UTC)

Separate your articles from your talk page

Your talk page is not the right place to put articles. it looks very messy and disorganised. Use subpages of your user page. e.g. User:SvenAERTS/ArticleName. --Quozl 20:56, 24 March 2014 (UTC)

Ah, thy. I didn't know how to do that. And how does the system here gets you notified I replied to your addition/comment? --SvenAERTS 08:58, 2 April 2014 (UTC)
I'm notified through three mechanisms; because of my preference "Add pages I edit to my watchlist", your reply is added to my Special:Watchlist, and because of my preference "E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is changed", one e-mail is sent, and lastly every page edited in the Wiki is shown in RecentChanges. --Quozl 23:27, 2 April 2014 (UTC)

Leave unused pages alone, vs purpose of this Wiki

Please do not edit long abandoned pages such as Talk:Esperanto; you have no audience for your edits, and this is unaccountable. I've reverted your change. This Wiki is for technical support of OLPC XO laptops. --Quozl 21:01, 1 April 2016 (UTC)