Illinois Math and Science Academy Chapter

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This is the wiki-homepage of the Illinois Math and Science Academy Chapter. We are similar to a University chapter; however, we are a high school in Aurora, Illinois.


Ongoing Projects

Small group projects

We are working in small groups on a few separate experiments. Many were started during our intersession week of January 7-11, 2008.

Chapter wide goals

  • Presenting at IL-TCE in February, 2008 (accepted!)
  • Presenting at TECH2008 on May 7 in Springfield, IL (accepted!)
  • Organizing a summer research group
  • Running a BoF at NECC 2008 in San Antonio, TX (pending acceptance)
  • Developing an after-school program for Elementary Students near IMSA
  • Letter witting campaign for low cost laptop bill

Completed Projects

XOs on campus

There are currently 7 XOs on IMSA's campus, but more are coming with the mid-January order. If you are interested in playing with a machine, contact April-Hope, Kevin or Scott Swanson. You can also just come up to ITS (B205) sometime during the day, before 4:30.

  • 1 G1 with Scott, owned by Scott, on long-term loan to the chapter.
  • 1 G1 with IMSA (kindly donated by Jim Gerry), floating around campus. Ask ITS for it.
  • 1 G1 with IMSA, owned by Jim Strasma, on short-term loan to the chapter. Ask ITS for it.
  • 1 G1 with April-Hope, owned by April-Hope. Not intended for extended loan, but contact me if you are interested in playing with it.
  • 2 B2s with IMSA (kindly donated by Google Chicago), floating around campus. Ask ITS for them.
  • 1 B4 with IMSA (kindly donated by Google Chicago), floating around campus (currently with Hannah R, let her know if you need it!). Ask ITS for it.

If you are an XO owner and live in the Aurora area, and are willing to lend your XO to IMSA for special projects temporarily, please contact Scott Swanson. We would be forever grateful!

Contact Information

Try April-Hope, Kevin or Scott. We also maintain an IRC channel, #olpc-imsa, on freenode.


Co-chairs- April-Hope W. and Kevin Crews

Collaborators- Meg Welter, Arjun Nayini, Sanat Bhole, Gabi Heller, Colin Dodson, Ariel Liu, Jason Rock, Justin Johnson, Spencer Andrews, Grant Rotskoff, Will Getz, Kelly Zhang, Hannah Reiser, Mitra Veeramasuneni, Bob Lee, Tony Yunker, Adam Novak, Will Hahne, Cora Goldston, Ruhiyyeh Turner, Chris Gropp, Daniel Geiger, Liam Hession, Alex Jeria, Arika Verma, Shyam Saladi, and Ilya Nepomnyashchiy. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Kevin at

Advisors- Scott Swanson, Jim Gerry, and Brian Sea.