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This is a list of mailing lists related to OLPC. Clicking the links below will lead to the list's individual page, where a more thorough description and forms for subscribing can be found.


OLPC Open General OLPC community discussion and chit-chat
Accessibility Discussion of accessibility on the OLPC
Community News Weekend community news
Health OLPC Health
Library OLPC Library and content discussions
Localization Localization mailing list
Repairs Discussion about and for grassroots repair centers
Support Gang Community Support Volunteers
Testing Testing discussions related to Sugar and OLPC
Wiki Gang Wiki maintenance volunteers
OLPC Sysadmin Mailing list for OLPC sysadmin team


Educators Educators and OLPC
Research Academic and field research about OLPC and its impacts

Grassroots groups

Grassroots Grassroots OLPC groups. Exchange and share experiences in building up a grassroots OLPC group
OLPC Boston Boston, MA USA Users Group
OLPC Chicago OLPC Chicago
OLPC SF OLPC San Francisco
OLPC Workshop OLPC Workshops
Toronto Dev Discussion list for Toronto area OLPC developers
Roadshows XO roadshows
University Chapters Grassroots OLPC chapters at colleges and universities

Country lists

Argentina OLPC Argentina
Brasil OLPC Brasil
Egypt Open Source Discussion of open source in Egypt
Colombia OLPC Colombia/Grassroots Organization
Ethiopia OLPC Ethiopia
India OLPC India
Kreyol Haitian Kreyol translation
Peru OLPC Peru
Nepal OLPC Nepal
Nigeria Open Source Discussion of open source in Nigeria
OLPC CH OLPC Switzerland
OLPC DE OLPC Deutschland
OLPC Europe OLPC Europe
OLPC France OLPC in France and francophone countries
OLPC Haiti OLPC Haiti
OLPC India Announce OLPC India
OLPC Indonesia OLPC Indonesia
OLPC ZA OLPC South Africa
OLPC Philippines OLPC Philippines
OLPC Sur OLPC en castellano para usuarios, docentes, voluntarios y administradores
OLPC Uruguay OLPC Uruguay


Bugs OLPC bugtracker mailing list
Devel Software development mailing list
OpenEC Discussion of OpenEC development
Security OLPC Security Discussion
Server Devel School server development discussion
Sugar Discussion of OLPC design, desktop platform and user experience

OLPC hardware

Peripherals Discussion for XO peripherals

Activity development

EduBlog EduBlog mailing list
Etoys Discussion of the Etoys multi-media authoring environment on OLPC
Games Games for the OLPC
SocialCalc SocialCalc mailing list
Wiki Discussion of WikiReaders and related tech