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General issues

All known open bugs (defects) in this release are here

This is an open bug tracking system so anyone can enter bugs. Therefore, please use caution when interpreting the content of these bug reports. If you have a question about the validity or status of any known bug you e-mail the owner by leaving a comment in Trac (click on the bug ID to bring it up on Trac). You can also send an e-mail to

  • <trac>5954</trac> You should manually reboot the XO after upgrading.
  • <trac>6308</trac> If you play a sound in Browse you will need to close Browse before playing sound in other actvities.
  • <trac>6253</trac> You must close the original activity before opening a file created by it in another activity, when using the Journal. For example, if you take a picture in Record, then go to the Journal and choose open in Paint from the drop down menu, it will open again in Record. The workaround is to close the original activity (e.g. Record in this example) before opening it in a different activity.
  • <trac>6388</trac> You cannot use a USB and SD card at the same time. It must be one or the other.
  • <trac>7509</trac> After installing XO software from a USB stick a corrupted file ( sometimes gets left behind. If this happens you will not be able to see the USB stick on the XO until you remove that file.
  • <trac>7531</trac> and <trac>7812</trac> If the XO fails to shutdown from the XO menu, you may be able shut down by holding down the ctrl-alt-f2 keys. If that does nto work you can shut it down by pressing the power button for at least 6 seconds.
  • <trac>7642</trac> and <trac>7990</trac> and <trac>8577</trac> When the Control Panel is open, changing the Home view style or open the Frame may not work as expected.
  • <trac>7713</trac> After you download a new version of an activity with Browse, the new version will not be launched from the Home view until you "resume" the new version of the activity in the journal.
  • <trac>7742</trac> and <trac>7876</trac> Double clicking to launch activities will cause two instance to launch. This will cause one or both activities instance to fail and you may need to reboot.
  • <trac>7785</trac> There are some reported problems with connecting to a network via USB to Ethernet adapter. This bug tracks one and see the power section below for another.
  • <trac>7895</trac> and <trac>7993</trac> and <trac>8099</trac> Some USB sticks will not show up as mounted in the Journal. Its safest to shutdown your XO before removing a USB stick, even if it does not appear in the Journal or Frame.
  • <trac>7922</trac> Do not turn on power save mode when the XO is connected to an ethernet cable via a USB - Ethernet adapter or your XO may stop working when it suspends.
  • <trac>8011</trac> If you remove an activity by manually deleting its directory from the terminal, the home view and software updater may behave strangely until you restart sugar. (Use the 'erase' option in the activities context menu in the home view instead!)
  • <trac>8088</trac> Some Kingston usb keys aren't mounted and can't be used to distribute activation leases.
  • <trac>8423</trac> Moving a lot of icons in Freeform of the Home view can cause extra memory to be used. Rebooting your XO will recover the extra memory usage.
  • <trac>8452</trac> If both the Screen rotation button and the Frame key are pressed multiple times the XO may become unstable.
  • <trac>8533</trac> When upgrading from 656 there may extra Journal items associated with activities that are upgraded. These extra Journal items can be ignored.
  • <trac>8613</trac> When using the olpc-update command you may get messages on the screen. These can be ignored if the update succeeds.
  • <trac>8606</trac> Drag and drop to and from clipboard is not consistent. Using control-c to copy to clipboard and control-v to paste from it are more reliable.

Open power issues

  • <trac>6192</trac> Sometimes the system may suspend and not wake up again. In this case, pressing the power button may wake it up again.
  • <trac>6201</trac> Etoys can stop working if it is playing a sound when the XO suspends. See more details on when the XO suspends here.
  • <trac>6467</trac> When an XO wakes up it may take some time before all available XOs and activities are shown in the Neighborhood.
  • <trac>8443</trac> After the XO wakes up from closing the lid, the battery charged level may take some time to update. The correct battery usage level should appear after the XO discharges an additional 1% of battery power.
  • <trac>8592</trac> When waking from sleep, the XO will try to connect to a Mesh (e.g. another XO). If that fails it will next try to connect to the last wireless AP used. You must wait until it fails or succeeds in connecting to the Mesh before manually choosing an AP from The Neighborhood view. If you manually connect before its done, you may get two network icons (a false one showing a Mesh connection and a real one showing the wireless AP connection).
  • <trac>8632</trac> Sometimes when the battery completely runs out of power, the XO will not recharge. The workaround is to unplug the XO, remove the battery, then replug the XO and replace the battery.

Open network and collaboration issues

Explain scale and how to turn off the radio.

  • <trac>3445</trac> If the initiator of a shared activity exits their activity or stops sharing the collaboration ends for all XOs sharing the activity.
  • <trac>5501</trac> and * <trac>7893</trac> You may have to wait several minutes before seeing all XOs available for collaboration in the Neighborhood view.
  • <trac>6448</trac> You must use Mesh or AP but not both.
  • <trac>6944</trac> If you click on a second AP while waiting for the first AP to connect the UI may confuse which is connected. For best results, wait until the XO connects or fails to connect (when the AP icon stops blinking) to an AP before trying a second one.
  • <trac>7511</trac> and <trac>8437</trac> Sharing video files with Record in collaboration mode may cause the XO's collaboration to become unstable. Sharing in Record sends large video files across the network. Since the amount of data is so large it may cause other collaboration traffic to be dropped resulting in instability in collaboration for all XOs using the same radio space.
  • <trac>7513</trac> and <trac>8225</trac> Sharing continuously for more than 2 hours may cause some activities to stop working. Write sharing in particular may stop after two hours. It is safest to shut down the XOs and restart the collaboration in less than two hours when sharing Write.
  • <trac>7764</trac> If you need to de-register with a school server, open the virtual terminal (Linux shell), go to the /home/olpc/.sugar/default directory. Using the file editor of your choice (e.g. nano), edit school server-related entrys in the "config" file, then reboot a laptop, connect to the desired school server and register the laptop with that school server. This procedure is recommended only for experienced users.
  • <trac>7775</trac> Sometimes the AP icon in the Neighborhood view does not show its connected when it is. If this happens, putting your cursor over the icon should show that it is connected.
  • <trac>7870</trac> If you have connected to a WEP encrypted AP then change to a WPA one you may not be able to connect. The work around is to click "Discard network history" in the Network control panel. If you do this, you will need to re-enter all your AP passwords.
  • <trac>8104</trac> and <trac>8156</trac> and <trac>8667</trac> Association will sometimes fail when connecting to WPA and WEP access points. This is more prevalent in WPA encrypted access points but not limited to them. If a connection is not made on the first attempt it may connect on subsequent attempts.
  • <trac>8168</trac> Cloaked WPA access points may not work.
  • <trac>8189</trac> In a crowded wireless environment (e.g. more than 20 XOs) a maximum of XOs can participate in the same Mesh.
  • <trac>8235</trac> Rotating the screen may leave artifacts on the Neighborhood view.
  • <trac>8430</trac> If an XO is shut down without leaving a collaboration, the other XOs may not show that it is no longer available.
  • <trac>8444</trac> Sometimes buddies don't show up
  • <trac>8517</trac> Sometimes you cannot save a chat transcript. When you see "keep error" on exiting a chat it means that the log of your chat was not saved in the journal.
  • <trac>8592</trac> You may get two network icons if you click AP while the XO tries to connect to mesh. Please wait for the network to reconnect when waking up. When the XO wakes from being suspended it will search for a Mesh connection (e.g. another XO) before trying to reconnect to the last AP that was in use. Please wait until it tries to connect to that AP before trying to manually connect to an AP in the Neighborhood view. If you click on the AP icon before the mesh icons stop pulsing, one mesh icon will continue to pulse until you click on a mesh icon, wait for it and the other mesh icons to stop pulsing, and then click on the desired AP again.

Open activity issues

  • <trac>6223</trac> and <trac>7166</trac> Read works best as PDF viewer. Other formats may not work well (e.g. .tif and djvu)
  • <trac>6454</trac> Clicking on a link in the News Reader does not open it in Browse.
  • <trac>6537</trac> When sharing Read, if your XO suspends the Read sharing may stop.
  • <trac>7498</trac> If you have multiple Browse instances open, Browse dialogs appear in the wrong instance.
  • <trac>7726</trac> Activities being installed (unziped) hog the CPU, temporarily freezing the interface. To work around this, wait until an activity is done installing before doing other things with the XO.
  • <trac>7890</trac> and <trac>8228</trac> Sharing is not supported with Paint.
  • <trac>8079</trac> You may need to download an entire .ogg video file before the seek controls work in the video player.
  • <trac>8113</trac> Distance activity should only be used with 2 x XOs.
  • <trac>8314</trac> Browse may stop working when viewing large web pages (typically many megabytes).
  • <trac>8497</trac> Flash wont play from a URL ending in .swf. You can only play a Flash animation when it is embedded in web page.
  • <trac>8655</trac> MikMik and Gmail activities don't update properly via Software Update panel to continuously request that they be updated.
  • <trac>8522</trac> Don't run Record and Chat at the same time. If you do, you may lose the drop down menu on the central XO icon on the Home Screen.

Localization issues

  • <trac>8621</trac> The entry for Amharic (Ethiopia) shows up as m (ET) in the language selector module in the Sugar control panel.