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OLPC PH ilippines Pilot School proposal(s)

Hi Mel, kumasta :) Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan Special Education Center is trying 2 be THE Pilot School here in the Rural:Philippines we are willing to work with Don Bosco to get this going and myself, along with the Teachers are in the process of writing up a proposal OLPC_Philippines_Unang_Liwanag and will try to finish it today for your info. PS: My school server is starting to come together (mostly using my own personal funds) Additional 2 80GB HDD's, DVD Writer, 1GB DDR2 Ram(more later?) UPS, PSU, etc... we have a cable tv installed but are waiting for Internet sometime soon (a lack of funds) that all4Now --Chief Mike 11:06, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

--Chief Mike 09:32, 4 April 2008 (EDT) The ball is rolling down here FYI also xposted to User:Sj Talk