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OLPC PH ilippines Pilot School proposal(s)

Hi Mel, kumasta :) Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan Special Education Center is trying 2 be THE Pilot School here in the Rural:Philippines we are willing to work with Don Bosco to get this going and myself, along with the Teachers are in the process of writing up a proposal OLPC_Philippines_Unang_Liwanag and will try to finish it today for your info. PS: My school server is starting to come together (mostly using my own personal funds) Additional 2 80GB HDD's, DVD Writer, 1GB DDR2 Ram(more later?) UPS, PSU, etc... we have a cable tv installed but are waiting for Internet sometime soon (a lack of funds) that all4Now --Chief Mike 11:06, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

--Chief Mike 09:32, 4 April 2008 (EDT) The ball is rolling down here FYI also xposted to User:Sj Talk


(Sorry about the long response time; IMSA has ridiculously busy). My plan is essentially to begin learning Python by the end of this year and have it learned sometime during June in addition to whatever graphical stuff I'd need to know. Since you have dev experience, you can choose between PyGTK or PyGame (cause personally I have no clue, PyGTK was the only one I had heard of).

I'll definitely be around IL for the majority of Summer, so we can try working on it, but I'd suggest starting on it late June to early July. I'd also like to have Meg involved in the design of it, as she has research on that sort of stuff and was planning on building something similar. I imagine she'll probably be around during the Summer too.

Either way, sounds great! Ilyanep 19:13, 5 April 2008 (EDT)

Internet Filtering for XO or Schools

Our company provides kidsnet parental controls ( and we wish to donate the URL filter database to OLPC to help keep kids away from web sites that may be detrimental to their development (we believe it is a better list than SmoothGuardian, Corporate Guardian, and others).

Can you provide me the contact info for who we should speak with?



Bob Dahlstrom, CEO BluePrint Data Architecting a Better Internet 2002 San Marco Blvd, Suite 201 Jacksonville, FL 32207 +1-904-398-1911

Bob, can you give me an email address that I can reach you at? Mine is listed on my talk page if you want to do it privately. I'm hearing-impaired and usually don't do phone calls. Also, the person you may want to talk to is SJ Klein, who heads up content for OLPC. Mchua

Thanks Mel!!!!

Hey Mel, wanted to send you a note of thanks.. Finally got my XO OLPC up and on line w/the latest version of sw.. Took me some time and had to purchase a brand new factory clean USB Mem stick (all my others were freebies w/something loaded on them that seemed to inhibit the usb boot)... But none the less - w/ new sw (build 656 - from 650). I easily accessed my linksys wrt54gs v5.0... Thanks again! one suggestion - i was able to get to the olpc pages - hard wired into modem port - but had problems 1. down loading and 2 navigating the fedora linux - i'm not real savvy - but persistent - as i'm sure other olpc users are.. maybe more help - simple terminal/os level commands - particularly the os level and root type commands? just a thought - but i spent hours in my basement plugged into my router trying to download s/w - finally had to use my trusty hp laptop to get sw on to the usb.... but - i love my xo machine - and believe the program is fantastic - inspired me to jump in!! Thank you again mel! best regards 0 Tim --

I would like to know about the Health jam

Also a simple email address would be nice - these wiki pages are cute but do now really put people in touch Health jam does not seem to have places, times or schedules - I do not have a team and having never been in a jam do not see why there are teams - smlewis at lordjoe dot com

JS script for monobook possible?

Hi Mel. Thank you for your friendly words on the accessibility list. I want to ask if it would be possible to use this JS from Blind Wiki for the OLPC Wiki as well. This would be a big improvement for screen reader users such as me. You can learn more about the functionality of this script at the page Accessibility and Wikis. Thank you very much for your work for the great OLPC/XO project. Have a nice day. -- Per 13:40, 19 April 2008 (EDT)

Review squad

Application is at DeSalvionjr 13:46, 20 April 2008 (EDT)

Power activity

Hey there, if you need any help with writing or documenting the Power activity I'd be happy to help. Is the project in GIT yet? Does it require specialized hardware?


Normally admin requests are left up for a full two weeks. I don't mind reducing the time a bit, now that we are getting more frequent requests; but would't want to start in the middle of a nomination. --Sj talk 21:18, 8 May 2008 (EDT)