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This page is just to show what XO Korea is aiming for, what we want to make, what society we dream, and what we are doing right now etc.

Our goals

Like linux kernels or codes, our civilizations also are too fat; they need some DIET! The civilization of mass production and mass consumption, under the flood of the -erism (faster, bigger, richer....all -ers we pursuing), we need to think back; our history, what we really want etc..

Our goal is quite clear; remove some fat from our social infrastructures.

  • After analysing the current governmental services provided by the Korean governemnt, we concluded that only a third of governmental functions (services) are necessary; the other two third of them are just to keep running the one third.
  • After analysing the current business services or social infrastuctures such as banking system and communication infra in Korea, we concluded that only a third of those business functions (services) are quite necessary; the remnant two third of them are just to keep running the one third also.

So, our all goals are to eliminate those fats from our society; value chains. Then;

  • People in developing nations can quickly absorb the well developed social infrastructures (political systems, administrative systems, and business systems) of developed nations.
  • There will be flatter distribution or allocation of wealth among social constituents and among nations; those developed and developing,
  • There will be more social wealth due to more value producers than now, so we can reduce (even not eliminate) suffers from provety in developing nations;
  • There will be sustainable well-being among human beings; not well-being of one nation that is, at the same time, disastrous to others.


I am producing two virtual but real governments operating solely on the Web and on XO.

Central e-Government

I have reclassified all governmental functions of the Korean central (national or federal) government into about 3,000+ independent Bisiness Modules (or Objects). During classifying and developing those services, I have always focused on the adoptability that a developing nation can easily adopt those of Korea for their own governmental system.

Among 18 ministris, this is the sample ministry of Korea;

XO Korea/the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

See full national governmental authorities in Korea; Central Government

Local Government

The local government of Jejudo in Korea provides administrative services for about 500,000 citizens living in 1845km².

I have fully analyzed the services provided by the Jeju local government, and hope any local community in the world use/modify those modules or objects for their own use.

Jeju Local Government

See full local governmental authorities in Korea; Local Government


I have selected some businesses providing representative social infrastructures.

Open Bank

It's open-source based bank, insurance, and investment firms operating on XO.

See full businesses in Korea; Businesses

Open Telecom

It's an open-source based telecommunication firm proving voice and data service; incluing web gateway services.

Open Telecom

See full businesses in Korea; Businesses


It's schools without teachers, buildings, and fixed curricula; only with courses and certifications (accreditations).

Open Kindergarten

Sample is a kindergarten;course materials without any exam.


See full kindergarten in Korea; Kindergartens

Open Primary School

Sample is a primary school;course materials and competency exam.

Primary School

See full primary courses in Korea; Primary Courses

Open Secondary School

Sample is a secondary school;course materials and SAT exam.

Secondary School

See full secondary courses in Korea; Secondary Courses

Open College

Sample is a undergraduate course for economics and social scienses;course materials and certification exam.

Social Science

See full undergraduate courses; Undergraduate Courses

Open Graduate School

Sample is a graduate course for financial engineering;course materials and certification exam.

Open Financial Analyst

See full graduate courses; Graduate Courses

Open Professional Education

Sample is a CPA course; course materials and certification exam.

Open CPA

See full professional courses in Korea; Professional Education


Community Healthcare Center


Culture & Leisure Activities