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This is a page where the testers are invited to gather their testing results for release 10.1.3. We hope to find out more quickly possibly introduced regressions and get a sense of what works well. There are some tests where details about the hardware you used are of interest to us (e.g. Internet connection, USB2VGA). And of course, we hope it is fun for you to see a page like this grow!

Each 10.1.3 Feature has a section where you can comment. There are as well some more generic tests like connecting to the Internet and backwards compatibility tests. The last section has a list of bugs that we think are important to test.

Install testing environment

Follow the instructions at Release_notes/10.1.3#Installation.

10.1.3 Features

Sugar Ad-hoc networks

To mimic the mesh behavior on devices where mesh hardware is not available and make the "under a tree"-scenario possible the Sugar ad hoc networks have been added. The feature adds three default ad hoc networks, for channel 1, 6, and 11. They are represented with designated icons in the Neighborhood view.


Testing plans can be found in the 0.90 Feature page. Note: the icons are only visible on the XO-1.5 by design. You still can connect XO-1s and XO-1.5s with each other though, see the testing plans for how to do that. If you only have Xo-1s you can as well let Sugar create the Ad-hoc networks. Enabling them can be done with a gconf command in the Terminal activity 'gconftool-2 --type=bool --set /desktop/sugar/network/adhoc true'.

Name Works? Comment
garycmartin yes Tested between two XO-1s, one using the gconf change to imitate XO-1.5 behaviour
Melbourne testing yes Set up ad hoc on XO1.5 10.1.2 and connected to it with 2 XO1's 10.1.3

Sharing/Backup Journal entries using a storage device

One possible use case: Martin wants to give a picture he has been drawing to Simon. He plugs in his USB-stick and copies the Journal entry on the stick. Simon insert the stick and copies it into his Journal. Another use case is, to use this Feature to backup Journal entries.

More information can be found here.

Name Works? Comment
garycmartin yes Transferred Paint activity drawing between two XO-1s via USB-stick, thumbnail/description/tags/colour all correctly preserved.

USB2VGA Adapter usage

One possible use case: Teacher wants to connect an XO with a projector.

Usage notes at Adding_USB_SVGA. See the '10.1.3' and 'Limitations and Quirks' sections.

Name XO Model and Build USB-SVGA adapter Works? Comment
Martin Langhoff XO-1.5 os358 StarTech.com USB2VGA yes Tested: Sugar, TurteArt, Disconnect/reconnect of the USB device


Home button in Browse activity

The Home button in Browse gives you always the possibility to go back to the defined starting page.


Name Works? Comment
Simon yes nice work!
garycmartin yes Home button worked as expected.

Activity Description Ticket Name Works Comment
BrowseHistory not right when resuming activity ticket #10437
BrowseBrowse fails to download some files with non-ascii characters ticket #8857
BrowseCan not save pictures from the olpc library with Browse to Journal ticket #10365
BrowsePalettes in Browse do not always go away ticket #10407
BrowseGenerate preview image for downloaded images SL #1106
BrowseBrowse has no "busy" indication ticket #10383
Write Change the default method to insert images ticket ticket #3066 Tickets #3066 and ticket #7405.Adds a checkbox to enable the user to select the method
Write Preserve the mime type when reading and saving files. Related to tickets ticket #8972, ticket #5291, ticket #1925 and SL #2127.
Write Add option to export to PDF SL #1458
Write Paste images in write Tickets #2507 and ticket #7186. Now you can copy an image from Paint, Browse or Write and paste in Write.
Write Don't set the activity metadata property when save PDF file because Write can save PDF files but can't open them ticket #10442
Write The mime types from files rtf and html have text/plain in mime_parents. We need to modify the criteria to open them like rich text ticket #8972
Write Color chooser does not always work when giving color to selected text ticket #10488
Distance hanges ringdown values for more stable meassures ticket #10122 (part of ticket #10122)
Paint Use new colorchooser (still use ColorSelector for <= 0.82) ticket #1015
Paint Fixed aspect ratio mode for Shape tools ticket #3705
Paint New suggestion for arrow drawing in Paint ticket #4170
Paint Changes made to save the last added text item ticket #5917
Paint Paint - Rect. Marquee icon changes erratically ticket #5882
Paint Implemented Mirroring Effect in Paint Activity SL#2463
Paint Added Invert Color Effect to Paint Activity ticket #2495
Paint Title for 'Rectangualar Marquee' tool changed to 'Select Area' SL #2266
Paint Paint starts with a random color selected SL #2053
Paint Paste images from clipboard ticket #9022
Paint Paint overwrites file type instead of creating new file SL #1771
Paint Tools & Shapes would be a radio button set ticket #3695 and ticket #3694
Paint Active point of Paint pointers should be at tip of pencil, brush, drip on fill bucket, etc SL #296
Paint The free form polygn tool should be in the shapes toolbar ticket #3693
Paint Turn off activity sharing SL #1863
Paint Make "keep aspect ratio" selection visible in the UI SL #931
Paint Under tools tab, pencil size funcionality is not working SL #1902
Paint Change in the icon activity to avoid errors in new librsvg
Paint Clean up cursors
Paint Add binary files to python 2.7
Read Add scrolling options for PDFs ticket #10396
Wikibrowse Faster page loading ticket #10147 In the English and Spanish versions
Memorize Game not transferred when loading a created game ticket ticket #10302
Speak crashes on AI SL #2533
Sugar modem configuration Seems to require a non blank entry into the username and password fields, just entering the letter a was enough
Help Typo http://wiki.laptop.org/go/MelbXOclub18Dec10#Help_activity

Backwards compatibility tests

Migrate Journal entries stored on a storage device in 0.82

One possible use case: A learner/teacher has been backing up Journal entries to a USB-stick in Sugar 0.82, included in the 8.2.* OLPC builds.

More info about the issue and how to test it can be found here.

Name Works? Comment
Pierre-Paul-Jacques yes/no None

Update from previous releases

Here please report back about upgrades you did from previous OLPC builds. You can get a 0.82 image from gg-802-1 or a 10.1.2 build from here. You can use olpc-update to update to a new build. In the Terminal activity just type in one of the commands from below:

sudo olpc-update 10.1.3_xo1.5-3NN
sudo olpc-update 10.1.3_xo1-3NN
Name From which version Works? Comment
Simon 10.1.2, XO-1.5, 2g image no No space left on device. Will redo with a 4g image.
Simon 10.1.2, XO-1.5, 4g image yes Journal updated correctly, Language setting (French) was kept
Simon gg-802-1 mostly Journal updated correctly, Language setting (French) was not kept was English then
Simon 10.1.2, XO-1.5, 4g image yes Done with the usb offline update
skierpage 10.1.2, XO-1 yes sudo olpc-update 10.1.3_xo1-360 succeeded on "irsync_pristine update"; had 104MB free in / before, and 111M after reboot and the prompted Software update.

Connectivity: Different Internet connections

You should test here if you can connect with a WEP and WPA/WPA2 network, if a wired connection is possible and the 3G connection test can be logged here, too.

Please note that disabling the XO's internal 802.11 "Radio" in the Sugar Network control panel may disable the ability to use any networking adapter automatically due to the need to work around various other networking issues (#10549). To test external (typically USB based) network adapters either (1) manually configure them or (2) do not disable the "Radio" checkbox while testing them.

Name AccessPoint/Router Connectivity Type Works? Comment
Kevin Gordon Apple Airport Extreme WPA/WPA2 yes Both 1.0 and 1.5
Kevin Gordon D-Link USBT100x Dongle Ethernet yes Both 1.0 and 1.5 - USBID: 2001:3c05
Kevin Gordon Linksys USB DubE100 Dongle Ethernet yes Both 1.0 and 1.5 - USBID: 066b:2203
Kevin Gordon ASIX Zoltantech ZU80 Dongle Ethernet yes Both 1.0 and 1.5 - USBID: 0b95:7720
Samuel Greenfeld Netgear FA101 USB Adapter Ethernet yes Both 1.0 and 1.5 - USBID: 0846:1020
Gonzalo Odiard D-Link DIR-600 WPA/WPA2 yes Both 1.0 and 1.5
garycmartin D-Link DSL-G604T WEP yes Just tested XO-1
Melbourne Testing 3G USB yes XO1 (does require dummy entries an user and password fields)

Language Test

If you are a native speaker for a specific language shipped in the OLPC builds we would be happy to hear back from you about how well the 10.1.3 worked for you. You can use the "Missing translation" field to indicate a missing string.

Name Language Completed (percentage) Missing translation Comment
Pierre-Paul-Jacques Spanish 99% Browse download alert. None
Simon French not tested the overall completion yet CP: Switch to GNOME Button not displayed correctly in all the languages ticket #10544 Is probably true for other languages, too.

Track Power Usage

Richard Smith did put up the following testing request to track power usage when you run your test suite on the XOs (1 and 1.5). With new builds its very easy. Starting with os356 and beyond. Here are the steps you need to add into your testing procedure:

  1. Start with a full charged XO that is plugged up to external power.
  2. Boot the system up and either go to a VT or start up a Terminal activity.
  3. At the shell prompt type: sudo powerd-config =new-pwrlog "<comment about the log>"

<comment> can be any descriptive text you want to use about the log. Its mostly just for a human looking at the log. Things like what build, what XO, what battery, etc are automatically added in the log so none of that does has to be in the comment. Perhaps your name and any special circumstances surrounding the test.

  1. Unplug the XO from external power.
  2. Run all of your test suites.
  3. After your final test run is complete either shut the laptop down or

do another 'sudo powerd-config =new-pwrlog' to flush the log file.

I think I would prefer if you did a shutdown because then I have a nice marker for a successful run.

Then tar up all the files in the ~olpc/power-logs and send them to Richard or upload them somewhere on dev.l.o.

Its not necessary to have one run per log file or anything like that. Just start on a full battery and go until either you are running out of battery or you are done with your testing.

I just want to get some data on what the power usage distribution looks like when people are using the new builds.

If you have to restart the laptop for some reason then don't worry about making another new log with 'powerd-config =new-pwrlog' powerd will create a new log when it starts up and I should be able to piece them together manually.

Name Upload location (none if sent by email) Comment
Simon http://dev.laptop.org/~erikos/pwr-SHC005008EF-101213_082100.csv None
Tony http://www.box.net/shared/pzmn2vatu9 None


Of interest is here to test the sound on the XO-1 and XO-1.5 for differences and to test all the activities that does produce sound (e.g. TamTam, Memorize, Espeak, Etoys).

Name Activity Works? Comment
Pierre-Paul-Jacques TamTam yes/no None
Melbourne testing Distance nohttp://wiki.laptop.org/go/MelbXOclub18Dec10#Distance_activity

GNOME Breakability Issues -- options and actions breaking Gnome and Sugar

In 10.1.3 a focus was on making switching between Sugar and GNOME smooth and that settings a user does under GNOME has no side effect on Sugar and the other way around.

Leaving notes in this section can be done by more than one person, just separate name and result by a column.

Bug Description TestCase Works? Tester Comment
ticket #10290 GNOME: Disable nm-applet keychain warning TestCase yes Simon No need to type a password for the keyring.
ticket #10531 Hide ~/Activities in GNOME that they can not be erased and render Sugar unusable TestCase yes Simon Verified that the folder is hidden in Gnome and that I could write to it in Sugar.
ticket #10532 Sync networking state between Sugar and GNOME TestCase yes Simon I did disable the networking in GNOME and was able to enable it again in Sugar and the other way around.
ticket #10539 Gnome: panels that have been removed are restored on the next login TestCase yes Simon Removed the top panel and it was restored on the next login.
ticket #10545 Gnome: if the font size is > 20 or < 4 restore on next login. TestCase yes Simon Made the window title bigger bigger than 20 and the font size was restored on next login.

Bug Fix testing

For particular bugs you can indicate your test results in this section. This can be done by more than one person, just separate name and result by a column.

Bug Description Works? Tester Comment
ticket #1 Example yes, yes, no, yes Martin, Simon, Gonzalo, Sam None
ticket #10312 Journal: Show alert when error occurs while writing to external devices yes Gonzalo There are a error trying to copy to a protected device, but not trying to delete or rename in the same device
ticket #10140 External device large Journal does not display yes Gonzalo Tested with a SD card with 23.000 files
ticket #10350 Connect to gabble immediately when possible yes/no Name None
ticket #6857 Register a laptop with the schoolserver after trying on the wrong network yes/no Name None
ticket #10351 Journal: Feedback when deleting files on an external device yes Gonzalo None
ticket #10372 Arabic: Do not break if the string contains no conversion specifier yes Simon None
ticket #10346 Activity: Save title when closing yes Gonzalo None
ticket #8733 Journal: Disable start option for entries that can't be opened yes Gonzalo None
ticket #10308 Remove shared activity from the neighborhood view when no members left yes Gonzalo The activity _and_ the buddy icon disappear. The buddy icon must remain visible.
ticket #10308 Remove shared activity from the neighborhood view when no members left partial garycmartin If activity is shared via _private_ invite both activity and buddy icon disappear on invitees neighborhood when they accept (likely a different bug?). Activity icon still remains in neighborhood view for owner if owner left first.
ticket #889 Deal with unicode nick names yes/no Name None
ticket #10412 Sugar Ad-hoc icons show in search results when connect/disconnect to AP yes Gonzalo None
ticket #10486 Journal bundle removal won't remove installed activity yes Gonzalo, garycmartin None

How to write a good bug report

If you find new bugs please file them at http://dev.laptop.org.

You should note the following in the bug report:

  • the version you are using
  • steps to reproduce

In most cases it is of interest to the developers to look at the Sugar (shell.log) and/or the Activity logs (e.g. org.laptop.AbiWordActivity-1.log for the Write activity). The logs are placed in '/home/olpc/.sugar/default/logs'. You can view the logs using the Log activity as well.

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