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Name Project Description & Contact Type of Art Needed Artists Involved Additional Information
the title of your project a project description & contact person (link to user page) type of art (icons? character art? illustrations?) who is working on it, so people can communicate anything else you want to say
resource creation Create a collection of coin and bill images, from all the trial-2 Countries(green), as a resource for Activities. See MitchellNCharity (July 2007) Searching out images on the web, and basic image processing to prepare them for use. Nikki Bills are usually easy. Coin images, if they haven't been already, need to be clipped to the coin (no border), and the background made transparent. PNG being the ideal format. See also Images of currency - coins and bills/notes.
Summer of Content logo/shirt Make a logo for the Summer of Content 2007 program, and a t-shirt design (they can be the same thing, or we can put a witty quote on the back of the t-shirt, or they can be two separate things, or whatever). Estimated work time < 6hr total including discussions, editing, and tweaking. See Mel Chua Logo and shirt design. Vector graphics preferred, t-shirt design should use 3 colors or less if possible (bonus points for good-lookin' monochrome!) I can do it. Anyone who has ideas or wants to collaborate can hit my talk page, though!--Nikki This wasn't done for Summer 2007, but still needs doing for the next round. The Google Summer of Code logo looks like this. This logo will be used for everything in the Summer of Content 2007 program - and possibly the SoCon program in general. The T-shirt will be printed and sent out to the 100-odd mentors and interns working this summer. We'll send you one, too.
Review Squad icon Need a visual image that means "Review squad", our cadre of kid reviewers/testers (for both software and content). See Mel Chua simple icon Delucks, Eduardo What we really need is a fifth "icon" (like the four "1" "laptop" "arrow" "xo" icons on the front of to denote "Review squad," a kid reviewing something. Perhaps the "xo" icon wearing a baseball cap, with lightbulb over their head, or pencil in hand?
Brazil Game Jam The Brazil Game Jam needs artists - being in Brazil is not a requirement. See SJ, Mel, or Nikki various art needed n/a The first Brazil Jam is over; another may be needed soon.
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