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This meeting is over. This is a Community testing meeting. Location is in #olpc-meeting on November 20, 2008 22:00 (time is in UTC, click here to find the meeting time for your time zone.)

For logs, see

Since last week...

Previous meeting's action items

See Community testing meetings/2008-11-13#Action items

Time change


Any objections to moving the meeting time 1hr later so testers in NZ can more easily attend (during their Fri. lunch break)?

During meeting

No objections; moved.

Requests for testing


New section - these are things that people have requested testing for. Possible fun independent projects, but lower priority than the current overarching goal (test G1G1 Activities).

During meeting

This needs an activity or collection page and a test case (unless we come up with generic "Generic activity test.") Waiting for them to reply, no action taken - although anyone is free to pick it up if they are interested.

Test Jam


Should we have a virtual one? (Would it help reach our goal?) (See last week's meeting minutes for context.)

During meeting

Deferred to when we have a better idea of how to test Activities.

Friends in testing vs. Community testing


S Page thinks their mission is the same, therefore merge?

During meeting

General agreement. Community testing becomes place for planning community testing, Friends in testing is where we make the call for testers when ready.

There's definitely two testing areas/interests -- "I want to run bleeding edge" and "I'll let people know what I find running activities". But the first is dormant right now

Test results, test metrics

The choice is test results in test cases (see Reporting test results) vs. test results in a Google Docs spreadsheet (links in Tou have to view each test case to read its test results; only latter can provide metrics like graphing pass/fail over time.

Early testers should try both and provide feedback.

adricnet suggested another alternative: Mozilla litmus,

Action items

  • mchua to present possible resources and resource sources for community testers via any means available, talking with SJ and Kim if possible. (This has been deferred for two weeks, and we should move forward even as people are busy with G1G1.)
  • mchua to make sure "how to run a test party" notes are up
  • skierpage to make Friends in testing say "ramping up gently", and merge/link Friends in Testing with Community testing as needed.
  • mchua to make sure that joef and m_stone are ok with the Friends in Testing and Community testing merge.
  • bjordan, gregdek, Caryl, Wellington testers: Continue testing Activities; use (and edit!) and

  • dirakx to work with anna_bham on making XS testing/work public-facing.
  • cr_lf has taken charge of smoke testing for Activities - will come back in 2 weeks to teach us how to separate out, run, and keep track of generic functionality checks that all Activities should go through
  • adricnet may do a quick tech evaluation of several testing tools this weekend, time permitting
  • tabitha, aly and the Wellington testers are going to determine the test data fields we will be using. mchua will look through last week's test reports and merge them with the data we are currently collecting, then send to WTG for final revision - whatever they decide on for a final format will be the data that we will collect for this round of Activity tests (testing G1G1 Activities before December 25).
  • garycmartin to continue work on Sugarbot with Zach.
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