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This is a Community testing meeting. Location is in #olpc-meeting on December 18, 2008 23:00 (time is in UTC, click here to find the meeting time for your time zone.)


  • Brian Pepple is running Friends in testing for 8.2.1 - yay Brian! More details forthcoming once a few arrangements have been worked out with the 8.2.1 release manager (Ed McNierney).
  • Many Activity testing sprints are happening this weekend in Oceania. Go go gadget Welly testers, Pia, Donna, and Joel!
  • More time was requested from the time fairy.
  • Excellent discussion on how to make the test reporting workflow better meet the needs of developers was held immediately afterwards; notes on this coming out in a moment.

Previous meeting's action items

See Community testing meetings/2008-12-11

Friends in Testing / 8.2.1

  • All Hail Brian Pepple!
  • What do you need?

Activity testing

  • Who's running a sprint?
  • Are we ready?

Action items

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