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This meeting is over. Logs are available at

This is a Community testing meeting. Location was in #olpc-meeting on January 15, 2009 23:00 (time is in UTC, click here to find the meeting time for your time zone.)

Previous meeting's action items

See Community testing meetings/2009-01-08

Testing requests

A few have hit the list recently. (Should we have a better way of aggregating these requests?)

Upstream testing

Results of XOCamp 2#QA - see log at XOCamp_2/QA. In a nutshell, testing looks like this:


  1. Integration testing (minor, pushing out to other groups - over time this will diminish as we become more distribution/software agnostic) - "Fedora! You guys need to do your testing!" etc.
  2. System testing / testbeds (Ed is willing for us to work out a way OLPC can supply test groups with XO testbeds; we need to keep pushing on this if it's what's needed)
  3. Acceptance testing at deployments (minor, turning into major, but being done by not-OLPC-the-organization) - hopefully eventually deployments will be sending software images to OLPC! How do we make development and testing happen locally?

We'll also need people to liason-with/join/become the Fedora-OLPC and Sugar Labs test communities. Takers/volunteers?

8.2.1 test results

If Mel has time to finish all of them before the meeting...

Action items

Not really action items, but a list of what's going on at the moment...

  • tabitha has the list of Activity testing requests and will put them out for the Welly testers tomorrow.
  • mchua has 8.2.1 (hurrah for bpepple's email with useful links), and will see about throwing more scouts at Fedora testing...
  • garycmartin is pulling in the email threads for NANDblaster (done, and poking Activity testing up towards the SL Activity team.
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