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  • Upcoming program changes
  • New processes for triage and publishing projects
  • Local XO pool updates and reports


Open proposals

see OLPC:projects for review
     PROJECT                  SUBMITTER       XOs    months
 XO-based Teacher Training 	Yamaplos 	80 	6 	
    needs more detail.  Can it start smaller / with emulation?  How/where would results be shared?

 OLPC: The Bolivia Project 	leighmeldrum 	10 	12 	
    has a plan in place, background for future work and 6 months experience with XOs

Extensive computer experience, particularly with Mac OS. I have been working with the XO computer since September 2008 and have become very familiar with the program and interface. I am also the lead on logistics for this project and as a result have become very familiar with the peripheral requirements for a successful launch. planning this project since September 2008 and have a firm logistical plan in place. contemplating a parallel pilot project in Canada to run simultaneously. have an established Teacher's Advisory Committee contributing to an education plan and have been in contact with ppl in Peru and Nepal.

our team are working on a pilot for two remote communities in Bolivia for the summer of 2009... bringing 100 laptops as a test-run with future plans [3k in 2010]. In February 2009, going to Bolivia to meet with the teachers in those communities and provide them with several laptops. We hope this will prepare the teacher's for the full deployment in the summer and get buy-in on the project.

 Amicitia Am. School of Fez 	mhasbrouck 	25 	10 	
    multilingual school proposal; needs detail.  How would results be shared?

Many of our team members and staff are experienced users of business software as well as substantially comfortable and familiar with educational software. We have a technician who works with the few computers we have at the school currently.

It would be a fantastic opportunity for our students to be able to demo these computers. Thank you for considering our school for your projects. We have a tri-lingual school that is in the traditional city of Fez, Morocco. The majority of the students are Moroccan, and the others are from other countries. We have 160 students with only 8 working computers in the school.

In this project, we would like to demo the computers by training our teachers to use them first for a period of two months. Then we would like to do a project with our multi-lingual 5th grade students in which we teach them to harvest information off the internet and us this information for a world cultures fair or other appropriate presentation. This would be an 8 month project and we would give extensive feedback.

 OLPC pilot in Israel - B2 upgrade  guysoft 	30 	6 	
    already started with B2s.  Still needed?  pending update from guy.

Requests needing contact/closure

 AASDO:K12 Science and Tech Ed Mission in Ethiopia 	Abkebede 	20 	12 
    not very specific, though a promising topic.  start smaller?  needs feedback.

I have conducted several workshop involving teachers and teacher-student teams in Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning in North Carolina. I have a great deal of experience in simulations, virtual experiments and development of online resources, online teaching and general outreach programs. I am familiar with educational standards in North Carolina that are adaptable to situations in Africa.

The AASDO project is a component of a generalized Ethiopian School Development Organization, which is intern a component of the Africa-K12 communities. Initially we plan to target Ras Darge Preparatory School (currently known as Chilalo Terrara), and based on our experience we plan to extend it to other schools in Ethiopia, and beyond. The AASDO approach would become a model for any K12 outreach activity in Africa, because we depend heavily on the talent and resources of major universities in the US and elsewhere. The webistes for AASDO are located at

Closing the digital divide and Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning

We plan to develop Multimedia telecenter incorporating state-of-the-art media technology located at Chilalo Terara Preparatory School. This telecenter will become a training facility for administrators, teachers, students and the community to help them become full members of the global village. This training facility will be a magnet for young people and particularly girls interested in science mathematics. Special attributes of the telecenter will include the following components:

Digital image studio Electronic design, page layout, and color editing workstations Digital animation/video and authoring Internet connectivity and digital distribution Scientific Simulations Virtual Laboratories Logger Pro Interface for Real time laboratories Electronic Books Science and Technology Content Radio Jove Experiments Sun-Earth Connection Teaching and Learning Materials Astronomy and space science resources Powerpoint lectures: such as MIT openware

A fully loaded computer will be dedicated to serve as data storage, particularly science and math content, animations of physical, biological and chemical concepts, history of science featuring the men and women who made significant contributions to the quality of life of people in the world. Content in regards to girls in science and featuring US women in science will emphasize math. The content will provide foundation that enables students to continue their education in science, mathematics and engineering both formally and informally. They address the development of critical thinking and problem solving skill to address real world-problems. The success of students in these courses is detrimental on the development of their locals as well as their nation. Also we have access to adequate, well-ventilated space inside the current library. US volunteer trainers will be recruited for this work. However we will plan to use local IT professionals and star teachers from local colleges to help in the design, installation and Training the Trainers.

Training the trainers has a cascading effect where the trainees train their own family members, the community including those in rural areas. For the rural areas market information, and exchange of traditional and contemporary knowledge of agriculture will lead to participatory democracy and sustainable growth. We envision a protracted development of the telecenter with a clear mission based on need, and well researched and impactful training with measurable outcomes.

 Health Rec to Improve Outcomes Post Knee Replacement 	minnalevine 	31 	24
    likely turned down; is one useful for development?

Smaller requests

 Ghana Ed Enrichment Project 	aralston 	4 	4 	
 Tutorius                	drykod 	 	2 	8 	
 Zambia Rural Education   	bobfalzini 	1 	24
 Bahamas               	westvilla 	1 	6 	
 Create the Buzz          	KarinaD 	1 	4 	
 niki @sloan            	nikigomez 	1 	5 	
 olpcca0209 	                olpcca0209 	1 	4 	
 Educational toolkit    	zubair.assad 	1 	3 	
 Math Tutor            	dragon6158 	1 	6

New business

Action items

  • sj, bjordan and holt are updating the CP submission form to allow public posting, and posting the 16 projects currently under consideration by Friday 2/13/09. (Posted by Mchua from #olpc-meeting conversation; not yet accepted by SJ, Adam, or Brian themselves.)
  • holt will review with Ed so that he can help fine tune, eg. if ~100 laptop proposals are too high, as he has indicated, etc. (posted by Mchua from #olpc-meeting conversation; not yet accepted by Adam.)
  • mchua will check in on how to obtain laptops from the local Boston loaner pool, and see what progress can be made on public posting of a procedure on how Boston-area people can interact with that particular loaner pool. (Posted and accepted by Mchua.)
  • please update on status, i.e, what was approved, denied, returned for more... <sub>Yamaplos</sub> 21:13, 6 February 2009 (UTC)
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