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[AGENDA ITEM 1: Intro & Review Project Proposals]

<CanoeBerry> Contrib Program meeting in less than 15min, right here, plz join!
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<CanoeBerry> Hi!
<CanoeBerry> We should start our review of 4 new project proposals now if you can help.
<FGrose> Hello
<CanoeBerry> Briefly, before we dive in, they are:
<anil_> hi!
<mafe> Hi!
<CanoeBerry> #1 of 4: NLP tools for OLPC, Meaning to Word Multi-lingual Dictionary by Ervin [ALBANIA]
<CanoeBerry> #2 of 4: PROJECT i-TEACH, Philippines by Emmanuel [PHILIPPINES]
<CanoeBerry> #4 of 4: Ghana olpc by Eric [GHANA]
<CanoeBerry> While we wait a couple min to start, any immediate questions?
<anil_> for 35393 - its a univ dept (not a library), they seem to have a website - does that count as the live url you were referrring to?
<CanoeBerry> Not quite?  What do you think.  I would prefer (and asked Pia in Australia) to create a specific page around how to borrow from the new laptop library.
<CanoeBerry> In any case, mull it over and let's talk after these 4 initial reviews, ok?

[Project Proposal #1 of 4]

<CanoeBerry> Can we start with #1 of 4: NLP tools for OLPC, Meaning to Word Multi-lingual Dictionary by Ervin [ALBANIA]
<anil_> ok
<CanoeBerry> Concern: do they really need laptops?  Emulation would seem to be very suitable for most of this.
<CanoeBerry> Their work seems great.
<CanoeBerry> Perhaps they would consider 1 laptop, and work in emulation for the bulk of the project?
<CanoeBerry> I'll give you all time to read, take 2 min :)
<anil_> I felt 20 laptops is quite  a bit to start with
<CanoeBerry> Agreed.
<FGrose> Do they have students selected already?
<CanoeBerry> Not sure.  SJ suggests they need 1 test machine.
<FGrose> Perhaps stage as students come on board
<CanoeBerry> Noting the Albanian team's exact answer here: "Why can't this project be done in emulation using non-XO machines? We
<CanoeBerry> wish to use the lowest end possible machines, so as to make sure that
<CanoeBerry> all interface functions behave properly inviting greater participation
<CanoeBerry> from students in the underdeveloped world who have the creative energy
<CanoeBerry> but not the tools to participate in large Natural Language Processing
<CanoeBerry> collaborative development efforts."
<CanoeBerry> Other opinions on this project and how we can support them?
<anil_> lowest end possible machines are ok if you need the hardware functionality
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<CanoeBerry> It would be wonderful to ask CJL for a reaction to this, as he as such a rigorous understanding of so many language issues.  Ask him for a quick reaction anybody if you see him later today?
<CanoeBerry> anil_ & others: Final thoughts on what we should provide and who might mentor etc?
<FGrose> approve pending mentor, stage XOs with commitment of students
<CanoeBerry> FGrose: machine count recommendation?
<anil_> also, the timeline suggests they will use the laptops 10 months from now (i.e. after 2 +8 months of initial work)
<FGrose> 1-5 to get started
<CanoeBerry> 2 to start?
<CanoeBerry> Any consensus please? :)
<anil_> I agree, 2 to start. More on progress
<FGrose> 1 for each leader
<CanoeBerry> How many leaders is that?
<anil_> 2 are in albania , 1 in the US
<anil_> 3 in all
<mafe> 4 XO will do ...3 for developers and 1 as test machine
<CanoeBerry> 4 people seems to be involved.  But we only have 1 address...
<FGrose> mentor to sort
<anil_> I'll mentor this - do we have concensus on next steps ?
<CanoeBerry> Should we offer as many as 4 as FGrose suggests, with mentor clarifying all 4 addresses?
<anil_> there are 3 addresses as of now
<CanoeBerry> anil_: great.  Addresses don't seem complete, but OK, yes, let's more on!
<FGrose> perhaps better to let them handle logistics
<anil_> so did we decide 3 or 4 ?

[Project Proposal #2 of 4]

<CanoeBerry> #2 of 4: PROJECT i-TEACH, Philippines by Emmanuel
<CanoeBerry> anil_: we will work on-ticket on #1 (35617) to clarify they needs, thx
<CanoeBerry> Back to #2 of 4...plz read & comment!
<CanoeBerry> Applying for 2 XO's over 6months.
<CanoeBerry> Looks reasonable.
<CanoeBerry> There may be a Philippines pool already they can draw upon locally?
<CanoeBerry> But let's consider sending them 2 machines now if we have a mentor.  MAfe?
<mafe> ok...
<CanoeBerry> Great!
<CanoeBerry> mafe: justhelp push them to fix up their site a bit :)
<CanoeBerry> other voices?
<mafe> I will...
<CanoeBerry> Then later please help us get them in touch with the existing Filipino community.
<CanoeBerry> SJ can help us make contact there if nec.
<CanoeBerry> Confirmed by other voices?  FGrose? anil_?
<FGrose> go
<CanoeBerry> Can we move on to #3 of 4?
<CanoeBerry> Great.
<mafe> ok ..i will..

[Project Proposal #3 of 4]

<CanoeBerry> Concerning: "Number of Laptops You Request to Borrow: 100 XO (not to borrow but to
<CanoeBerry> buy (as the previous G100), our target class 32 Students, therefore the
<CanoeBerry> minimum number of laptops would be 35 XO
<CanoeBerry> Loan Length—How Many Months: permanent - expanding project "
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<anil_> seems to be connected with the ministry of education
<FGrose> or is it? If ministry already got thousands last year?
<CanoeBerry> This isn't the right channel for them, but if we can get them a mentor to clarify (do they have any XO's at all yet, etc) then we should consider sending them a couple/few.
<anil_> so this might have bigger implications
<CanoeBerry> While also putting them in touch with OLPC's large-scale deployment team to see if OLPC might investigate sponsoring this in a larger way?
<FGrose> maybe they need some in Europe to develop support?
<CanoeBerry> Yes. Sending them a few to DE or CH initially. Other thoughts?  There's a strong chance OLPC's national deployment team will really like this project,
<CanoeBerry> Should I mentor or do we have another taker?
<CanoeBerry> I will mentor if nobody else.  Or alongside anybody?
<anil_> perhaps they might want to look into it as a bigger project than a contrib program?
<mafe> this is more on a program ..
<CanoeBerry> anil_: yes, we will help them via Contrib Program if we can, towards a possible larger project.
<FGrose> So we test the transition pathway
<CanoeBerry> OK, let's move on to #4 of 4 ok?
<mafe> anil_: right it's not more on contibutor's program
<anil_> ok
<mafe> CanoeBerry: on #3 I agree that make sense ....

[Project Proposal #4 of 4]

<CanoeBerry> #4 of 4: Ghana olpc by Eric [GHANA]
<CanoeBerry> Proposal is extremely short, and need expansion at minimum.
<anil_> I think we should point him to OLPCorps
<CanoeBerry> mafe: thx!
<CanoeBerry> anil_: +!
<anil_> he could at least mentor a team, if not anything else
<mafe> anil_: +1
<CanoeBerry> Yes. Let's guide Eric's Ghana ambitions, as he seems extremely new to the community.
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<CanoeBerry> Who might help mentor?
<anil_> I'll follow up with him
<CanoeBerry> Great!
<CanoeBerry> That wraps up our 4 new proposals.

[ AGENDA ITEM 2: Revising Prior Proposals (quickly!) -- 2 Malaysia Projects ]

<CanoeBerry> Let's move on to AGENDA ITEM 2: Revising Prior Proposals (quickly!)
<CanoeBerry> Any quick news here as we need to move fast to wrap up a bunch of other news :)
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<CanoeBerry> anil_: any evolving sentiments on how we can best support the Malaysia library proposal?
<CanoeBerry> Loan Laptop to students and lecturers by benbas [MALAYSIA]
<CanoeBerry> anil_: Just a quick update would be great!
<anil_> I've asked them to add their project to the wiki page, and provide contact info
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<CanoeBerry> OK
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<anil_> but I feel their univ website is fine, as long as they add more details specific to the CP program
<anil_> i.e. as a student I must read about the CP program goals etc as part of borrowing the XO
<CanoeBerry> OK. Tell me when/if you believe I should ship an initial allotment as we considered last week. And benbas' other Malaysia project seem to be moving forward with mentoring too, great.
<CanoeBerry> Moving on?
<FGrose> have them associate with a professor as well as infrastructure
<CanoeBerry> Would be great. Final thoughts on Malaysia?
<anil_> not until they create the wiki project page etc
<CanoeBerry> anil_: big thanks on your work here
<anil_> no problem!
<anil_> I'll nudge them again in a few days, so hopefully by next weekend we'll be ready to ship

[ AGENDA ITEM 3: Hone our Mentoring Process! ]

<CanoeBerry> Let's move on to: AGENDA ITEM 3: Hone our Mentoring Process!
<anil_> I havent seen a CP post on OLPCnews. Did I miss one? We really need one for publicity
<CanoeBerry> Forthcoming if we create a better story around 1 or 2 dramatic projects efforts over the last 2 years.
<anil_> hmmm
<anil_> Do we have any to showcase at this time?
<CanoeBerry> That should be a weekend project between Hullaw, myself and anybody that can show off what we've done best.
<CanoeBerry> On mentoring, here's our official agenda..even if we don't cover all points..long excerpt coming:
<CanoeBerry>     * Our "Science fair" garden is growing fast for springtime, watch (and help!) /many/ ongoing inspiring changes Hullaw & others sparking here -- help all worthy projects past/present/future take root!
<CanoeBerry>     * Application process clarified regarding privacy/sharing options -- Title, Objectives, and Mentor Preferences must be web-published:
<CanoeBerry>     * Build Awareness around our new:
<CanoeBerry>     * Mentor More Projects-- Help Us Resolve several dozen Project Proposals dating from 2008:
<CanoeBerry>     * Keep stress-testing our new CP v2.0 to make sure it continues to scale
<CanoeBerry>     * Craft RTFM's and email to all older/ongoing projects asking them how it's going, how we can help!
<CanoeBerry>     * Craft email to the many who registered over the last year expecting hardware, but failed to to complete the 2nd step applying :(

[ PROJECTS OPEN HOUSE -- Approx May 15 -- to introduce Google Summer of Code ]

<CanoeBerry> NEWS Flash: let's consider a May 15 ONLINE OPEN HOUSE around an far wider yet array of impressive projects, to introduce GSOC students beginning their internships. And for all.
<CanoeBerry> (EG. Around May 15)
<mafe> post it over also in all Social Networking sites..and blogs that we have ...
<CanoeBerry> And CP project owners should consider applying to GSOC to raise funding/support for their existing projects!
<CanoeBerry> Something I & SJ would like to plan out carefully in coming months (weeks!) if you & Hullaw think of the best ways to make such an /international/ event happen.
<anil_> +1 on the CP -> GSOC
<CanoeBerry> Do watch the mailing list ongoing discussion on mentoring etc.
<CanoeBerry> Last year we had many mentors; we might even ask GSOC mentors to mentor CP projects to get them started this year.
<FGrose> We can support those we like that Google didn't
<CanoeBerry> Alright: monitor the discussions here if you can stand the firehose!
<CanoeBerry> FGrose: beautiful, agreed.
<CanoeBerry> Other thoughts on stated agenda above before we move to FINAL AGENDA ITEM 4?

[ AGENDA ITEM 4: "Projecting" Futurism, Local Libraries Especially! ]

<CanoeBerry> OK: AGENDA ITEM 4: "Projecting" Futurism
<CanoeBerry>     *  Several "Laptop Lending Libraries" are Right Now getting underway.  Help us provide them the best ideas towards organic growth (Project Pools) by commenting here:
<CanoeBerry>      * Contributors Program v3.0 arising springtime?
<CanoeBerry>     * Your Other Questions!
<CanoeBerry> Best News: Pia Waugh has her 25 laptops in Australia, and is trying to get her (up to 5) branch laptop libraries set up very fast now.
<CanoeBerry> With web materials explaining how to jump in within a week!
<CanoeBerry> New Zealand should be involved too.
<CanoeBerry> Shall we wrap up our meeting?  Closing concerns?
<anil_> offline - Can we discuss specifics of #1?
<CanoeBerry> Which #1?
<FGrose> CanoeBerry: you have rights to modify wiki sidebar
<anil_> Albania, US etc  - did we decide on a #? 3, 4 etc
<FGrose> you can decide
<anil_> ok
<CanoeBerry> anil: great
<anil_> hasta domingo then!
<FGrose> CanoeBerry: did you discuss wiki sidebar with SJ?
<CanoeBerry> FGrose: yes, SJ will possibly link to [[Manuals]] from the sidebar, instead of the currently ugly link to the stale [[Getting Started]]
<CanoeBerry> THANKS ALL! Til next time.
<CanoeBerry> Bye.
<FGrose> bye
<mafe> ok ..thanks!
<anil_> bye!
<mafe> bye all!
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