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Various events that occurred in 2008.


2008 community events

past events to add: Chicago museum, learning workshops from first-half 2008

Game Jam, ILXO, August 8-10, 2008

organized by mchua and nlee

LinuxWorld SF

booth organized by Sameer Verma and Ed Cherlin
@ the conf: SFXO (Ed Cherlin, Sameer, SFXO x 15?)

BookSprint, Austin, August 24-29, 2008

organized by ahyde and agentle

More detailed information is available at JustWriteClick blog entry and SugarLabs wiki page .

OLPC sponsorship : $1k and travel for Adam H. and Brian J; 8 shirts?

Physics Jam, OLPC HQ?, August 29-31, 2008

Organized by Brian Jordan.

This is a Jam to make use of the new physics engine on the XO, a version of box2d. Examples to date include the Physics activity and Alex L's new x2o game framework.

Attending: GameLab folks, Museum of Science text curators (Engineering is Elementary)
Mel Chua, SJ, Jordans 1-2
Event support: voluntary donations by attendees, $20-40;
OLPC sponsorship: $500 total; prizes in OLPC swag -- 2 XOs, and t-shirts for all attendees, and some travel.

Cambridge documentation jam - September 4, 2008

Organized by Seth Woodworth Call Brian at (203)895-8517 to get in

10am to 10pm, working on the XO / Sugar manuals.

August-September 2008

Documentation sprint, August 2008

A week-long documentation meeting to hash out 8.2.0 getting-started and user documents. Organized by Anne Gentle, and Adam Hyde/FLOSSManuals.

Attending: Adam Holt (potentially: GDK)
Remotely : Faisal Anwar

August 29-31, 2008

Pablo Flores is organizing a CEIBAL Jam through his university. He expects to have over 20 volunteer developers working over the weekend.

Requests: OLPC sponsoring up to 20 XOs
Open an invite to Colombian/Peruvian devs who may want to help.

October-December 2008

Game Jam Peru, October 23-25, 2008

A 3 day event leading up to / overlapping with an existing open source and tech conference in Cusco, Peru (isn't this in Lima?) coordinated in part by Hernan Pachas.

OLPC support: travel for SJ, two other developers to attend and help with the community Jam
Travel sponsorship : can we set up matching funds for up to $500 in travel from others around S. America? Open an invite to Uru/Chile/Arg/Bra devs who may want to participate.

Global OLPC gathering / FUDCon

December 6-8, Boston MA

Under discussion with GDK @ Fedora. Expected attendees : 80-100 OLPCers, in parallel with global Fedora community members gathering for the quarterly FUDCon.
Identify people who will need travel covered, and those who just get a stipend -- from both current and future partner countries. Find out who can come and what they need -- plan hotels in advance. Coordinate with Nia & others re: hotel contacts.
Coordinate travel sponsorship with Fedora for coders.
Tech contacts from : Mongolia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Senegal, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Egypt (!), India, China

General events by date

XDS 2008

September 3-5

X Developer's Summit, 2008, Ediburgh, UK
interest: jg
Cost guestimate: $3200

Linux Plumber's Conference

September 17-19, Portland
interest: JG
DanielDrake may be present giving a session about libusb
guestimated cost for Boston attendees: $800
Deepak Saxena and Chris Ball are presenting "Power Management Challenges at OLPC"


June 2008, Boston : attending cjb, dennis, mstone, martin, mako...
Sept 5-7, June Brno 2008: attending: marco, tomeu, simon, bernie (please see the SugarLabs wiki for details)
Dec 6-8, Boston: interest sj, mstone, marco, morgs (tomeu? simon?), sayamindu; attending gdk...

DebConf 2008

in Mar de Plata, Arg

interest: Martin, JG

Boston GNOME Conference 2008

October, in Boston

25C3, Berlin

December 26-29, 2008

interest: SJ (will cover most of own expenses; bring more swag!), christophe, olpc austria, OLPC Germany
27th only: Bert + Rita + Kid(s)


November 25th to 29th

Sayamindu is giving a talk on Sugar Activity Development

Usenix 2008

June, in Boston

attending: JG

Pycon 2008

booth organized by ILXO and Ed C?
Attending: ...

MontaVista Vision Embedded Linux Developer's Conference 2008

October, in San Francisco

Deepak Saxena presenting keynote on OLPC's use of Linux and challenges we face there

Other events

  • X Dev conference, April 2008 in SFO.
    attending: cjb

Proposed events

Oct-Dec 2008

South African FOSS materials conference, October 2008

Attending: Morgs

Various MoodleMoots Oct 2008

OLPC Latin America / Africa event, Fall 2008

Lidet Tilahun and Kit Barron, are organizing events @ Harvard focusing on Africa and Latin America.

I was thinking we could make this a full ~1.5-day workshop that focused alternately on Latin America and on Africa : organized by student groups from both regions, inviting major speakers to address the need for educational change in the most remote areas, and its potential impact on basic sustainable agriculture, health, economics and city development. Attendees -- development-group organizers to speak to the need of broad cross-country community support to make these efforts sustainable across political/educational turmoil; students to launch new projects and local university OLPC chapters; educators to share their experiences in the field and brainstorm how to make things work at many levels; on the ground, with parent/teacher gropus, with local districts, with ministries, and globally. potential outcomes a plan for regional events in south america, central america, and parts of africa; a list of groups to engage and invite to join future events to learn about and contribute ideas to the project; including groups already engaged in educational reform projects a list of luminaries to contact to form regional advisory groups; identifying [student] contacts for major universities and libraries; identifying regions most in need of this sort of change, and groups/organizations we (as a conference group) know with field experience in each one
1 August 2008 (UTC)
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