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This Game Jam happened on November 10-11th, at Sao Carlos, SP - Brazil.If you have any question, suggestion, please contact This page is a summary of Game Jam Brazil, see in Portuguese the Google translated version to view more details. See also Pittsburgh Game Jam.

Attention: This page is being translated

November 2007 - São Carlos, SP, Brazil

Games |
Portuguese links: Teams | Regulamento | Programação | Material | F.A.Q. | Como Chegar | Hospedagem | Alimentação | Organização | Patrocínio

Pictures and Video

A video recorded on Saturday, during the coding

Game Jam Brazil 2007

See our interview at EPTV - GLOBO

Pictures from the jam:

Game Jam Brazil - PicasaWeb

Pictures in Flickr


The university groups LIA-UFSCar, Intermídia-USP, and the Game developers group FoG-USP, with collaboration from LSI-USP, and sponsor from OLPC and ADRENAX were the staff.

What is a Jam?

An OLPC Jam is a content creation crunch that gets participants from idea to reality in just a few days. By the end of the Jam, you'll have something finished to test with local schoolchildren (who serve as judges for the event). It's a great way to get started developing for OLPC. Click here to learn more.

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