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XO Caudecus

Role of advisers

The advisers bring their experience, knowledge, expertise and professional networks to the OLPC-Health project. They would help to propel the project forward by giving perspectives, advising project groups and connecting volunteers/participants with organizations and people who might be able to contribute in a positive way. The interaction between advisers and the Health project volunteer/participants would be through monthly conference calls and advising requests on the wiki. There are no specific time commitments expected from the advisers, but we expect them to be committed to the cause and to participate as much as possible.

Mechanism of advising through a wiki portal

Considering the time constraints of the advisers, different people emailing advisers separately wouldn't be easy on the advisers. So the current idea is the following: Various project groups would list their projects with page links and themselves by name and dated signatures in the Health project advice needed table. In the 'Question' column enter the issue that they would like help with or specific advisory requests, for example "we need to talk to some paramedic regarding our plan", or more specifically, I'd like to talk with person X regarding this plan.

The advisers, as and when their time allows, would periodically review the project table and look through the requests. They could choose to help one or more groups at different points of time by either entering their advice into the table itself if they feel that the information might be beneficial in general. The advisers could also choose to contact the group offline and discuss the issues.

Such and related issues and corresponding progress would be discussed in monthly conference calls with advisers, although the frequency of conference calls amongst the group working on projects would be much higher.

Group of Advisers

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