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Notes from the ILXO open house, June 25 2008



I'm not sure what everyone's wiki usernames are - I know I'm missing a lot of people here! Please add yourself if you attended. Mchua


These were things we tried to have up and running for open house attendees to play with, although in practice people didn't really hang out with the demos much anyway.

  • Repair/disssembly
  • Off-grid power
  • New Sugar
  • XS
  • Accessibility
  • Workshops

To schedule

These were events that, during discussion, we decided should be held this summer.

  • Online grassroots meetup on Jabber, etc. (tocontact: rmyers - original ideator)
  • Collab tool sprint (tocontact: ahw)
  • Game Jam (July 11-13, at IMSA? tocontact: jgerry)
  • Teacher Jam (July 12 or July 19? tocontact:jchuy)
  • Repair sprint/workshop
  • Build 708 testing (with IMSA, distributed/remote)
  • Solar panel testing (with IMSA, on-site one day - also in MN if possible)
  • Hang-outs/playdates (basements - tocontact: tank, libraries - tocontact:jgerry, IMSA - tocontact:jgerry)
  • Library Jam for content creation

To make

These were deliverables that we want to see made this summer - these things should get their own project pages.

  • how to start a chapter kit - guide included within kit. (interest: ahw)
  • better collab tools doc/study; what they are, how to use them, how they might be improved if relevant (sprint to be scheduled)
  • template pygame Activity set for Game Jam
    • Asteroid, engine, and bubbles-engine-demo (by Team Myers)
    • Wario engine (with face-generator by Team Sittler?)
  • exploded XO
  • digital workshop streams with guest presenters
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