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OLE Nepal Development

This is a stub for pages relating to the XO/XS software development and deployment activity.

  1. Use Traditional Nepali unicode in your XO
  2. Procedure to build NEXS form OLPC XS
  3. NEXO/NEXS/NEXC development
  4. OLE_Nepal:Testing
  5. OLE_Nepal:Schoolserver

OLE Nepal Deployment

The current Deployment Guide OLE Nepal/Deployment guide


Older Documents

Many planning documents were produced for the early deployment. Some of these were incorporated in later documents for general deployments.

OLE Nepal Blog

The OLE Nepal Blog is used to document in real-time, the actions and progress of OLE Nepal. Here are some past stories, with information relevant to the deployment of the XO.

  • The OLE Nepal Blog Archive for current blog entries please see the OLE Nepal Blog.
    • Announcements The Announcements category includes general announcements pertaining to OLE Nepal.
    • Development The Development category includes documentation and discussion of software development.
    • News and Events The News category catalogues general news items, and information about OLE Nepal events.
    • Testing The Testing category includes information on software and system testing.
    • Uncategorized The Uncategorized category includes general information updates about OLE Nepal.

OLE Nepal Community

The community is accomplishing much. Read through these link to learn about the people and their projects. Additionally, there are some resources such as what projects need help, intern projects, and an intern manual.Please read all this.

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