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Team 1: Team Awesome Monkeys

Eric Jordan, Flo Hufsky, Van Nguyen



All is well in the world of Rollandia until a harrowing shriek in the distance sends chills down the spines of its peaceful inhabitants, the Rollcats. Shortly after, hundreds of Rollcats suddenly go missing without a trace. One brave Rollcat, The Hero, sets out on a life-altering journey to determine the cause of the vanishing Rollcats. Oh, the suspense, the drama, the horror!

Rollcats is a physics-based puzzle game from a side-scroller point of view. It can be played by yourself or cooperatively with a friend on the same machine. In each level, The Hero must find and talk to the lost Rollcat and help them find their way home. You control both The Hero and the other Rollcat. Obstacles separate the Rollcats at every turn. The Hero must work together with the other cats to find their way out of the obstacles. Every Rollcat The Hero meets will reveal a clue that brings The Hero closer and closer to the cause of the disappearances.

Team 2: Team Cowsome Loneboys


  • Kirk "kirkjerk" Israel
  • Jon Beilin
  • Bobby Powers
  • Martha Wechsler

We made Babel, a tower building and destroying game, celebrating the joy of slinging bricks and wrecking balls.

Team 3: Team H4X


  • Daniel Drake
  • Nirav Patel

Probably cheating? Probably. Building Bridge.

Team 4: Team Scratch

  • Aiury
  • H.z.
  • David

Team 5: Team Will Jordan


  • Brian Jordan
  • Will Jordan - setting milestones
  • SJ Klein - game name, team spirit
  • Robert from IRC

Game: XOlympics

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