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Story Builder: Lesson Plans Overview

A great picture often sparks ideas that will inspire you to write. This is how Story Builder helps you come up with ideas for writing. It allows you to create a fun, animated picture and tell a story about it.

You can create an original picture story by placing animated characters in a scene and writing a story about it. You can also add your own images to the Story Builder. You can save your story on the XO laptop, and share it with your classmates and family.

Story Builder helps you learn how to articulate and write about many creative ideas you have in your head.

In the process of creating and sharing your stories, you will also learn how to use many XO activities, including Write, Paint and Camera.

Throughout the school year, Story Builder can be integrated into different subject areas (i.e. creative writing, history and poetry). You can create stories that relate to a subject you are studying, and share them with peers.


  • Learn the elements of a story
  • Learn about poetry
  • Learn how to put a story in sequential order with a beginning, middle and end
  • Learn to express ideas you are studying through an original project
  • Practice finding descriptive words to explain a visual image
  • Learn to translate ideas into artistic images
  • Learn how to act out stories
  • Learn to articulate creative ideas to peers
  • Practice working with a partner
  • Learn from classmates
  • Learn how to use specific programs of the XO Laptop

Lesson Plans:

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