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Health content, requirements & meaning

Anna's proposed solicitation page, Flyer Information was recognized to contain design requirements for OLPC Health content and software. I believe it might help to have a page to collect, expand, and refine preferred design features or requirements and a second page to draft and refine the solicitation for new content and volunteers.

There may be some confusion (in my case, at least) with the meaning of content. It appears that many are considering content to be primarily health reference information for the Health Database intended for user access with the standard XO activities such as Read or Browse. Many may also anticipate that reference information may be animated and made into interactive, hybrid Activities through extensions to Read, Browse, EToys, or other Sugar Activities. The Health Software page would naturally collect links to the more interactive content, while at the same time the content in the Health Database may ideally be usable by both Read or Browse and, in some cases, new or extended Activities. --FGrose 23:19, 16 February 2008 (EST)

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