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XO Caudecus


Previous meetings

16 March 2008

The conference call has been delayed. It started just now. Mika 13:39, 16 March 2008 (EDT)


  • New participants in the project -- please welcome Nand, Tom Boonsori, Adesina
  • Walter Humberto Curioso joins us as an adviser. About Walter, see
  • Updates from Anna, Mika, Benjamin, Jennifer, Chris Leonard, Lia, Drew, ... (anyone else, please add)
  • Is this a good time to start actively recruiting volunteers for health projects ?
  • Health Jam!
  • We need some sort of weekly boot-camp in which we can welcome new participants and help them get integrated into the workflow of Health projects
  • What can we immediately deliver for the Peru deployment ?
  • Volunteers needed for meeting minutes and meeting co-ordination and organization!

Meeting notes proposal

--FGrose 01:51, 13 March 2008 (EDT)

  • In the spirit of collaboration, since we all listen selectively and best to that which most interests us, all attendees or listeners should submit their additions on this wiki page. The moderator may simply outline the content, and everyone else should sign their contribution with the --~~~~ signature.
  • A few proposed guidelines:
    1. Report first a summary of the discussion topic (ideas actually aired). Sign this contribution. Others may edit or submit variations and clarifications of what they actually heard on the topic.
    2. Optionally, report enlargements (new ideas not actually aired) and opinions (that weren't aired) at an indented level below the base entry. Be sure to sign any such contributions.
    3. Focus on filling those gaps in the notes of topics that you find most significant and interesting.


(on OLPC Line #3)

  • Chris Leonard
  • Frederick Grose


(from OLPC Line #3)
Apparently there was confusion on which conference line to use. Because a conference host was missing on OLPC line #3, it was not until 01:40 pm EDT that we got the conference line #3 open (thanks to getting the host PIN from Mika, who had no phone access).

Our apologies to all of you who tried to attend.

At 01:40 only Chris Leonard was online with Frederick Grose. We had a good chat as noted below:

  1. We talked about our limited understanding of the software and network infrastructure for enabling 'content'. I suggested we look at the Library activity as one model. We agreed that being able to tag content with meta data, like regional applicability, would be highly desirable. I believe that the upcoming revisions to the Journal data store will make tagging easier. For the Animal Health project, for example, it would very helpful to allow communities to find information specific to their geographical environment.
    (Subsequent thought: Wondering if there is a zoning taxonomy, like the Hardiness zones used for plants, that might be suitable for the Animal husbandry information.)
  2. Chris shared the idea that we could benefit from having a template cover letter to help open the doors for recruiting new participants, especially those subject matter experts who are not familiar with the open source technology culture. He plans to post some draft work on our Health project wiki.
  3. I suggested that having specific projects described (like Animal health) were valuable concrete examples to attract interested recruits from broader communities. Approaching 4H chapters and agricultural extensions may lead to more volunteers who see the potential benefits. It should also be attractive to those deployments in agricultural communities (consider those confronting bird flu, for example).
  4. Chris shared some links to for potential consultation for the Vision screening project, and for review of other open education resources and examples.
  5. We talked about getting critical subject matter and project advisory help for the Health project, and decided we should publish a parallel to the 'Ask OLPC a Question' page for the Health project. Perhaps, a 'Health project advisory page' with a section for the Advisers specifically, but also a place to grow an 'OLPC Health FAQ' for all current and potential participants. I offered to draft such a page. (page since deleted)
    See Health project advice needed --FGrose 21:39, 17 March 2008 (EDT)

Thanks for reading! --Frederick Grose, FGrose 23:43, 16 March 2008 (EDT)

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