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Occasionally (perhaps too often) I do a thorough cleaning and reinstallation. Part of that process is to reinstall all the activities I use.

Normally, the XO will ask for permission to check for activities over the wireless network. But I reason that if I have the up-to-date OS on a USB key, then I might as well have my up-to-date activities on a USB key as well. Sugar Labs tends to have the most recent versions of activities on their downloads site, but some activities are found elsewhere. These activities can be stored on the same USB drive as the OS installer. That way, all you have to do is copy the activities to /home/olpc/Activites and unzip them.

This list is shorter than the 8.0.2 list is because:

  1. I tend to use GNOME more than Sugar (it's just a matter of convenience).
  2. This page is being written as activities are being installed and tested.
Activity Version Notes
Terminal 31 Tabs don't show the name of the active process and $PATH isn't always respected (but that's what the console shells are for).
Write 63 I haven't tried version 70 yet.
Sugar Commander 5
Record 86 Version 86 is sandboxed by Sugar Labs (registration required to download); Video recordings are restricted to low quality (160×120px).
Moon 11
Chat 65 I haven't tried version 66 yet.
Browse 108 Has a nasty habit of trying to open images (and hanging in the process); I haven't tested Firefox 6 on 10.1.2.
Journal I'm not entirely sure which version of Journal I'm running.
Read 86 Version 86 continuously crashes.
Mini vMac 1 Between my notes and the build notes, surely you'll find a way to build your own [better] version.
Berkeley Logo 4 It seems to run slower than it did on 8.0.2, but otherwise good.
IRC 5 I've gotta tinker inside ~/Activities/IRC.activity/ and figure out how to change the default settings
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