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Dev and test matrix

These boards/robots/sensors are the focus for 11.2.0

Activity Etoys Scratch TurtleArt Pippy Minibloq Notes
Arduino [1] http://minibloq.org http://seaside.citilab.eu/scratch/arduino
Pico (Scratch) Board Working http://www.picocricket.com/picoboard.html
Multiplo http://minibloq.org http://robotgroup.com.ar
We do Scratch-19 [2] [3]
Go Go Special activity (GoGo) [1]
Sensors [4] See [3] Connect sensors to audio input

Udev rules


Additional notes

Having an oscilloscope available is always handy when working with sensors. We may want to extend Measure to support sensors made available through Arduino, WeGo, etc.

Other robotics pages

Other robots suggested

To make the 11.2.0 "cut", these need to see someone committed to get it supported in a couple of activities. Or to be moved to a "possible future projects" section in the Robotics page.

Activity Etoys Scratch TurtleArt Pippy Notes
Decode audio tone [5] Use frequency decoders eg. LM567 to control multiple outputs
Picaxe A low cost solution, Linux programming environment available [6] though the chip and board is cheap, the USB cable is $30 [7]
Ti Launchpad [8] Another low cost solution, "able to compile msp430-gcc on the xo-1.5 and use it with mspdebug to upload firmware"
Butiá TurtleArt Butia Butialo Wiki Butiá
icaro http://sistema-icaro.blogspot.com/