Advocacy meetings/2010-0217

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Wednesday February 17, 1500 EST


  1. Update from last time: Website messaging - Haiti, XO timeline, hardware, software, people
  2. Newsletter text and website, OLPC:News update, delays, tuning our schedule
    • Next stories due by 4pm Friday, Feb 26. Targeted release: the following Tuesday.
    • Public campaigns: preparing calls to action and donation language
  3. News and other text for: Activities (revised for 10.1.0 activities), Peru, African Union event, archive design (Christian available again for this)
  4. Updates: Corps, Haiti (and related FAQs)
  5. Calendar (team cal): further updates. Revisiting this once a week. Making better use of G!Cal?
    • Upcoming conferences and events (FOSDEM, SCALE, Roadshows, 1:1-con Vienna; Tech & Advo & other)
  6. Website meeting (W Feb 24): finalizing date, expectations
    • Target audiences
    • Re-engaging Claudia
    • Marketing, website, and wiki: where do they fall?

New business

  1. Upcoming announcements
    • Process for making/reviewing announcements -- we should circulate a proposal. SJ discussing with Kalil.
    • Association announcement
    • Peru/1.5 - and 0.86?
    • 2 millionth activity download
    • 1.75 development underway (for March)
  2. Wiki updates -- find an intern!
    • Make relevant stuff more accessible
    • Clean up out of date work (B* &c)
  3. Causes & partner lead generation
    • Mike Lee generating a proposal for 3-4 partners
    • helping w/email correspondence
  4. OLPC Oceania
    • UNICEF child protection program: good call Fri [MH].