Advocacy meetings/2010-0224

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Wednesday February 24, 1500 EST


see also the team agenda

  • Request and require M! schedule :20 for a call when not everyone is free at once.
  • Update Reviews of OLPC, with a focus on a summary report

Messaging and website

  1. Communication and ticketing
    • Website tickets ==> Lynn
    • rt use for public contacts
    • adding an (800) number and corollaries / connection to existing support (POORLY INFORMED DEBATE)
  2. Messaging update: hardware, software, people, timeline
    • Country updates: Peru sidebar, Haiti, Afghanistan, Nicaragua
    • Write an updated 10.1.0 manual (screenshot updates)
    • Updating/reviewing getting started guide / manuals: identify what's linking to each of the below. (POORLY INFORMED DEBATE)
    • XO-1.5 pages - story, specs, hardware. Separate XO-1, 2.0, 3.0 pages.
  3. Newsletter text and site, OLPC:News update, stories needed by Friday, Feb 26
    • Public campaigns: preparing calls to action and donation language
    • News and other text for: Activities (revised for 10.1.0 activities), Nicaragua, Testing, archive design (Christian available again for this)
  4. Website meeting recap: target audience priorities, input from Claudia, marketing v. other website uses.

Programs, projects, and countries

  1. Ethiopia office plans: calendar, targets, upcoming events.
    • Getting reliable internet access
    • E. African MOU
  2. Haiti plan of record: Corps and related FAQs. Almost 2000 XOs in Dallas. Will need triaging/refurbishing into working and parts machines.
    • planning a public note for March newsletter. gov schools for the displaced will house 20-40k children.
    • assessing Haitian uni students for corps teams
  3. Other countries
    • Afghanistan: Calendar, timeline; funding/tech/content needs. Story development. Follow-up w/ Ebtihaj.
    • US and Canada
  4. Shared materials and docs for outreach
    • Nia is gathering materials compiled by others to put online. A public weekly chat Thursdays @ 10:00 EST discusses this.

Coordination, overhead

  1. Calendar (team cal) updates. Coordination with calendars for Corps (Gaza, Haiti, and other), Interns, summer interns @ 1CC, and our move upstairs.
    • Upcoming conferences and events (Roadshows, Tech & Advo & Int'l & other)
  2. Causes & partnerships: update from Mike & Amy (Roberta to help w/CRM)
    • Intros to CCast, NGeo
  3. Data gathered -- what do we have, what are we gathering
    • Web and communication metrics : site traffic, unique/returning visitors once a month.
    • Partnership metrics
  4. Brand surveys
    • competitors, supporters, current brand position
    • near-term planning to strengthen the brand

Tasks and metrics

  1. Process for making/reviewing announcements -- SJ/Kalil/Lynn meeting Thursday?
  2. Wiki updates -- find an intern for accessibility and freshness
  3. Tech updates -- find a tech intern for advo support. Push for weekly infrastructure changes.

New business

  1. Upcoming announcements
    • Association announcement
    • Peru/1.5
    • Sugar 0.88 release & testing
    • 2 millionth activity download
    • 1.75 development underway (mid March)
  2. OLPC Oceania update
    • UNICEF update, learning materials? 1.5 interest from David L.