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Current media campaigns : tell people about OLPC, talk or present about current programs in other countries, talk about our G1G1 giving program. In person, in mass or on the internet. Some 90% of people in the US don't know about g1g1, and aren't sure that OLPC is in mass production. Let them know change is already underway, help them get involved and realize their own dreams.


There are a variety of resources for those who want to create or recreate their own media for the upcoming event. Many communities including flickr and OLPC SF have created amazing media that is available under a free license. Media is also available on this wiki.

left|s|A view of Mongolia</flickr>

<flickr>2596796843|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2630825332|left|s|Mulosayoo kids</flickr> <flickr>2907401406|left|s|Mulosayoo kids</flickr> <flickr>2884605787|left|s|Mulosayoo kids</flickr> <flickr>2612150726|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2885423606|left|s|Mulosayoo kids</flickr> <flickr>2784051105|left|s|Mulosayoo kids</flickr>

left|s|Mulosayoo kids</flickr>

<flickr>2916957400|left|s|XOs on their way to the South Gobi</flickr> <flickr>2630006391|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2612132930|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2630005753|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2630824644|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2630005603|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2612150730|left|s|</flickr>

left|s|Mulosayoo kids</flickr>

<flickr>2630825026|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2597844576|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2597844616|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2597844182|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2597843934|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2597011349|left|s|</flickr> <flickr>2911407312|left|s|XO stack</flickr>

from countries

from communities online


Media bundle


  • Pull together available resources for OLPC media in one place and let people create more awesomeness from it.
  • Set up a link collection to resource pools, seed a torrent for a media pack of sources with attribution/license details
  • Torrent seeding : There are 8gb of freely-licensed Sound samples available for use with XOs and other tools. There are tons of great sounds contained therein, but the existing seeders are usually offline; this needs reseeding to spread the message to other sound enthusiasts.

General resources


There is an OLPC flickr account that is accessible by many people at OLPC and in the community already: . The entire contents of that site can be made available under a CC -by License. There is also a flickr group that has a lot of CC images, both from around the world.
Photos from Ethiopia
olpc olpc 2 and parents day
photos in a CC -by license (permissions in seth's email)


CAA video
( for now) CAA created a video last fall for fundrasing last year for olpc ans has given us the rights to this material. Currently on DVD in the Boston office, needs to be digitized in several formats.
Dailymotion -- videos of olpc presentations around the world


There are several of these now, along with their sourcefiles.
for slides, see


OLPC currently has and Also quieter internal sites :,, Each of these has its audience. There are also sites with OLPC graphic design in:

Outreach emails

G1G1 2008

Laptop Giving 2008.gif

This year's G1G1 giving program is incredibly important to the community and to OLPC itself. Last year we received over 80,000 donations which have helped seed deployments in Mongolia, Haiti, and Rwanda. This year we can do better, and you can help bring laptops to even more kids.

For a list of contributing people and groups, see the contributors section below.



  • The text 'one laptop per child' (note case) is set in "Century Gothic Standard Bold"
  • The text 'give a laptop. get a laptop. change the world.' is set in VAG Rounded

Who to contact


list of people who should be pinged to contribute

  • SJ
  • Diane
  • Anna (Birmingham)
  • Country reps : Carla, Bastien, Juliano, Julian
  • The OLPC office!


This push, telling people about the laptop giving program, should really have a presence at the following sites. Note that many of these sites weren't targeted last year and often don't have updates about our efforts. If you make stuff, please post it to and try to get it highlighted/seen at the following places. If you create a group or category at any of these places please post it here.

  • This wiki!
  • Flickr
  • YouTube the usernames OneLaptoPerChild and OLPC are taken?
  • DailyMotion
  • DeviantArt
  • LJ ?
  • Facebook following up with their non-profit group, don't wait on me! ~SEth
  • Facebook Causes app
  • Newgrounds
  • Scratch See: Scratch. They have a great community site for kids.
  • UCBLogo huge community that uses UCBlogo on the XO
  • add your ideas here

Internet technical and professional groups

Mailing lists & blogs

See also mailing lists and blogs.

Add new lists or blogs here. These can be regional, about Education, Fedora/Linux/FOSS, International/sustainable dev, Green power/solar, Tech gadgets & DIY, or other related topics.

about OLPC


There's going to be a lot of really exciting work in community advertising, media creation and community building over the end of the year. We're going to have days when the local community can come work with us in the office and collaborate. If you're going to be working on related projects in your area, consider holding an open working session too!

Write to if there are specific things you want to help out with.

  • To join us in Cambridge, MA : leave a msg for seth or sj.
  • To join people in NY : the Manhattan Neighborhood Network has offered the use of their space again.
  • To join people in Brussels :
  • To join people in DC :


Individuals : please add your name below and join our grassroots list to discuss how to gather and tag media related to OLPC so that others can find it. If you are interested in work with a particular group, please add a section about the group below.



Museums, as well as associated organizations such as Zoos & Aquariums and Science Centers could be valuable partners in spreading the word about the XO, G1G1 & expanding the community of contributors. Many educators in the museum world subscribe to the constructivist learning model that OLPC does Constructivist learning is important in informal learning environments, and George Hein from Lesley University writing about its importance in the museum world.

List serves and sites to post about OLPC
  • JFKU Muselist JFKU offers a graduate degree in Museum Studies, the list serve goes out to most active graduates and current students
  • National Association for Museum Exhibition newsletter
Current Partner Institutions
Partnership Ideas
  • Museums acting as local XO community centers where XO users can get together, taking advantage of the social aspects of the XO
  • Museums can create educational activities (applications) for the XO to add to the community based on their subject knowledge as well as their experiences with informal learning
  • Educating the public about the open source software movement and OLPC's work in developing countries through exhibits/programs, etc.
  • Learning tools for Children's Museums, others, within the exhibit halls