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Roll Call

NameEducator's Box to your User's Page
Expertise Category ?? !
Andrew R. Brown Research Manager: Australasian CRC for Interaction Design, Brisbane, Australia Arts and Media Education Applications Researching and developing media performance applications and their value for learning and community development.
Dana Rensi Oregon, United States Technology Mentor, Educational Media Specialist, Librarian, Spanish Teacher, Moodle Administrator International Education, Second Language Acquisition

I am interested in creating open source second language acquisition materials that can be used on the xo.

Phearoun Phel Open Institute Organization, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Free and Open Source Master Trainer, Training, Curriculum Development I am very interested in researching the new key to develop ICT in Education system.
Jennifer DeBoer (MIT '05, Vanderbilt '12) International Education Policy, Doctoral Student, Vanderbilt University Health Education Applications machines in Mozambique.
Gabriel Gurley Technical Specialist, State University of New York (SUNY) system Computer Technical Specialist, Instructor, Curriculum Development Author of "A Conceptual Guide to 2 for Windows and Linux" and "A Conceptual Guide to NeoOffice 2 for Mac OS X". Books are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike and GNU Free Documentation licenses. Books available at
Jason Nolan, Early Childhood Education, Ryerson University Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education: children and technology, teacher training, social networking, virtual environments, surveillance and information safety, social justice teacher education and knowledge transfer, educational research and curriculum development, children's music I've started up OLPC Users Group Ontario, and I'm looking to sync my embryonic project with the OLPC
Daniel Pressl (MIT, Austria) Children teaching Children, Web 2.0, Videography ( Think Tanks 24.12.2007: I bought 15 Laptops through g1g1:
Howard Phillips Designing innovative software experiences Learning Technologies
Julio Cesar Antolin, Education Secretary Jalisco, México Master Professor of Secondary Education, specializing in Mathematics. Developing research: teaching mathematics, educational, environmental education and educational quality Educational quality Escuela Secundaria Mixta 44, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Farbood Nivi Learning 2.0 Developing Learning Apps for XO CEO/Founder Grockit
H.M.Delohery Interests and Expertise Community Volunteer OLPC Projects'Work with homeless, vunerable individuals etc. Comments
Lauren Klein Higher ed; technology and learning Organizing educators on the OLPCWiki and beyond... Welcome!

Wendy Drexlers Ed Tech and eLearning Collaborating with OLPC teachers and content Hoping to help out.
Josh Squires Higher ED; Instructional Technology Helping develop instructional activities and developing engaging activities Work with educators and build international learning communities. Very interested in helping collect research and work with others to further constructionist learning activities.
Bonnie Peirce Librarian Work with librarians. Hope to help out.
Rowen Remis R. Iral Fundamental IT Engineer (FE) Helping with networks and server development. Will promote OLPC to government. Work with teachers and educators.
Diana Diaz eLearning Collaborating with OLPC teachers Hoping to help out; chess champion daughter age 12, could help in establishing online chess clubs.
Thérèse Laferrière, Laval University, Quebec City Thoughtful use of the affordances of networked learning environments. With TACT ( ) We have begun exploring the possibilities of the XO for enriching classroom-based learning environments. We are making a contribution especially in Francophone countries.
Alexis Soffler Chemsitry/Science Education Writing a chemistry manual for OLPC
Mike Kouklis (retired U.S.Navy CPO)
OLPC Philippines
Discussing pilot project with local Philippine Elected Officials & Department of Education Collaborating with OLPC teachers
The Philippines Pilot Project
Unang Liwanag(First Light)
Caroline Nicholson (Educational Consultant) Teacher resource development, cultural heritage education eLearning support and collaboration with OLPC teachers
Eli Lesser (Director of Education) National Constitution Center Educator, Curriculum Developer Non-traditional education environments online civic learning student community development design and collaborate on projects for use of OLPC in non-classroom learning enviroments promote civic and community participation
John Clemente (Director of Educational Services) Teaching Matters Educator, Professional Development and 1:1 Learning Environments Pilot XO computers at Harlem middle school, design and collaborate on publishing and Literacy projects for OLPC computers check out our blog for our project [1]
Joshua Wilmsmeyer Educator, eLearning, Ed Tech Implementation Wydown Middle School Collaborating with OLPC Teachers, Promotion of OLPC to American educators Welcome to everyone, hoping to help out
Al Lewandowski Educator, LOGO Instructor, GIS/GPS, Collaborative/Cooperative learning practitioner Volunteer I have been following the development of the "$100.00 computer" since, well, since Seymour Pappert first mentioned the idea in "Mindstorms" lo these many years ago. I am delighted to discover it is coming to fruition and I'd like to help in any way I'm able.
Andrew Frueh Artist, Musician, Educator Would like to be involved with OLPC (really in any way I can be useful). I am especially interested in working in the field (i.e. implementing pilot projects, conducting research on program effectiveness) and helping to refine the connection between development and execution.
Andrew Chambers Professional Development Consultant, Learning & Teaching, University of New South Wales Educator, eLearning Very interested in both the OLPC project and the use of the mesh system and the non application driven way of learning. Would like to see these both used in our own professional development program for adult educators...
Howard Reisner Higher education (medical/dental/undergraduate) eLearning in health related areas Love to help-provide materials for health education at any level
Judy Backhouse ex-ICT professional, lecturer in IS, researcher in education, based in Johannesburg, South Africa educator, e-learning, research into ICTs in education Very interested in the idea, would love to work on research into its uses and see research projects develop into extensive use in local schools. I see too many kids reach university without exposure to ICTs and they struggle as a result.
Tim McKenna urban(Boston) H.S. teacher humanities, mathematics *Our kids have laptops so I put my course online
  • wikis are terrible for math, we should work on a way to get an opensource version of geometer's sketchpad - like environment on the XO
  • support and collaboration with OLPC teachers
Darren Murphy Educator, International School Manila eLearning Happy to assist
Bradley A. Moore
ABD, Information Systems
USA, Alabama
Higher Education, Internet and software applications
Long Distance Learning Glad to offer my assistance!
Paul Commons
Indianapolis, Honduras
Student/Educator International Education Establishing an OLPC project in Honduras 08
José F. Moreno
La Puente, California
English Teacher/Confirmation Catechist Public High School/Catholic Parish How to change the world?
Boris Yarmakhov Nizhny Novgorod, Russia eLearning, teacher training Teacher training. 1:1 educational model. Promote OLPC in Russia.Maintain Russian OLPC collective blog.
Fernando Cormenzana, Montevideo, URUGUAY IT teacher / Software engineer Learning Technologies / Web 2.0 Volunteer in OLPC project Uruguay ("PLAN CEIBAL") - BLOG:
Ellen Dibble
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Schools Scottsdale, AZ
Research Manager Instructional Systems, Ed Tech, Assessment Native American Schools--language preservation--empowering low income/minority students
Zach Cox Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Software Engineer, Math Teacher Remote Collaborative Learning
Shelley Szipszky
Anchorage, Alaska
Educational Technology Teacher Educational Technology I will be leading the pilot project of using XOs in classrooms.
Douglas Harvey
New Jersey USA
Associate Professor of Instructional Technology Technology integration in K-12 classrooms, distributed education, Web 2.0 issues and the ethics of instructional technology. Also parent of two children, looking at ways to build educational programs for the XO
Ed Montgomery
Linux computer science teacher Using XO emulation under linux Currently in Japan.
Kelley DeBoer
Michigan USA
Educational Technology Teacher k-8 Working to develop projected based differentiated lessons that are technology based Looking forward to getting my XO thru G1G1 to work with some of my special need students
Gail Taylor
Mendocino County, USA
CEO, Tomorrow Makers, Inc maverick ... know very well that children learn on their own. OLPC is an incredibly important mission. comment... Interested in 21st Century curriculum. What is it that children and adults need to know to thrive in today's world?
Ben Alderton
London, UK
Primary Teacher Primary Teacher looking to help out in anyway possible!
Dan Vos
Michigan, USA
k-12 Technology Integration Specialist Work in a school integrating technology with students in a 1 to 1 laptop environment (not XO) I am interested in helping in any way and also getting students I work with involved who have experienced 1 to 1 laptops but not with the XO..
Joanna Burgess
New York, NY
Technology Coordinator, Pre-K-5th grade Work in a public school in Harlem creating differentiated curriculum with an emphasis on integrating technology into daily explorations. I'm interested in creating/collaborating with other educators on writing a cross content curriculum that will empower students.
Dave Fingrut (UofT '09, Medaille '10) Ridpath Junior Public School - Lakefield, ON Canada Tutor for the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board 'Tutors in the Classroom Program'. M.S. in Elementary Education thesis incorporated a study on the XO Laptop.
Attila Horvath-Militicsi ([2]
Novi Sad (Újvidék), Serbia
French language & literature teacher (prof. agrégé), assermented court interpreter for French, Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian, dipl librarian. I am teaching professional French at the "Mihajlo Pupin" Electrotechnical Secondary School in Novi Sad and the "Mileva Maric" Technical Secondary School in Titel. Currently I'm writing the 3rd book from 4 for Professional French language. I would like to help for example if its about satellites, French grammar or scientific texts (
Tom Phillips
Dallas, TX
Partner, Building Blocks Day Care We are building and operating day cares in Texas, and are interested in potentially rolling this program out. Please contact me at if this is a possibility.
Veronica Brooks-Sigler
Exeter, NH
English Teacher I am working on engaging more technology in my classroom. We will be using wikis and blogs in AP English next year. At the moment, I have limited expertise with Moodle. We use Linux exclusively at our school. Please contact me at

I love this program, and I love the "green" component of it as well. Keep the crank!

Mark Beattie
Spokane, WA
Director of Distributive Learning Gonzaga University We have students who travel to Benin and Zambia where we would like to place XO's. Please contact me at:


Grace Chege
Kibwezi, Kenya
Primary School Headmistress (boarding in Standards 7 and 8) Imani Primary School, Kibwezi Educational Centre P.C.E.A. - PO 76, Kibwezi, Kenya Six XO's from G1G1 two weeks training 3 or 4 teachers between July 2 and July 22, 2008; 100 XO's from OLPCorps three weeks training teachers July 2009
Bob Braxton
Burke, VA
Tech support since 1974 Wake Forest University, philosophy; Union Theological Seminary NYC, Theology (professional) Looking to add during 2nd G1G1 for two semesters for local church's after-school tutoring program. Contact:
Diane Reimers
Clifton, VA
early childhood education Fairfax County public schools, retired __Keeping the "green team" on track and anchored__
Eva Thorpe
Fairfax, VA
Education Professor George Mason University __At first skeptical, now an enthusiastic convert.__
Josh Grayson
Pasadena, CA
iD Tech Camps:
We are an international (mainly USA) technology summer camp who educate students 7-17 in many aspects of technology.
Regional Manager I'm very interested in finding ways to involve our programs with OLPC as part of a new service learning initiative. Please contact me at
Ben Hur Viray
Manila, Philippines
Faculty of Information and Communication Studies, UP Open University Content development I'm planning to implement IT programs for my PhD dissertation. I'm also looking into the possibility of forming a student chapter.
David Schult
San Pedro Sula, Honduras Education, Technology, Linux, Philosophy. Assistant High School Principal at Escuela Internacional Sampedrana
Mohd Lazim bin Abdul Raoh Bandar Meru Raya, Ipoh, Malaysia. Elania Resources Cloud Services and Linux I'll contribute to OLPC by doing anything from translation, testing or maybe some tweak on XO
Larry Pensinger
Adjunct Instructor at Indiana Tech Fort Wayne, IN.
Information Systems and Marketing for Business Users. Portals and business web sites; photography. New to OLPC but would to become more involved.
Lee Zentner
Montreal, Canada
Educator, Bialik High School Learning to become better versed in Wiki's. In addition trying to incorporate knowledge of SMARTBOARD technology with OLPC Im relatively new to the OLPC world, but I have one from the G1G1 program. Hoping to do more.
Maria Devauld Vanderhoof, BC , Canada Teacher / Computer Scientist Wanting to contribute as well as obtain laptops for the rural school I work in. Also want to get my students involved in developing "activities" for students in developing countries using the OLPC laptops.
Chamith Kumarage [3]
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Systems Administrator / FOSS evangelist Internet, Community Willing to contribute to the OLPC project.
Sdenka Salas

Puno, PERU
Educator, Statistical Engineer, ICT Specialist and Teacher at Glorioso San Carlos High School.

Developing research on Etoys, Scratch, e-learning, OLPC, Debian and ICT in Education.
Etoys Projects in Japan and Peru.

OLPC research with Quechua and Aymara children in Peruvian Andes.
Author of "The Laptop XO in the Classroom".

I've been training teachers at Puno and started up OLPC Puno Group.

Working with Sugar on Debian.
Natalia Sarazhinska
Bila Cherkva, Kievan obl., Ukraine
General school of I-III of degrees is specialized 12 educator, e-learning, research into ICTs in education I am very interested in researching the new key to develop ICT in Education system.
_Eastern Uttar Pradesh(U.P.) INDIA__
__OnlineContent creation, Heading training & quality function in a MNC__ __category_??__ __want to contribute to OLPC project in UP, India.__

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