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side panel

You invite collaborators from either the Group view or the Neighborhood view.

main panel


Step 1: Launch an activity

inviting, Step 1

Before you issue an invitation, you should launch an activity—Chat in this example—by clicking on the taskbar icon.

Step 2: Leaving Chat

inviting, Step 2

You'll have go to either the Group view or the Neighborhood view to issue invitations.

Step 3: Find a friend

inviting, Step 3


In this example, we use the Group view.

Step 4: Invite a friend

inviting, Step 4

Hovering over a friend's icon will bring up the invitation menu. Note that it says “Invite to Chat Activity”, since Chat is your currently selected activity.

Step 5: Invite another friend

inviting, Step 5

Most activities let you invite more than one friend to participate.

Step 6: Receiving the invitation

inviting, Step 6

Your friends receive an invitation on their activity taskbars (found on the Frame). In the figure, see the second Chat icon (in your colors, since you are the one who sent the invitation).

Your friends accept the invitation by clicking on these colored Chat icons on their taskbars.

Step 7: Multiple invitations

inviting, Step 7

You can have more than one invitation pending.

You need not accept an invitation.

Step 8: Working together

inviting, Step 8

inviting, Step 8

Once the invitations have been accepted, the shared activity is joined. (Note that the icons representing everyone in the Chat appear on the Frame.)