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side panel

You share from the Neighborhood view.

main panel


From the mesh view, you see other XOs with whom you can share documents and activities. (Activities and documents being shared by others show up as icons and network access points are represented by circles.)

Step 1: Launch an activity

sharing, Step 1

Before you share, you should launch an activity—in this case Browse—by clicking on the taskbar icon.

Step 2: Select the Activity Tab

sharing, Step 2

The sharing menu is on the Activity Tab.

Step 3: Share with Neighborhood

sharing, Step 3

Select “share with neighborhood” on the pull-down menu.

Step 4: Sharing

sharing, Step 4

Once “share with neighborhood” is selected, you are sharing.

Step 5: The mesh view

sharing, Step 5

Your Browse session will appear to everyone on the mesh view.

Others can join your Browse session clicking on the browse icon in the mesh view.

Step 6: Sharing bookmarks

sharing, Step 6

Browse shares by sharing bookmarks. Whenever anyone bookmarks a page in the shared session, everyone sees the bookmark in their browser tray. (Note that you create a bookmark by clicking on the star in the Browse menu—see Step 2 above.)

Step 7: Following a shared bookmarks

sharing, Step 7

The shared bookmarks are clickable, hence everyone can surf the web together.

Sharing pictures

sharing examples

Sharing books

sharing examples

The read activity lets you share books on the mesh.

Sharing equations

sharing examples

The calculate activity lets you share variables and equations.

Sharing fun

sharing examples

Most games have multiplayer modes that are played together over the mesh.

Sharing music

sharing examples

TamTam Jam lets you play music with other laptops, sharing a common drum beat.