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side panel

You access the Journal using the Search key or from the Journal icon on the Home view.

main panel

The Journal

The Journal activity is an automated diary of everything a child does with his or her laptop. The Journal can be used by children to organize work or revisit a past project, and by teachers and parents to assess a child's progress.

The Journal is also used to access external media (USB sticks, etc.); delete files; and access the backup system (for those of you connected to a School Server).

The Journal features


The Journal keeps a record of all of your activities and the things your create, e.g., photos, drawing, writing, etc. You can search for individual items in your Journal or sort the entries by type or date. You can also click on an entry to get a detailed view. Finally, you can resume an activity by clicking on the small gray icon at the far right of the entry.

USB storage devices


Clicking on the USB icon shows the content of the device as Journal entries. Journal entries can be “dragged” onto the USB device and objects on the USB device can be “dragged” into the Journal.

Removing USB storage devices


Hovering over the USB icon brings up an option to unmount the device.