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XO Caudecus

Design Considerations

  1. This bundle should be designed for use in the absence of an active internet connection, and so a variety of modifications will be required to allow smooth navigation while retaining the capability of using this content bundle's pages as a launching point for further exploration of health topics via the WWW. One idea is to include an "exit" page, that can be locally modified with links to suitable health resources (e.g. local Ministry of Health, PAHO, WHO, etc.).
    1. Should preserve a link back to the original MedLinePlus health topic (for on-line use) in a page-specific attributions section, but the whole package should be designed to be more-or-less sufficient without an internet connection.
  2. It may also be useful to reproduce the "List of All Health Topics" page and possibly the alphabetical sub-section linking to that page, but it is not clear how to do this easily when alphabetical ordering will change with translation into new languages.
  3. Other content that could be readily adapted for this format might include Children's_Health_Books.
  4. Dynamic HTML-like methods to achieve equivalent of ASP.NET 2.0 "master page" function. Possibly using xulrunner or XSL/XSLT. CSS will only get so far.
  5. It may be desirable to look at some other sorts of content management type siolutions as a backend framework. The DITA work being doene by Projects/Wikislice seems like a possible fit. Need to document the MedLinePlus idea a little bit better and solicit their comments.

Tools for i18n and l10n

There are a variety of tools that may be useful for converting lang-en HTML into something more suitable for i18n and l10n. Some research into these and practice with them will be needed.

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