OLPC Europe/Meetings/2008-01-24

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Summary of the second #olpc-europe irc meeting.

  • 24.1.2008, 17:00 UTC, 70 minutes
  • log, log_summary
  • Participating
    • h01ger, crazy-chris, b457144n, aferti, atodorov, nbd, Gregor_de, groupsky, yokoy, samy, h_ivanov, jaume, l-fy


  • (log) what are we all doing... many things all over europe :)
  • (log) Information Infrastructure
    • olpc.eu, olpc.de, olpc.nl are squatted
    • we point olpc-europe.org and olpceurope.org to OLPC Europe
    • we need no seperate mailing list yet
    • many people like the name olpc-europe.org
    • discussion [country]@...? => move it to the mailing list
    • we may want to use contact@olpc-europe.org, which goes to all interested people (1 reply with cc) => mailing list
    • we'll use newsletter@ to send posts to the people compiling the newsletter
    • newsletter@ is the only @olpc-europe.org mail address currently in use
  • (log) we want a monthly newsletter
    • publish on the wiki, and grassroots (and maybe communities)
    • keep the drafts in a public git repository
    • chris starts working on the first newsletter
    • holger makes a git structure for easy collaboration
    • all volunteers are invited to participate
    • we send articles, infos, posts, ... to newsletter@olpc-europe.org (to holger and chris at the moment)
    • fist newsletter on 10. February
  • (log) Pilot Projects
    • a few pilots start all over europe in 2008
    • some people would be interested in initiating one
    • we start to collect everything in OLPC Europe/Pilots and subpages
    • everybody who is doing a pilot documents stuff on the way :)
    • set up a page with instructions on how to initiate a pilot => (who will do it?)
    • we want to exchange as much related information as possible (also via git), and help connecting the pilots
    • Gregor proposed a pilot project working group, and gets started to broadly discuss the idea
  • (log) T-Shirts (until Fosdem)
    • holger and yokoy start working on that
    • sell them at fosdem? (=> put money into an olpc europe founding party pot)

Next Steps

  • Chris: newsletter
  • Holger: t-shirts, newsletter git
  • Yoko: t-shirts, siebdruck
  • Gregor: start a "pilot project working group" (discussion)
  • Alexander: linux-compatible presentation (info)
  • Bastiaan: collect/focus pilot-related infos and resources (?)
  • All
    • focus infos on OLPC Europe and subpages
    • document all pilot related things for further exchange
    • think about infos for the first newsletter
    • have a good time :)