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Deployments in Kiribati will commence in July 2008


  • David Leeming
  • Mrs. Teekoa Ietaake, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Bikenibeu Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati (c/o Nei Aka Rimon, Senior Assistant Secretary, telephone: (686)28091
  • Marc Torra Griso, Terubentau Akura, consultants for the EDF10 Rural Electrification Project in Kiribati
  • Kiribati Solar Electrification Company (KSEC)

A localisation project is being opened on the OLPC Pootle server for Kiribati language.

The trials are being implemented in a rural primary school in collaboration with the Kiribati Solar Electrification Company (KSEC), which is supported through an EU project, and the Ministry of Education. The intention is to link the OLPC trials in the school with the management of the solar electrification project, in which 3000+ households are participating, within an educational context. KSEC is a Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO).

An application based on the RESCO Manager (Remote) software, developed in Python, has been tested on the OLPC emulator.

Resco Manager Remote running on Sugar

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