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Media coverage: Niue

39th PIF Leaders Summit Extensive Media coverage of the Pacific Island nation of Niue this week when it became the first nation to give all of its children the XO laptop, in a deployment which coincided withe the annual Pacific Island Forum Leaders Meeting on the "The Rock".

News from Gaire

In The Loop (Radio Australia) Clement from "In the Loop" sent us this report from Gaire, OLPC project in PNG:

The kids were a joy. The villagers swelled up with pride and were quite accommodating. There was a young girl there who was particularly impressive and she may make it into the final cut of the story. What I saw was that the class who have laptops are using them, and importantly taking good care of the equipment. I think the only thing that seemed a handicap was the wireless aspect - which they need if they want to access the internet from their classroom. At the moment they go across to the Computer Centre. But in a way it is good because there is a check that way on their usage of the net.

The teachers teaching them displayed a certain responsibility and are aware of the significance of being given the task of introducing the program. And the fact that there are people from the village in the relevant government departments is a bonus....especially when it comes to making a case to the government for further roll-outs. Hope thats of some use. Clement

A TV program is to be aired. The producer mentions Gaire in his blog: http://mypacificstory.com/2008/07/entering-the-digital-age/

(8th August 2008) Nauru

15 female teachers trained to use Wikieducator to create content and export to XS School Server. See Nauru page!!

Interesting uptake in PNG

OLPC in the Recording studio in Vanuatu and here

Emmanuel's Masalai Blog