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Punch Line of OLPC-Pune

                       XO भावी पिढिच्या प्रगतीचे 
                                      पहिले पाऊल.......

OLPC started it's journey in India in September,2007 at Khairat, a rural village near Navi Mumbai in Maharashtra, organised by the Digial Bridge Foundation. After the successful stories of Khairat, Bangalore, Nashik, Dugawar...now it's the turn of Pune!

OLPC Pune Group started on 14th Feb,2009 at the event "Gnunify 2009" at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research with the support and interest of enthusiastic members believing in the noble cause of spreading knowledge and educating children of underprivileged sections of society. OLPC Pune Group has categorized the project primarily in three areas of learning, technology and outreach. Members are working in their own areas of interest. Sole purpose is to reach students in rural areas and letting them experience the fun and pleasure of self learning on XO laptops.


Enrolling Volunteers for Outreach-Marketing

Kindly enter your name and email id below :-

a) Amit Gogna amitg AT laptop DOT org
b) Harriet Vidyasagar harriet AT laptop DOT org

Tasks to be Carried Out

  • Gathering Information about Various Funding Organizations
  • Presenting the Project to Various Funders
  • Discovering Innovative ways togather Funds for the Project
  • Streamline the funding Process and other details related to funding
  • Various ways to do Marketing
...and much more... 

Minutes of Meeting Log

Getting Started XO Camp - Minutes of Meeting

The Getting Started XO Camp was scheduled on 1st March, 2009 in Pune.

XO Laptop

The minutes of meeting for the Camp can be seen at


Online channel

Watch it online and join chat at http://www.justin.tv/olpc_pune

Suggestions for Getting Started XO Camp

Kindly let us know your view and opinions on your expectations for the session if any :- Here's some info about material from an idea just like OLPC : http://wheresfreeman.blogspot.com/2008/04/1mp3pc.html (blog of Freeman Murray) -Sridhar O

OLPC Pune To do list

  • Talk to MAD volunteers aout their interest in particpating in OLPC [pradnya]
  • Install IRC client and subscribe to Sugar Labs and Python channels[parag, prashant,varun, pradnya, sameer, ruturaj,pankaj]
  • Create a wiki page for top level activities under OLPC India [parag]
  • Signup under top level activities [everyone]
  • Schedule Python workshop [sameer]
  • Complete an activity by July 1 [developers]
  • Create Python Development Blog [sameer]
  • Update the blog for Python resources [parag, prashant, pradnya, sameer, ruturaj,pankaj]
  • Put the Python blog feed on the wiki [mahesh]
  • Create a wiki page for introducing potential participants for development/contribution [mahesh,pankaj]
  • Create an official proposal for funding [amit]
  • aiming an initial distribution of 30 XO within 30 days.
  • finding potential sponsors
  • finding out possible content that will be relevant
  • signing up participants for testing the Sugar builds
  • formalizing a process towards getting developers to for Sugar

Completed Tasks

Mailing list

More support and guidance is a must for the success and implementation of project. To be a part of OLPC Pune please follow the discussions on: http://groups.google.com/group/olpc-india

OLPC Pune Blog

Maintained by OLPC Pune Members with regular entries of commentary, descriptions and updates on One Laptop Per Child Project and Sugar. Please follow the articles on: http://www.puneolpc.blogspot.com/


OLPC project is founded by Nicholas Negroponte.

OLPC Gone Into Print

OLPC-Pune has gone into print media. A news article about the project and OLPC-Pune has been published in the Times of India dated 30th March (4th Page). This is a step forward for us to go for outreach and to get more interested members!!!

Read the Article at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Cities/Pune/One-laptop-per-child-scheme-comes-to-Pune/articleshow/4331840.cms

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