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542-stopicon.png This page has a more up-to-date location: Updating


  • 406.14 was shipped from Quanta with B3 units and has a sound related bug -- tamtam sound doesn't work. You need to upgrade these to 406.15 minimum. This build should only be used for extending trials, where they have a bunch of B2 units that can't run newer builds very well. This build has no collaboration capability.
  • 542 was shipped from Quanta on B4 and C machines. This build also has a problem with sound. It is required to upgrade to 542.3 (sound works), or 542.4 for non-US/English laptops (sound works for everything but tamtam, so this build removes tamtam from base). This build was used for demonstrating collaboration and can be used on newer B2 machines (B2-2); but it is slow and the camera is not great.
  • 623 was shipped from Quanta on C2 (MP) machines. This build has some problems with wireless connectivity and needs to be upgraded to 649.
  • 649 is now the latest build is going to be shipped on mass production units. It is good for all laptops from B3 and later. Do not upgrade B2 units to this release as it is way too slow; and the camera is unusable.

Follow the steps below to upgrade to the appropriate release.

Upgrade B3, B4, C1, C2 units to Build 650

See Update paths to determine how to upgrade the laptop.

To upgrade a B4 from 406.14 to 656

  1. Power it up and hit ESC at OK prompt
  2. Insert USB 656 stick
  3. Type: OK flash u:\q2d07.rom
  4. Forced a shutdown
  5. Power button with all 4 gamekeys for the OS erasing/writing (blocks)
  6. After reboot, check for the code version

To Add flash info

  1. Boot up the laptop and go into Sugar and add a nickname and choose a color, leave the 'Build 650' stick in the laptop; or insert one that has the 'extras' on it.
  2. Go back into virtual terminal, ALT+CTL+Mesh and login (if necessary) (type 'root' to login)
  3. Type 'cd /media/BUILD/'
  4. Type './extras.sh'
  5. When this finishes; type 'cd /home/olpc'
  6. Use Alt+Ctl+home to go back to sugar, open the journal and unmount the USB from the icon there. When the USB successfully unmounts, then remove it.
  7. Use sugar 'shutdown' to shutdown and ship the unit; or 'reboot' to go onto the test section.


  1. In the mesh view, click on the circle labeled "MediaLab 802.11".
  2. Wait until the circle outline is blinking; then you should see other XOs.
  3. Start 'Browse'.
  4. From the browser, click on google search and search on 'cats' (or anything you want); make sure you get a good page.
  5. Go back to the browser; click on books, and then books again.
  6. Click on the Quaran; open it from the clipboard when it has finished loading.
  7. Close the book.
  8. Use the browser to open and play a utube video (look for a very small one) to know that flash is working.
  9. Open the Journal and see the browse activity listed.
  10. Go to the Home view, hover over the XO; click on shutdown.

Change Language

  1. boot up laptop and ctl-alt-mesh
  2. log in as root
  3. nano /etc/sysconfig/i18n
  4. change LANG to appropriate value, 'en_US.UTF-8' for english; 'es_AR.UTF-8' will give you spanish for Argentina.
  5. ctl-x, and 'yes' to save
  6. type 'cat /etc/sysconfig/i18n' to check.
  7. shutdown or reboot (from sugar)

For Builds over 623

  1. open the Terminal activity
  2. nano /home/olpc/.i18n
  3. change LANG to appropriate value, 'en_US.UTF-8' for english; 'es_AR.UTF-8' will give you spanish for Argentina.
  4. ctl-x, and 'yes' to save
  5. type 'cat /home/olpc/.i18n' to check.
  6. reboot (from sugar)

See also Localization, XO_l10n and Olpc-utils

Change Laptop name/color

If you want to remove the name and color chosen, then, before you shutdown:

  1. Alt+Ctl+Mesh
  2. Login as root
  3. cd /home/olpc/.sugar/default
  4. rm config
  5. rm owner.*
  6. power off (to shut down)

If you want to change just the name:

  1. Alt+Ctl+Mesh
  2. Login as root
  3. type 'nano /home/olpc/.sugar/default/config'
  4. change the name in this file; then hit Ctl+X to exit and type 'yes' to save
  5. to test this, use Ctl+Alt+Erase for a quick reboot
  6. hover over the XO and see that it has the new name.
  7. power off