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This is one of the template files for the laptop.org website.
Translators, please note that the EN version is a template file. You should edit the PO file specific to your target language rather than doing in-line edits on the EN page, e.g., PO-laptop.org-auxiliary-es for Spanish. If you would like to add a new language, please copy the EN page, using the appropriate suffix for your language. Also, please "watch" this page for changes.

The PO files are organized by sections:

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Individual sections: PO-laptop.org-vision-ne PO-laptop.org-vision-en-US
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#: jobs.html

msgid "jobstitle"
msgstr "OLPC seeks qualified individuals to fill the following positions."

msgid "jobsh1"
msgstr "डाईरेक्टर अफ पेरिफेरलस:"

msgid "jobsp1"
msgstr "Work with companies to develop a host of low cost peripherals for the XO laptop. Examples include the 10$ DVD player, a $100 projector, and a $0.10 oscilloscope adaptor. The XO has three USB 2.0 ports on the laptop, one analog input through the the microphone jack, and one analog output through the speaker jacks. Frequent travel to Asia required. Languages: English is required, Chinese (Mandarin) desired. This job is based at OLPC Headquarters in Cambridge Massachusetts."

msgid "jobsp2"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to: jobs-peripherals at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh2"
msgstr "ल्यापटप अार्किटेक्ट:"

msgid "jobsp3"
msgstr "Lead the design on the next generation $100 laptop architecture. Should be an excellent board-level architect, and be able to specify and debug chip architectures as well as low-level BIOS and firmware. Frequent travel to Asia required. Languages: English required, Chinese (Mandarin) desired. This job is based at OLPC Headquarters in Cambridge Massachusetts."

msgid "jobsp4"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to:jobs-architect at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh3"
msgstr "जेन- १ प्रोडक्ट म्यानेजर:"

msgid "jobsp5"
msgstr "“Deliver the Goods”"

msgid "jobsp6"
msgstr "As Gen-1 Product Manager, you'll oversee transition of the Gen-1 laptop design into its deployment as a hardware and software solution. You will be responsible for driving to completion all of the features that together constitute the most innovative laptop project in a decade, working directly with key team members including hardware and software engineers, suppliers, and the manufacturer. Your primary responsibility is to plan schedules and ensure that decisions are made to keep schedules on track. This includes completion of the hardware design and housing, its delivery to the manufacturer, completion of the operating system and core applications, coordinating content, working with the manufacturer on QA, and ensuring timely arrival of the laptops to the port, but not for the actual deployment of the laptops in country. Position is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts."

msgid "jobsp7"
msgstr "योग्यताहरू:"

msgid "jobsp8"
msgstr "Strong technical prowess, including systems architecture and end-user experience"

msgid "jobsp9"
msgstr "Experience in managing complex product life-cycle development projects"

msgid "jobsp10"
msgstr "Ability to lead within a product's life cycle using evangelism, empathy, and negotiation to define and deliver results"

msgid "jobsp11"
msgstr "Familiarity with managing complex project schedules, solving complex problems, and nurturing cross-group collaboration"

msgid "jobsp12"
msgstr "Mandarin Chinese and experience in Taiwan and/or China a real plus"

msgid "jobsp13"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to:jobs-product-manager at laptop.org"

msgid "jobsh4"
msgstr "Networking Software Engineer:"

msgid "jobsp14"
msgstr "OLPC is looking for a higly qualified and motivated software engineer to boost its network stack development efforts. Intimate knowledge of Linux low level networking internals and drivers as well as experience with embedded development are required. The job is based at OLPC headquarters in Cambridge, Massachussetts. Some travel required."

msgid "jobsp15"
msgstr "To apply send a resume and cover letter to:jobs-network-engineer at laptop.org"