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Note: It appears that User:JoshSeal entered these results 18 October 2007 following the test plan Tests/Chat.

Notes: Many of the features in this test plan are not yet functional. They are based off the writeup at Chat. 1z7E1F Don�t you think he is a little late for the game?,

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Search the chat


(? not in latest build 573)


Check Journal status

Justification: HIG


  1. Switch to the Journal.


  • [Verified] That a Journal entry has been added for your Chat session.
When I am still in the chat the Journal tells me the I am in the chat activity ‘Right now’.
  • [Negative] That a preview of your chat is displayed.
No preview is displayed even after you press on the entry in the journal. Even though the preview isn’t there you can ‘copy to clipboard’ and the data is available (tested by opening in write)

Close your Chat activity

Justification: HIG


  1. Switch to the Activity tab.
  2. Click the X button in the upper right corner.


  • [Negative] That the toolbar changes to a different set of buttons when the Activity tab is clicked.
Build 616 does not have activity tab – the X button is always present.
  • [Verified] That clicking the X button closes the activity.
  • [Verified] That the Chat icon is removed from the donut.
  • [NEED TEST] That other users are not removed from the Chat, and are still able to post messages and interact. (? Is this how a shared activity is supposed to work?)
Only have 2 XOs so I can’t test this.

Resume the Chat activity

Justification: HIG


  1. Switch to the Neighborhood view.
  2. Click the Chat activity icon that should still be there.


  • [Verified] That the Chat activity icon is still present in the Neighborhood view.
  • [Verified] That the Chat activity opens and still has the users that were in it before (basically, that it opens the same Chat activity rather than a new one)
Has same people in chat, but not the text that was written in the last chat.
  • [Verified] That you can still see messages from other users and type your own.
You can see new messages, but not past messages that you wrote before closing chat program.