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If you are new to wikis, check out Wikieducator's excellent tutorials for an introduction.

Anyone is eligible to be a Summer of Content intern. To apply:

  1. Create an applicant profile in the section below. Include a way to contact you, preferably by email. You can edit the wiki manually by clicking the "edit" tab at the top and adding your profile to the bottom, or by clicking the "Apply as an intern" button here. Also join the mailing list to get updates and announcements.

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  1. Check out the projects on the projects page; add your ideas, comment on existing ones, and add your names to the projects you're interested in.
  2. Check out the mentors on the mentors page, and contact the ones you're interested in working with; talk with them about projects you're interested in working on.
  3. Celebrate (or wait nervously, depending on your disposition). You may continue to edit your profile here or the projects you are interested in until 11:59pm EST (GMT-5) on August 16, 2007. At that time, projects, mentors, and interns will be selected and matched up; you will be notified of your final status before August 20, 2007.

What do interns do?

  • Interns...
    • Work on an open content project that you propose and design yourself. You will be making something so share with the world - and a great thing to put in your portfolio.
    • Get a mentor to get advice from and ask questions of. He or she will be your guide through the summer, introduce you to the open content community, and help you with your project.
    • Get paid! You get a $500 stipend (paid in 3 installments through the summer - at the start, midpoint, and end - depending on progress reports by your mentors).
    • Get a cool SoCon t-shirt and other neat prizes, and...
    • Get to show off your work at the end at local and virtual Jams held throughout the world.

The total time commitment is approximately 35 hours per week - you decide when and where to work, and what to work on - and everything can be done remotely via email.

Intern Applicants

Intern name

Email: address (at) domain (dot) com

Background: Write your profile here. Keep it short; 4-6 sentences is a good length. Some ideas: location, background and experience, kinds of projects you are interested in working on, projects you have worked on before, specific projects you are interested in for the Summer of Content. Link to external pages/sites as needed.

Brendan Ballou

Email: bcb2114 (at) columbia (dot) edu

Background: Hi Coogan and Karen! My name is Brendan Ballou, I am an undergraduate at Columbia (though I'm taking the year to study abroad), studying philosophy and a little computer science. Last year we put public domain versions of Columbia's Core Curriculum texts on 100 flash drives and gave them out for free to students. The project introduced the idea of the public domain to a lot of kids and also hopefully saved them a fair amount of money. Additionally we put together the Columbia University Local Area Tor (CULATOR) which anonymized student web activity on the Columbia intranet. we're now expanding CULATOR to include all schools on the Internet2 network.

I am interested in building a Journalism Jam at Columbia this fall, and with any luck Lauren Klein will be my mentor. I think this project will be a lot of fun, get students involved in the OLPC movement, and hopefully produce some great content

Coogan Brennan

Email: Coogan(dot)Brennan(at)Columbia(dot)edu

Background: I'm a researcher currently at Brown University working on public health and carbon sequestration. I am developing an organization known as The Manhattan Project to develop proper mediums to interpret the massive amounts of decentralized information, specifically in regards to news.

I would really like to talk with other people about this project, get a feeling for where it could go and what we will need to get it there. This means gathering programmers, graphic designers and other high-falutin thinkers to join in on the discussion concerning a proper web browser for the 21st century.

In SoCon 2007, I'd like to develop Junk Monkey, a dynamic web plug-in complimented by wikis and user-generated content. There's a more detailed explanation here along with a movie here (there's a lag in the video, you need to fast-forward at 4:00 to 5:00).

You can see the formal proposal for The Manhattan Project at my blog.

Nikki Lee


Background: Undergraduate engineering student from California, USA currently building the OLPC art community. More detailed bio on my user page on the wiki. Interested in streamlining the volunteering process for OLPC, as in the OLPC volunteers portal project.

Karen Rustad

Email: karen.rustad (at)

Who am I: I'm a senior at Scripps College in Claremont, CA. I am the president of the local Free Culture chapter (Free Culture 5C) as well as a member of the board of directors. Here's my website and my blog. Right now I am employed as a web/IT intern at the Genocide Intervention Network and this fall will serve as the webmaster for the Scripps Store. I enjoy politics, meteorology, and indie rock.

Interested in: The OLPC webcomic project

Omar Cueva Arenas

Email: ocueva(at)gmail(dot)com

Background: I am a distinguished graduate in industrial engineering. I have experience in consulting, management, marketing and logistics. As a multi-lingual and multi-cultural businessman, I have learned to think fast and act faster in pursuit of my goals. I have top international test scores.

I am a MBA of INCAE, Costa Rica, the top buesiness School of latin America. I am also a columnist and passionate about free knowledge community. I am sure I can be a helpful intern in OLPC due to my background in business, languages and social issues. I am a Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management of MIT - ZLC

You can see more about me at my blog.

Rowen Remis R. Iral

Email: wenmi01 (at) spymac ( period ) com

Languages spoken: List the languages you can mentor projects in here. Tagalog/Filipino English Nihongo

Background: Fundametal IT Engineer I'll be helping in development and promotion of OLPC project. I'm also one of the major movers of the PhilNITS Society who wants to do changes by use of IT.

I also like to work with my team and learn with them, I push project and time and put things in order for smooth execution and wants to achieve goals that was set.

My website

Timothy Paul B. Martinez

Background: I'm Malaya GNU+Linux User Group Leader. I'm currently organizing this GLUG. I'm a python programmer and 3rd year IT student. I'm a Dedicated Free software advocate. I'm also promoting OLPC in our school and community. I'm educator in heart and spirit, "I'm helping to invent the future for our future sons and daugthers."

I'm also doing a personal project named Mental++ (Mental Math Trainer System) created in python and scheme that could be use in OLPC.

Arwincito J. Dela Cruz

Email: arwin0503(at) yahoo(dot) com

Background: Write your profile here. Keep it short; 4-6 sentences is a good length. Some ideas: location, background and experience, kinds of projects you are interested in working on, projects you have worked on before, specific projects you are interested in for the Summer of Content. Link to external pages/sites as needed.

Geeta Dayal

Email: gdayal (at) alum (dot) mit (dot) edu

Background: I'm a journalist. I have an M.S. from Columbia Journalism School, and experience teaching and developing curricula for journalism and media courses at Fordham University and SUNY. My work has appeared in various papers and magazines, including the New York Times, The Village Voice, Wired, etc. I'm interested in working on an introductory journalism curriculum tailored for OLPC, with an emphasis on basic reporting skills, ethics, and journalism history.

Zdenek Broz

Email: dicts (at) centrum (dot) cz

Background: I live in Czech Republic. I have a bachelors degree in computer science and a masters degree in business and management. I am currently a PhD student on the Brno University of Technology. I focus primarily on the efficiency of language education. I am working on a project with hundreds of dictionaries for more than 60 world languages at I am skilled in Java, C#, PHP, HTML and XML. I have prepared about a dozen content bundles for XO - they are listed in the Library_grid (all bundles with the Preview links were made by me).

Eduardo Silva

Email: hoboprimate (at) gmail (dot) com

Background: I live in Portugal, and am doing a Design course. I am knowledgeable in using GNU/Linux, and have experience and skills in Illustration and Design. I would like to work in a project which would produce an illustrated ebook, containing a visually appealing and fun overview of the underhood of the Sugar desktop oriented to the XO owners. This illustrated ebook could optionally finish by tutoring the kid into developing an activity into sugar (motivation to do so makes learning better). It would be an ongoing project, and would later take into account the usage of Develop. I would be able to structure, design and illustrate the ebook, but would need help from a programmer who would also be interested in doing something like this. I have some professional experience in Design and Illustration (Logos, Documentation, Brochures). Voluntarily, I've dipped my paintbrush in the past in some free software projects (many years ago in Gnome, the last being in Debian).

Santiago Ruano Rincón

Email: santiago (at) unicauca (dot) edu (dot) co

Background: My name is Santiago Ruano Rincón. I'm a Colombian Engineer in electronics and telecommunications, Debian user and developer. My interest area is Human Factors in Telecommunications, like Usability and Accessibility.

I've worked with the Nasa indigenous nation of my country, trying to find out the way of developing suitable software/interfaces for them. They have their own language, customs, way of viewing the world, etc. We produced development guidelines, a paper and some material that can be found in:

Within the project, we developed in python a word-guessing game in Nasa Yuwe (Nasa language) as validation prototype. I'd like to adopt it for the XO, as first step towards an appropriate XO GUI for Nasa children.

Hemant Goyal

Email: hemant.goyal (at) nsitonline (dot) in

Background: I am an undergraduate engineering student at NSIT, India [1] and majoring in IT. I am the founding member of and have worked on various technical/research based projects in the area of data privacy and security. I am also a member of the Databases group in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. My personal website lists some of the work that I have done [2].

Technical Experience:I have a good experience with C/C++/Java/PHP programming languages, and have hosted my first Open Source application which serves as a teaching tool for those wishing to learn XACML [3]. The project can be accessed at [4]. I have also worked on an embedded application which would aid in teaching the hearing and speech disabled students. Comfortable with Object Oriented Programming and have a strong interest in System Design.

Interested in: I am interested in developing a "Digital Signal Processing" software which would allow students to record and manipulate various audio files using pre-configured filters. It can be used for fun by young students as well as for analytical purposes by students enrolled in engineering courses. Project Proposal page

Vaibhav Arora

E Mail:

aroravaibhav87 (at) gmail (dot) com


I am an Electronics and Communication, IIIrd year student from Netaji Subhas Institute Of Technology, New Delhi, India ,I have an experience of 6 months on working on micro controllers under a renowned faculty of my college. I have been working on projects related to real time applications using 8 bit micro-controllers .

Fields Of Interest:

In Summer of content ,I would be interested in doing some work on real time operating systems chiefly involving embedded hardware systems.

Deepank Gupta

Email: deepankgupta (at) gmail (dot) com

Background: I am pursuing my Engineering in Information Technology from NSIT in New Delhi, India. I come from a strong programming background and I have a good experience of working in projects. I have recently done a project with OpenMoko in Google SoC. Apart from that I have worked on two projects in the area of Smart Cards and also did development of an embedded system for the hearing disabled.

Fields of Interest In summer of content, I aim at developing an application which will enable teachers to easily make tests for students.

Vijay Majumdar


Background: I am an UnderGraduate student of NSIT IndiaLink pursuing B.E. in Electronics & Communication.I have worked with OLPC to create a game named DEDUCTO Link.I have also done projects on signal processing under my university professors.I am amongst the founding member of The Open Source Community in my university.

Area of Interest I have a keen interest in creating Algorithms and implementing them.I enjoy coding problems.

Technical Skills I have good experience of working in PYTHON, C, C++, JAVA & RUBY.I also have good idea of coding efficient algorithm and their analysis.

Satyajeet Singh

Email: satyam(dot)satyajeet (at) gmail (dot) com

Background: I am an undergraduate engineering student with majors in Computer Engineering at NSIT, India . My key interest lies in software development.

Technical Experience:I have a nice experience of C/C++/Python/RUBY. I am one of the developers of Deducto, a board game for XO as well as one of the founder members of the Open Source Community at our college.

In SoCon 2007, I am interested in working on an Educational Toolkit for XO.

Anup Gupta

Email: anupgupta.nsit (at) gmail (dot) com

I am Anup Gupta, a pre final year computer engineering student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, India. Some of my projects include HELP( a real time device for health education), Windows and Web Audio Player cum Recorder and a Test Software. I am also the founder and administrator of a students' educational website[5]

Technical Skills: Programming Skills: C,C++,Data Structures,PHP,VB.NET,C#,MATLAB Web Development Technologies HTML,DHTML,CSS,ASP.NET Design and Graphics experience on Adobe Photoshop, MS Publisher Knowledge and Experience of Ethical Hacking and Network Security Also familiar with Assembly language for 8086 microcontrollers.

Fields of interest in Summer of Content 2007: The two areas that interest me are: a. Examination Simulator. I have written the proposal at [6]

b. Simple yet learning based educational games like Big Math Attack. I have written the Project Proposal at [7]

Assim Deodia

Email: assim.deodia(at)gmail(dot)com

Background: I am an undergraduate from NSIT, New Delhi with majors in Information Technology. I am one of the founding members of and the open source community at our college. I am already involved in an active project (Deducto) at OLPC. I have also done a research based project on Access Control System.

Technical Skill I have good experience in C/PHP/Python/Java. I have also hosted an OMR application on which is a very useful tool for educational institute.

Area Of Interest I am interested in developing an application SoC which will help children understand the basics of Digital Signal Processing (project page) in a very interactive manner.

Anubhav Agarwal

Email: anubhavit(at) gmail (dot) com

Background: I am Anubhav Agarwal, pursuing my B.E. in IT from NSIT,India and presently in IIIrd year .

Technical Skills I have a nice hand on experience on C , Java and SQL. I have completed a project on Signal Processing implemented on Matlab under my college professor and worked for development of an embedded system that helps people practice YOGA & involved developing application in C#.

Field Of Interest I like to increase my knowledge of language and at same time help people learn them. I also like to design codes for real life problems. In SoCon 2007, I aim at working under project Hackety Hackto develop activities , challenges , projects for Classroom curriculum.

Ankur Verma

Email: ankur.verma(at) nsitonline (dot) in

Background: I am a third year undergraduate student pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications Engineering from the University of Delhi (NSIT), India.

Technical Skills: Being an avid s/w developer, I have developed applications in C, C Sharp and worked on Linux platform. Besides, I have hands on experience with embedded systems.

Vishal Gupta

Email: vishalgupta.nsit (at) gmail (dot) com

Background: The world of computers has always fascinated me. Following my dreams I finally landed up at NSIT,India as an Undergraduate engineering student with degree majors in Computer Science.

Technical Skills Good experience of working in C/C++, Hands on experience with database technology SQL and web technologies including HTML and ASP.

Rahul Bagaria

Email: bagaria (dot) rahul (at) gmail (dot) com

Background: I am a Pre-Final Year Computer Engineering Student at NSIT, India [8]. I have a strong programming background and experience in various projects. I have recently developed a Web based "File Transfer between Client and Server" software which improves on the current algorithms. Interested in Coding, I have developed a semi-graphics game in C++ and a Steganography application in C#.Net and J2ME and am working on a Piracy Control software in

Technical Skills: I have quite a good experience with C/C++, Java,, ASP.Net, AJAX, JavaScript, MatLab, HTML, Assembly Language Programming and Data Structures & Algorithms. I have worked on both Windows and Linux Platforms. I am keenly interested in doing Projects related to Image Processing and Piracy Control

Interest in SoCon 2007: I am interested in doing some Projects related to Educational Graphics Games [9] which i feel is a 'Fun' way to learn and create something.

Sahil Singla

Email: sahil.smartguy (at) gmail (dot) com

Background: I am a Pre-Final Year Computer Engineering Student at NSIT, India. I am interested in coding and with a strong programming background and experience in various projects, facing new challenges is a great fun. In past i have developed a Windows Mobile based "Text Protection" software which provides user the facility, to protect all text data present on his/her mobile by encrypting it. And Currently working on a Steganography application in J2ME and Piracy Control Software in C#.Net

Technical Skills: I am good at C/C++, Java, C#.Net, JavaScript, MatLab, HTML, CSS and Data Structures & Algorithms. I have worked on both Windows and Linux Platforms. I am keenly interested in doing Projects related to Educational Graphics Games, web technologies and Security.

Uchit Singhal

Uchit Singhal

Email: uchit.singhal (at) gmail (dot) com

Background: I am an undergraduate engineering student at NSIT, India [10] and majoring in ECE.I have an experience of 1 month on working on micro controllers under a renowned faculty of my college.My key interest lies in hardware programming.

Technical Details: I have a nice working experience on C/Data Structures in C/MATLAB/JAVA/VHDL/ C#. I have worked for a long period on Visual Studio, Java Builder, Xi-Linx. I have worked on Operating Systems of wide range including Lynx, Red Hat Linux.

Projects Done: I had undertaken a project based upon programming and testing of MMI Card in recognized Electronics firm, Bharat Electronics Limited. I was among top 50 in Embedded Development Competition "Imagine Cup" conducted by Microsoft.

Areas of Interests:Hackety Hacking the Computer Science Classroom, Digital Signal Processing Software, Educational Games, Games based on industry

Ankit Anand

Email: ankitanand1986 (at) ieee (dot) org

Background: I am 3 year student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology majoring in Information & Technology.I have recently completed a project on Finite State Machine Interpreter under a renowned faculty in my college and I am currently working on it to make a Multiple Finite State Interpreter.I am quite comfortable with working on micro controllers and my work has been revolving around them.The languages in which I am proficient in are C,C++,Python,MATLAB,SQL,VHDL and Assembly.I have also worked on FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Arrays) boards both on Linux and Windows Environment.

Fields of Interest: I am interested in developing in Educational Games which will help children learn in an interactive way and it will make learning fun.I am also interested in Educational Simulator and also in developing Games based on the Industry.It would be great if I get to work in any one of these areas as this is the best way to contribute to the society by working in the Open Source Community.

Dennis S. Doe

Email: doedennis (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dennis S. Doe is a Multimedia Designer and a Network Technologist from Ghana who has been involved in various Common Wealth of Learning (COL) Project to develop educational content. He has been recently added to COL Consultants Database. His page on WikiEducator worn the first ever User Page Expo Award on WikiEducator. He is also a member of the Wireless Africa Project and involved in the Digital World Forum as well. Some past projects he has been involved in include the University of Education, Winneba Content Development Initiativeand currently converting Jim Hebden's chemistry lessons to wiki on WikiEducator. He is interested in Free content development.
View Dennis' WikiEducator Page:
My WikiEducator Page

Email: address (at) domain (dot) com

Background: Write your profile here. Keep it short; 4-6 sentences is a good length. Some ideas: location, background and experience, kinds of projects you are interested in working on, projects you have worked on before, specific projects you are interested in for the Summer of Content. Link to external pages/sites as needed.


The Subject/headline of this post should be your name.

When you have filled in the information above, click the "Save Page" button. You will be able to link to your profile by adding the text "Your Name" (no quotes) into any of the Summer of Content projects pages. See Summer of Content interns#Nikki Lee for an example.

Daneshwari I Hatti

Email: danikavya(at) gmail (dot) com

Background: i am pursuing Mtech in digital electronics in sdm college of engineering and technology dharwad. technical skills:c,vhdl,verilog tools :MATLAB ,cadence. i have carried out mini projects in cadence and matlab.

Link to external pages/sites as needed.

i have completed my BE in electronics and communication from BLDEA's Engg college Bijapur with an aggregate of 77%.