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I'm not clear that there is a good argument in favor of having Glossary and OLPC_glossary pages maintained separately. Please be careful with the noinclude tags on Glossary, these are important for its transclusion into Deployment_Guide/Glossary. Cjl 19:36, 3 June 2008 (EDT)

Woops! Being a relative newcomer, I was not aware that a glossary already existed. What I've written, so far, has been directed toward people with less technical knowledge, while at the same time remaining essentially accurate, technically. I do see that CjL has made a number of changes; other than wanting to capitalize all entry words (a matter of style? I'll look at a printed dictionary (and probably "de-cap" most!), I accepted the changes (and fixed a very minor typo (not a misspelling)).

I'm ready to go horizontal, now, (but still want to have a look at Wad's Guide), so I'll try to post my updated text; later, I'll very seriously consider merging the OLPC glossary into the other one (which will take significant time).

Apologies for neglecting my User page; it really does need a lot of changes. Nicabod 21:54 EDT, 3 June 2K8

(More, from Nicabod:)

I just scanned part of the Glossary, and see that it's meant (imho) for better-educated professionals. What I wrote tried to be understandable by a broader audience, and perhaps for that reason, there might be two glossaries, one unabashedly technical, and the other more tutorial to a limited degree. There may be a place for both. However, I'm surely not opposed to merging the two, but to keep a consistent style, would need to rewrite a lot of what I've already done. Styles of the two documents differ considerably. Regards, Nicabod 22:13 EDT, 3 June 2K8