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Template for projects: Activities/XXX and Collections/XXX, used in the Activities and Collections pages; for early-development projects. Designed to be one row in a table. Comments for html alignment.

[[Image:activity-{{{simplename}}}.svg|40px|proposed {{{simplename}}} icon]] [[{{{prettyname}}}]] : {{{description}}} ({{{comments}}}) [[Projects/{{{prettyname}}}|+/-]]
Maintainers: {{{maintainers}}} · License: {{{license}}} · Mime types: {{{mimetypes}}}
Platforms: {{{port-notes}}}
Translate: {{{l10n-notes}}}


Images should be uploaded to the wiki; the field should be a wikipage title. This should be a representation of the activity that can be turned into a properly-styled svg. Fields for new activities should be filled out as well as they can be, but detailed elements wont' show up until the template is switched over to activity-summary rather than 'pre-summary'.


New activities should use the project-pre-summary template, including:

prettyname - the display name for the activity, such as Comic Maker. 
description - a few sentences describing the activity and its audience
categories - any keywords that match your activity and its use.  
   see the activities grid for examples.
maintainers - people actively working on the activity, with links to 
   their userpages or ways to contact them.
image - title of an uploaded image that may make a suitable icon
port-notes - notes on other platforms and potential or in-progress ports
mimetypes - mime types that the activity can read and launch.
comments - general comments about development.
l10n-notes - comments about localization, including links for translating
   existing related projects.
license - the name of the license[s] your activity uses, with a link
   to its full text.
status - from 0 to 6.  0:idea, 1:stub, 2:immature, 3:active development,
   4:beta, 5:stable, 6:finishing touches


proposed other icon Tux Paint : children's painting toolbox (some wiki-editors started hacking on this in 2006, want to start again) +/-
Maintainers: ?? · License: unknown · Mime types: ??
Platforms: {{{port-notes}}}
Translate: localized in 70 languages