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Who is using XOs, for what; what are their main problems and delights, where are they sharing thoughts & requests? Cross-prioritization needed : building local developer groups v. building connections with them v. solving their immediate problems.

We should have presentations or slides from as many deployment with an active team or a significant # of laptops as we can, to help organize their needs, see what work they are doing on their own and work on where there is overlap. Perhaps this can be one afternoon, with a wrapup to bring the results of the various sessions together. The goal is to come up with a prioritized list of requirements and challenges which should be addressed by XO software.
Gregorio 12:54, 16 October 2008 (UTC)

Programs at scale

Country nutshells (also see deployment status on Deployments page):

  1. Ethiopia
  2. Haiti
  3. Rwanda
  4. Mongolia
  5. Birmingham
  6. Nepal
  7. Paraguay
  8. India
  9. Australia & Oceania
  10. More (Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, China, NY/IL, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal, Mozambique)