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Local communities of OLPC Korea is operated by parents, volunteers, and (if any) employees of OLPC Korea to give XO related services, writing content, and developing activities.

In summary, a local community of OLPC Korea is;

  • to deliver XO laptops and collect broken ones.
  • to be county meeting places of parents whose child use XO laptops.
  • to be network center equipped with Community Server, mesh repeaters, and internet gateway.

Whether any employee of OLPC Korea work in those local communities is not determined yet.

You can use the category below for information about the city; Busan.



Mission & Goals

Financial Information

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Central 지역본부 051
Dongbu 동부모임 051
Seobu 서부모임 051
Nambu 남부모임 051
Bukbu 북부모임 051
Dongrae 동래모임 051
Haeundae 해운대모임 051