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Area 1: Seoul

XO Korea hopes to distribute Larger XO and Mesh Phone to business sectors of Korea.

In particular, Mesh Phone is expected to subsititue current wire or wireless phones (and voice communication systems) in Korea with those based on National Wireless Mesh Networks.

Briefly speaking, XO Korea hopes to restructure the entire IT infrastructure of Korea (not only edcuation fields, but government and business sectors also) into Linux, Mesh Network, XO, Sugar, and its Activities.

This page is for Business Sectors in Korea, classified based on United Nation Standard Product and Service Calssification, and Korean Standard Industrial Classification.

  • Mesh Phone Budget = Num of (Students + Teachers + Officers) * $220 (per Person cost)
  • per Person Cost $50 =

XO Deployment in business sectors of Korea will be managed by 16 XO Service offices geographically distributed.

See XO Service Naitonal about the schedule and parties in charge of XO Deployment in Korea.

Employees Budget for Larger XO Budget for Mesh Phone SUM
4,003,202 US$880,704,440 US$200,160,100 US$1,080,864,540
A. AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY 11,227 US$2,469,940 US$561,350 US$3,031,290
Agriculture 11,114 US$2,445,080 US$555,700 US$3,000,780
Growing of Crops, Market Gardening, Horticulture 8,173 US$1,798,060 US$408,650 US$2,206,710
Farming of Animals 873 US$192,060 US$43,650 US$235,710
Growing of Crops Combined With Farming of Animals : Mixed Farming 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
Planting for Landscape, Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Service Activities, Except Veterinary Activities 2,025 US$445,500 US$101,250 US$546,750
Hunting, Trapping and Game Propagation Including Related Service Activities 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
Agriculture Unknown 43 US$9,460 US$2,150 US$11,610
Forestry 113 US$24,860 US$5,650 US$30,510
Forestry 113 US$24,860 US$5,650 US$30,510
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
B. FISHING 463 US$101,860 US$23,150 US$125,010
Fishing 463 US$101,860 US$23,150 US$125,010
Fishing and Gathering of Marine Materials 374 US$82,280 US$18,700 US$100,980
Operation of Fish Hatcheries and Fish Farms; Services Incidental to Fishing 78 US$17,160 US$3,900 US$21,060
Unknown 11 US$2,420 US$550 US$2,970
C. MINING AND QUARRYING 826 US$181,720 US$41,300 US$223,020
Mining of Coal, Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas, Uranium and Thorium Ores 250 US$55,000 US$12,500 US$67,500
Mining and Agglomeration of Coal and Lignite , Extraction of Peat 187 US$41,140 US$9,350 US$50,490
Extraction of Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas, and Related Services 53 US$11,660 US$2,650 US$14,310
Mining of Metal Ores 10 US$2,200 US$500 US$2,700
Mining of Metal Ores 100 US$22,000 US$5,000 US$27,000
Mining of Iron Ores 44 US$9,680 US$2,200 US$11,880
Mining of Non-ferrous Metal Ores, Except Uranium and Thorium Ores 45 US$9,900 US$2,250 US$12,150
Unknown 11 US$2,420 US$550 US$2,970
Mining of Non-metallic Minerals, Except Fuel 465 US$102,300 US$23,250 US$125,550
Quarrying of Stone, Sand and Gravel 431 US$94,820 US$21,550 US$116,370
Mining of Other Industrial Non-Metal Ores, Except Fuel 34 US$7,480 US$1,700 US$9,180
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
Unknown 11 US$2,420 US$550 US$2,970
Unknown 11 US$2,420 US$550 US$2,970
D. MANUFACTURING 613,274 US$134,920,280 US$30,663,700 US$165,583,980
Manufacture of Food Products and Beverages 37,849 US$8,326,780 US$1,892,450 US$10,219,230
Production, Processing and Preserving of Meat, Fishes, Fruit, Vegetables, Oils and Fats 5,568 US$1,224,960 US$278,400 US$1,503,360
Manufacture of Dairy Products and Icecream 2,858 US$628,760 US$142,900 US$771,660
Manufacture of Grain Mill Products 2,891 US$636,020 US$144,550 US$780,570
Manufacture of Other Food Products 22,105 US$4,863,100 US$1,105,250 US$5,968,350
Manufacture of Beverages 3,808 US$837,760 US$190,400 US$1,028,160
Unknown 619 US$136,180 US$30,950 US$167,130
Manufacture of Tobacco Products 405 US$89,100 US$20,250 US$109,350
Manufacture of Tobacco Products 382 US$84,040 US$19,100 US$103,140
Unknown 23 US$5,060 US$1,150 US$6,210
Manufacture of Textiles, Except Sewn Wearing apparel 33,766 US$7,428,520 US$1,688,300 US$9,116,820
Preparation and Spinning of Textile Fibers 2,477 US$544,940 US$123,850 US$668,790
Weaving of Textiles 6,351 US$1,397,220 US$317,550 US$1,714,770
Manufacture of knitted and corcheted fabrics and articles 9,191 US$2,022,020 US$459,550 US$2,481,570
Dyeing and Finishing Textiles 3,838 US$844,360 US$191,900 US$1,036,260
Other Dyeing and Finishing Textiles 11,553 US$2,541,660 US$577,650 US$3,119,310
Unknown 356 US$78,320 US$17,800 US$96,120
Manufacture of Sewn Wearing Apparel and Fur Articles 127,381 US$28,023,820 US$6,369,050 US$34,392,870
Manufacture of Sewn Wearing Apparel, Except Fur Apparel 124,737 US$27,442,140 US$6,236,850 US$33,678,990
Dressing and Dyeing of Fur, Manufacture of Articles of Fur 959 US$210,980 US$47,950 US$258,930
Unknown 1,685 US$370,700 US$84,250 US$454,950
Tanning and Dressing of Leather , Manufacture of Luggage and Footwear 18,902 US$4,158,440 US$945,100 US$5,103,540
Tanning and Dressing of Leather 1,171 US$257,620 US$58,550 US$316,170
Manufacture of Luggage, Handbags and the Like, Saddlery and Harness 8,444 US$1,857,680 US$422,200 US$2,279,880
Manufacture of Footwear 9,042 US$1,989,240 US$452,100 US$2,441,340
Unknown 245 US$53,900 US$12,250 US$66,150
Manufacture of Wood and of Products of Wood and Cork, Except Furniture; Manufacture of Articles of Straw and Plaiting Materials 3,341 US$735,020 US$167,050 US$902,070
Sawmilling and Planing of Wood 791 US$174,020 US$39,550 US$213,570
Manufacture of Products of Wood, Cork, Straw and Plaiting Materials 2,517 US$553,740 US$125,850 US$679,590
Unknown 33 US$7,260 US$1,650 US$8,910
Manufacture of Pulp, Paper and Paper Products 8,863 US$1,949,860 US$443,150 US$2,393,010
Manufacture of Pulp, Paper and Paperboard 2,161 US$475,420 US$108,050 US$583,470
Manufacture of Articles of Paper and Paperboard 6,636 US$1,459,920 US$331,800 US$1,791,720
Unknown 66 US$14,520 US$3,300 US$17,820
Publishing, Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media 73,411 US$16,150,420 US$3,670,550 US$19,820,970
Publishing 40,752 US$8,965,440 US$2,037,600 US$11,003,040
Printing and Service Activities Related to Printing 31,668 US$6,966,960 US$1,583,400 US$8,550,360
Reproduction of Recorded Media 109 US$23,980 US$5,450 US$29,430
Unknown 882 US$194,040 US$44,100 US$238,140
Manufacture of Coke, Refined Petroleum Products and Nuclear Fuel 2,506 US$551,320 US$125,300 US$676,620
Manufacture of Coke and Related Products 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
Manufacture of Refined Petroleum Products 2,484 US$546,480 US$124,200 US$670,680
Processing of Nuclear Fuel 11 US$2,420 US$550 US$2,970
Unknown 11 US$2,420 US$550 US$2,970
Manufacture of Chemicals and Chemical Products 32,344 US$7,115,680 US$1,617,200 US$8,732,880
Manufacture of Basic Chemicals 5,075 US$1,116,500 US$253,750 US$1,370,250
Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals, Medicinal Chemicals and Botanical Products 12,212 US$2,686,640 US$610,600 US$3,297,240
Manufacture of Other Chemical Products 14,220 US$3,128,400 US$711,000 US$3,839,400
Manufacture of Man-Made Fibers 445 US$97,900 US$22,250 US$120,150
Unknown 392 US$86,240 US$19,600 US$105,840
Manufacture of Rubber and Plastic Products 13,958 US$3,070,760 US$697,900 US$3,768,660
Manufacture of Rubber Products 2,255 US$496,100 US$112,750 US$608,850
Manufacture of Plastic Products 11,554 US$2,541,880 US$577,700 US$3,119,580
Unknown 149 US$32,780 US$7,450 US$40,230
Manufacture of Other Non-metallic Mineral Products 11,118 US$2,445,960 US$555,900 US$3,001,860
Manufacture of Glass and Glass Products 3,235 US$711,700 US$161,750 US$873,450
Manufacture of Ceramic Ware 1,765 US$388,300 US$88,250 US$476,550
Manufacture of Cement, Lime and Plaster and Its Products 3,860 US$849,200 US$193,000 US$1,042,200
Manufacture of Other Non-metallic Mineral Products 2,181 US$479,820 US$109,050 US$588,870
Unknown 77 US$16,940 US$3,850 US$20,790
Manufacture of Basic Metals 8,918 US$1,961,960 US$445,900 US$2,407,860
Manufacture of Basic Iron and Steel 5,815 US$1,279,300 US$290,750 US$1,570,050
Manufacture of Basic Precious and Non-ferrous Metals 1,851 US$407,220 US$92,550 US$499,770
Cast of Metals 1,154 US$253,880 US$57,700 US$311,580
Unknown 98 US$21,560 US$4,900 US$26,460
Manufacture of Fabricated Metal Products, Except Machinery and Furniture 31,891 US$7,016,020 US$1,594,550 US$8,610,570
Manufacture of Structural Metal Products, Tanks, Reservoirs and Steam Generators 10,597 US$2,331,340 US$529,850 US$2,861,190
Manufacture of Other Fabricated Metal Products and Metal Treating services 21,029 US$4,626,380 US$1,051,450 US$5,677,830
Unknown 265 US$58,300 US$13,250 US$71,550
Manufacture of Other Machinery and Equipment 39,607 US$8,713,540 US$1,980,350 US$10,693,890
Manufacture of General Purpose Machinery 13,081 US$2,877,820 US$654,050 US$3,531,870
Manufacture of Machine-tools 4,510 US$992,200 US$225,500 US$1,217,700
Manufacture of Other Special Purpose Machinery 13,321 US$2,930,620 US$666,050 US$3,596,670
Manufacture of Weapons and Ammunition 266 US$58,520 US$13,300 US$71,820
Manufacture of Other Domestic Appliances 5,792 US$1,274,240 US$289,600 US$1,563,840
Unknown 2,637 US$580,140 US$131,850 US$711,990
Manufacture of Computers and Office Machinery 11,955 US$2,630,100 US$597,750 US$3,227,850
Manufacture of Computers and Office Machinery 11,793 US$2,594,460 US$589,650 US$3,184,110
Unknown 162 US$35,640 US$8,100 US$43,740
Manufacture of Electrical Machinery and Apparatuseses n.e.c. 13,376 US$2,942,720 US$668,800 US$3,611,520
Manufacture of Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers 2,509 US$551,980 US$125,450 US$677,430
Manufacture of Electricity Distribution and Control Apparatuseses 3,350 US$737,000 US$167,500 US$904,500
Manufacture of Insulated Wires and Cables, Including Insulated Code Sets 1,796 US$395,120 US$89,800 US$484,920
Manufacture of Accumulators, Primary Cells and Primary Batteries 458 US$100,760 US$22,900 US$123,660
Manufacture of Electric Lamps and Lighting Equipment 3,373 US$742,060 US$168,650 US$910,710
Manufacture of Other Electrical Equipment 1,694 US$372,680 US$84,700 US$457,380
Unknown 196 US$43,120 US$9,800 US$52,920
Manufacture of Electronic Components, Radio, Television and Communication Equipment and Apparatuses 62,280 US$13,701,600 US$3,114,000 US$16,815,600
Manufacture of Semiconductor and Other Electronic Components 27,205 US$5,985,100 US$1,360,250 US$7,345,350
Manufacture of Television and Radio Transmitters and Apparatuseses for Line Telephony and Line Telegraphy 18,843 US$4,145,460 US$942,150 US$5,087,610
Manufacture of Television and Radio Receivers, Sound or Video Recording or Reproducing Apparatuses, and Related Goods 15,355 US$3,378,100 US$767,750 US$4,145,850
Unknown 877 US$192,940 US$43,850 US$236,790
Manufacture of Medical, Precision and Optical Instruments, Watches and Clocks 16,960 US$3,731,200 US$848,000 US$4,579,200
Manufacture of Medical Appliances and Instruments 7,846 US$1,726,120 US$392,300 US$2,118,420
Manufacture of Instruments and Appliances for Measuring, Checking, Testing, Navigation and Other Purposes, Except Optical Instruments 5,316 US$1,169,520 US$265,800 US$1,435,320
Manufacture of Other Optical Instruments and Spectacle, Photographic Equipment 2,476 US$544,720 US$123,800 US$668,520
Manufacture of Watches, Clocks and its Parts 1,137 US$250,140 US$56,850 US$306,990
Unknown 185 US$40,700 US$9,250 US$49,950
Manufacture of Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Semitrailers 17,569 US$3,865,180 US$878,450 US$4,743,630
Manufacture of Motor Vehicles and Engines for Motor Vehicles 5,603 US$1,232,660 US$280,150 US$1,512,810
Manufacture of Bodies for Motor Vehicles ; Manufacture of Trailers and Semitrailers 175 US$38,500 US$8,750 US$47,250
Manufacture of Parts and Accessories for Motor Vehicles and Engines 11,541 US$2,539,020 US$577,050 US$3,116,070
Unknown 250 US$55,000 US$12,500 US$67,500
Manufacture of Other Transport Equipment 2,351 US$517,220 US$117,550 US$634,770
Building of Ships and Boats 1,226 US$269,720 US$61,300 US$331,020
Manufacture of Railway and Tramway Locomotives and Rolling Stock 364 US$80,080 US$18,200 US$98,280
Manufacture of Aircraft, Spacecraft and its Parts 344 US$75,680 US$17,200 US$92,880
Manufacture of Other Transport Equipment 395 US$86,900 US$19,750 US$106,650
Unknown 22 US$4,840 US$1,100 US$5,940
Manufacture of Furniture; Manufacturing of Articles n.e.c. 41,297 US$9,085,340 US$2,064,850 US$11,150,190
Manufacture of Furniture 10,157 US$2,234,540 US$507,850 US$2,742,390
Other Manufacturing 30,606 US$6,733,320 US$1,530,300 US$8,263,620
Unknown 534 US$117,480 US$26,700 US$144,180
Recycling 328 US$72,160 US$16,400 US$88,560
Recycling of Metal Waste and Scrap 132 US$29,040 US$6,600 US$35,640
Recycling of Non-metal Waste and Scrap 196 US$43,120 US$9,800 US$52,920
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
Unknown 2,898 US$637,560 US$144,900 US$782,460
Unknown 2,898 US$637,560 US$144,900 US$782,460
E. ELECTRICITY, GAS AND WATER SUPPLY 15,861 US$3,489,420 US$793,050 US$4,282,470
Electricity, Gas, Steam and Hot Water Supply 13,399 US$2,947,780 US$669,950 US$3,617,730
Production, Collection and Distribution of Electricity 8,740 US$1,922,800 US$437,000 US$2,359,800
Manufacture of Gas, Distribution of Gaseous Fuel Through Mains 4,129 US$908,380 US$206,450 US$1,114,830
Steam and Hot Water Supply 333 US$73,260 US$16,650 US$89,910
Unknown 197 US$43,340 US$9,850 US$53,190
Collection, Purification and Distribution of Water 2,462 US$541,640 US$123,100 US$664,740
Collection, Purification and Distribution of Water 2,419 US$532,180 US$120,950 US$653,130
Unknown 43 US$9,460 US$2,150 US$11,610
F. CONSTRUCTION 298,668 US$65,706,960 US$14,933,400 US$80,640,360
General Construction 144,646 US$31,822,120 US$7,232,300 US$39,054,420
Heavy Construction 27,010 US$5,942,200 US$1,350,500 US$7,292,700
Building of Complete or Partial Constructions 115,762 US$25,467,640 US$5,788,100 US$31,255,740
Unknown 1,874 US$412,280 US$93,700 US$505,980
Special Trade Construction 153,711 US$33,816,420 US$7,685,550 US$41,501,970
Special Trade Construction for Civil Engineering and Buildings 18,661 US$4,105,420 US$933,050 US$5,038,470
Building Installation 27,750 US$6,105,000 US$1,387,500 US$7,492,500
Electrical and Communication Works 29,393 US$6,466,460 US$1,469,650 US$7,936,110
Building Completion 66,577 US$14,646,940 US$3,328,850 US$17,975,790
Renting of Construction or Demolition Equipment with Operator 9,624 US$2,117,280 US$481,200 US$2,598,480
Unknown 1,706 US$375,320 US$85,300 US$460,620
Unknown 311 US$68,420 US$15,550 US$83,970
Unknown 311 US$68,420 US$15,550 US$83,970
G.WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TRADE 776,527 US$170,835,940 US$38,826,350 US$209,662,290
Sale of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles ; Retail Sale of Automotive Fuel 34,393 US$7,566,460 US$1,719,650 US$9,286,110
Sale of Motor Vehicles 16,205 US$3,565,100 US$810,250 US$4,375,350
Sale of Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories 9,450 US$2,079,000 US$472,500 US$2,551,500
Sale of Motorcycles and Related Parts and Accessories 1,091 US$240,020 US$54,550 US$294,570
Retail Sale of Automotive Fuel 7,386 US$1,624,920 US$369,300 US$1,994,220
Unknown 261 US$57,420 US$13,050 US$70,470
Wholesale Trade and Commission Trade, Except of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles 259,882 US$57,174,040 US$12,994,100 US$70,168,140
Wholesale on a Fee or Contract Basis 16,666 US$3,666,520 US$833,300 US$4,499,820
Brokerage of Industrial Agricultural Raw Materials and Living Animals 5,292 US$1,164,240 US$264,600 US$1,428,840
Brokerage of Food, Beverages and Tobaccos 49,505 US$10,891,100 US$2,475,250 US$13,366,350
Wholesale of Household Goods 78,269 US$17,219,180 US$3,913,450 US$21,132,630
Wholesale of Construction Materials and Hardware 19,802 US$4,356,440 US$990,100 US$5,346,540
Wholesale of Metal Ores and Basic Metals 5,864 US$1,290,080 US$293,200 US$1,583,280
Wholesale of Other Intermediate Products, Waste and Scrap 22,315 US$4,909,300 US$1,115,750 US$6,025,050
Wholesale of Machinery, Equipment and Supplies 40,625 US$8,937,500 US$2,031,250 US$10,968,750
Wholesale of Other Goods 12,911 US$2,840,420 US$645,550 US$3,485,970
Unknown 8,633 US$1,899,260 US$431,650 US$2,330,910
Retail Trade, Except Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles 481,682 US$105,970,040 US$24,084,100 US$130,054,140
Retail Sale in Non-Specialized Stores 119,071 US$26,195,620 US$5,953,550 US$32,149,170
Retail Sale in Non-Specialized Stores with Food or Beverages Predominating 57,004 US$12,540,880 US$2,850,200 US$15,391,080
Retail Sale of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipments, Cosmetics and Toilet Articles 29,060 US$6,393,200 US$1,453,000 US$7,846,200
Retail Sale of Textiles, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Goods 90,966 US$20,012,520 US$4,548,300 US$24,560,820
Retail Sale of Electrical Household Appliances, Furniture and Household Appliances 46,090 US$10,139,800 US$2,304,500 US$12,444,300
Retail Sale in Other Specialized Stores 67,870 US$14,931,400 US$3,393,500 US$18,324,900
Retail Sale of Used Goods in Stores 1,885 US$414,700 US$94,250 US$508,950
Retail Sale not in Stores 63,083 US$13,878,260 US$3,154,150 US$17,032,410
Unknown 6,653 US$1,463,660 US$332,650 US$1,796,310
Unknown 570 US$125,400 US$28,500 US$153,900
Unknown 570 US$125,400 US$28,500 US$153,900
H. HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS 338,662 US$74,505,640 US$16,933,100 US$91,438,740
Hotels and Restaurants 338,662 US$74,505,640 US$16,933,100 US$91,438,740
Accommodation 29,996 US$6,599,120 US$1,499,800 US$8,098,920
Restaurants, Bars and Canteens 304,398 US$66,967,560 US$15,219,900 US$82,187,460
Unknown 4,268 US$938,960 US$213,400 US$1,152,360
I. TRANSPORT 193,547 US$42,580,340 US$9,677,350 US$52,257,690
Land Transport ; Transport Via Pipelines 134,086 US$29,498,920 US$6,704,300 US$36,203,220
Interurban Rail Transportation 4,747 US$1,044,340 US$237,350 US$1,281,690
Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation 93,784 US$20,632,480 US$4,689,200 US$25,321,680
Road Freight Transport 34,063 US$7,493,860 US$1,703,150 US$9,197,010
Transport Via Pipelines 56 US$12,320 US$2,800 US$15,120
Unknown 1,436 US$315,920 US$71,800 US$387,720
Water Transport 4,596 US$1,011,120 US$229,800 US$1,240,920
Sea and Coastal Water Transport 4,399 US$967,780 US$219,950 US$1,187,730
Inland Water Transport 167 US$36,740 US$8,350 US$45,090
Unknown 30 US$6,600 US$1,500 US$8,100
Air Transport 11,661 US$2,565,420 US$583,050 US$3,148,470
Scheduled Air Transport 11,336 US$2,493,920 US$566,800 US$3,060,720
Non-Scheduled Air Transport and Airplane Rental with Operator 227 US$49,940 US$11,350 US$61,290
Unknown 98 US$21,560 US$4,900 US$26,460
Supporting and Auxiliary Transport Activities ; Activities of Travel Agencies 43,204 US$9,504,880 US$2,160,200 US$11,665,080
Cargo Handling 1,137 US$250,140 US$56,850 US$306,990
Warehousing 3,747 US$824,340 US$187,350 US$1,011,690
Activities of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators ; Tourist Assistance Activities 17,060 US$3,753,200 US$853,000 US$4,606,200
Other Services Allied to Transport Agency 20,734 US$4,561,480 US$1,036,700 US$5,598,180
Unknown 526 US$115,720 US$26,300 US$142,020
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
J. POST AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS 64,101 US$14,102,220 US$3,205,050 US$17,307,270
Post and Telecommunications 64,101 US$14,102,220 US$3,205,050 US$17,307,270
Postal Services and Couriers 28,206 US$6,205,320 US$1,410,300 US$7,615,620
Telecommunications 35,258 US$7,756,760 US$1,762,900 US$9,519,660
Unknown 637 US$140,140 US$31,850 US$171,990
K. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND INSURANCE 200,051 US$44,011,220 US$10,002,550 US$54,013,770
Financial Institutions, Except Insurance and Pension Funding 97,970 US$21,553,400 US$4,898,500 US$26,451,900
Money-Creating Institutions 61,699 US$13,573,780 US$3,084,950 US$16,658,730
Non-Money-Creating Institutions 35,202 US$7,744,440 US$1,760,100 US$9,504,540
Unknown 1,069 US$235,180 US$53,450 US$288,630
Insurance and Pension Funding, Except Compulsory Social Security 72,315 US$15,909,300 US$3,615,750 US$19,525,050
Insurance and Pension Funding, Except Compulsory Social Security 71,253 US$15,675,660 US$3,562,650 US$19,238,310
Unknown 1,062 US$233,640 US$53,100 US$286,740
Activities Auxiliary to Financial Intermediation 29,766 US$6,548,520 US$1,488,300 US$8,036,820
Activities Auxiliary to Financial Intermediation, Except Insurance and Pension Funding 21,340 US$4,694,800 US$1,067,000 US$5,761,800
Activities Auxiliary to Insurance and Pension Funding 8,106 US$1,783,320 US$405,300 US$2,188,620
Unknown 320 US$70,400 US$16,000 US$86,400
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
L. REAL ESTATE AND RENTING AND LEASIN 134,826 US$29,661,720 US$6,741,300 US$36,403,020
Real Estate Activities 125,798 US$27,675,560 US$6,289,900 US$33,965,460
Real Estate Activities with Own or Leased Property 23,893 US$5,256,460 US$1,194,650 US$6,451,110
Activities Related to Real Estate 100,595 US$22,130,900 US$5,029,750 US$27,160,650
Unknown 1,310 US$288,200 US$65,500 US$353,700
Renting of Machinery and Equipment without Operator and of Personal and Household Goods 9,017 US$1,983,740 US$450,850 US$2,434,590
Renting of Transport Equipment 2,033 US$447,260 US$101,650 US$548,910
Renting of Machinery and Equipment 2,108 US$463,760 US$105,400 US$569,160
Renting of Personal and Household Goods 4,834 US$1,063,480 US$241,700 US$1,305,180
Unknown 42 US$9,240 US$2,100 US$11,340
Unknown 11 US$2,420 US$550 US$2,970
Unknown 11 US$2,420 US$550 US$2,970
M. BUSINESS ACTIVITIES 425,824 US$93,681,280 US$21,291,200 US$114,972,480
Computer and Related Activities 106,659 US$23,464,980 US$5,332,950 US$28,797,930
Computer System Design and Consultancy 12,993 US$2,858,460 US$649,650 US$3,508,110
Software Consultancy and Supply 78,536 US$17,277,920 US$3,926,800 US$21,204,720
Data Processing and Computer Facilities Management Services 3,729 US$820,380 US$186,450 US$1,006,830
Database Activities and On-line Information Provision Services 8,872 US$1,951,840 US$443,600 US$2,395,440
Other Computer Activities 1,139 US$250,580 US$56,950 US$307,530
Unknown 1,390 US$305,800 US$69,500 US$375,300
Research and Development 26,515 US$5,833,300 US$1,325,750 US$7,159,050
Research and Experimental Development On Natural Sciences and Engineering 21,363 US$4,699,860 US$1,068,150 US$5,768,010
Research and Experimental Development On Social Sciences and Humanities 4,771 US$1,049,620 US$238,550 US$1,288,170
Unknown 381 US$83,820 US$19,050 US$102,870
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 188,681 US$41,509,820 US$9,434,050 US$50,943,870
Legal, Accounting and Tax Preparation Services 43,976 US$9,674,720 US$2,198,800 US$11,873,520
Market Research and Management Consulting Services 18,185 US$4,000,700 US$909,250 US$4,909,950
Architectural, Engineering Services 43,951 US$9,669,220 US$2,197,550 US$11,866,770
Scientific and Technical Services 7,683 US$1,690,260 US$384,150 US$2,074,410
Advertising 21,579 US$4,747,380 US$1,078,950 US$5,826,330
Specialized Design Services 38,263 US$8,417,860 US$1,913,150 US$10,331,010
Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 12,149 US$2,672,780 US$607,450 US$3,280,230
Unknown 2,895 US$636,900 US$144,750 US$781,650
Business Support Services 103,969 US$22,873,180 US$5,198,450 US$28,071,630
Facilities Support and Employment Services 32,944 US$7,247,680 US$1,647,200 US$8,894,880
Other Business Support Services 69,923 US$15,383,060 US$3,496,150 US$18,879,210
Unknown 1,102 US$242,440 US$55,100 US$297,540
Public Administration and Defence ; Compulsory Social Security 129,680 US$28,529,600 US$6,484,000 US$35,013,600
Executive, Legislative and General Government Support 71,073 US$15,636,060 US$3,553,650 US$19,189,710
Administration of Industrial and Social Policy of Community 13,044 US$2,869,680 US$652,200 US$3,521,880
Foreign Affairs and Defence Activities 13,001 US$2,860,220 US$650,050 US$3,510,270
Justice, Public Order and Safety Activities 30,893 US$6,796,460 US$1,544,650 US$8,341,110
Compulsory Social Security Activities 132 US$29,040 US$6,600 US$35,640
Unknown 1,537 US$338,140 US$76,850 US$414,990
O. EDUCATION 287,295 US$63,204,900 US$14,364,750 US$77,569,650
Education 287,295 US$63,204,900 US$14,364,750 US$77,569,650
Primary Education 51,717 US$11,377,740 US$2,585,850 US$13,963,590
Secondary Education 51,208 US$11,265,760 US$2,560,400 US$13,826,160
Higher Education 56,810 US$12,498,200 US$2,840,500 US$15,338,700
Schools for the Handicapped and Foreigners 1,971 US$433,620 US$98,550 US$532,170
Adult and Other Education 121,855 US$26,808,100 US$6,092,750 US$32,900,850
Unknown 3,734 US$821,480 US$186,700 US$1,008,180
P. HEALTH AND SOCIAL WOR 162,907 US$35,839,540 US$8,145,350 US$43,984,890
Human Health and Veterinary Activities 128,275 US$28,220,500 US$6,413,750 US$34,634,250
Human Health Activities 124,885 US$27,474,700 US$6,244,250 US$33,718,950
Veterinary Activities 1,689 US$371,580 US$84,450 US$456,030
Unknown 1,701 US$374,220 US$85,050 US$459,270
Social Work Activities 34,632 US$7,619,040 US$1,731,600 US$9,350,640
Social Work Activities with Accommodation 4,376 US$962,720 US$218,800 US$1,181,520
Social Works Without Accommodation 29,945 US$6,587,900 US$1,497,250 US$8,085,150
Unknown 311 US$68,420 US$15,550 US$83,970
Q. RECREATIONAL, CULTURAL AND SPORTING ACTIVITIES 113,648 US$25,002,560 US$5,682,400 US$30,684,960
Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Performing Arts Industries 50,615 US$11,135,300 US$2,530,750 US$13,666,050
Motion Picture Industries 13,821 US$3,040,620 US$691,050 US$3,731,670
Broadcasting 19,910 US$4,380,200 US$995,500 US$5,375,700
Performing Arts Industries 16,182 US$3,560,040 US$809,100 US$4,369,140
Unknown 702 US$154,440 US$35,100 US$189,540
Other Recreational, Cultural and Sporting Activities 63,033 US$13,867,260 US$3,151,650 US$17,018,910
News Agency Activities 934 US$205,480 US$46,700 US$252,180
Library, Archives, Museums and Other Cultural Activities 6,491 US$1,428,020 US$324,550 US$1,752,570
Sports and Other Recreational Sports Services 26,751 US$5,885,220 US$1,337,550 US$7,222,770
Other Recreational Activities 28,063 US$6,173,860 US$1,403,150 US$7,577,010
Unknown 794 US$174,680 US$39,700 US$214,380
Sewage and Refuse Disposal, Sanitation and Similar Activities 5,885 US$1,294,700 US$294,250 US$1,588,950
Sewage, Human and Animal Waste Treatment Services 1,393 US$306,460 US$69,650 US$376,110
Waste Collection and Disposal 3,151 US$693,220 US$157,550 US$850,770
Sanitation and Similar Activities 1,296 US$285,120 US$64,800 US$349,920
Unknown 45 US$9,900 US$2,250 US$12,150
Membership Organizations n.e.c. 45,295 US$9,964,900 US$2,264,750 US$12,229,650
Business and Professional Organizations 6,928 US$1,524,160 US$346,400 US$1,870,560
Labour Organizations 682 US$150,040 US$34,100 US$184,140
Other Membership Organizations 37,085 US$8,158,700 US$1,854,250 US$10,012,950
Unknown 600 US$132,000 US$30,000 US$162,000
Maintenance and Repair Services 50,433 US$11,095,260 US$2,521,650 US$13,616,910
Maintenance and Repair Services of Machinery and Equipment 13,790 US$3,033,800 US$689,500 US$3,723,300
Maintenance and Repair Services of Motor Vehicles, and Motorcycles 22,842 US$5,025,240 US$1,142,100 US$6,167,340
Repair Services of Personal and Household Goods 13,119 US$2,886,180 US$655,950 US$3,542,130
Unknown 682 US$150,040 US$34,100 US$184,140
Other Services Activities 79,167 US$17,416,740 US$3,958,350 US$21,375,090
Personal Care Services 50,047 US$11,010,340 US$2,502,350 US$13,512,690
Other Physical Well-being Services 28,129 US$6,188,380 US$1,406,450 US$7,594,830
Unknown 991 US$218,020 US$49,550 US$267,570
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
Unknown 0 US$0 US$0 US$0
S. PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDS WITH EMPLOYED PERSONS 18,224 US$4,009,280 US$911,200 US$4,920,480
Private Households with Employed Persons 18,224 US$4,009,280 US$911,200 US$4,920,480
Private Households with Employed Persons 18,047 US$3,970,340 US$902,350 US$4,872,690
Unknown 177 US$38,940 US$8,850 US$47,790
Extra-Territorial Organizations and Bodies 3,274 US$720,280 US$163,700 US$883,980
Extra-Territorial Organizations and Bodies 3,252 US$715,440 US$162,600 US$878,040
Unknown 22 US$4,840 US$1,100 US$5,940
Industry Unknown 33,537 US$7,378,140 US$1,676,850 US$9,054,990