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Yet Another OLPC: One Local e-Government Per Community.

See Overview of governmental servers; what they are for, how and by whom they are established, and other issues.

Also, see YAWL and Writing e-Government before starting to write Python codes for any governmental function.

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Briefly speaking, the e-Government project of XO Korea is to establish an web-based government system commonly usable by hundreds of nations with different cultural, political, economic, and historic backgrounds.


It may need tens of years to grow hundreds of thousands of highly educated governmental officers, but, in some cases, a sophisticated e-Government system will surely provide the same (or even better) governmental services to citizens.

Furthermore, developing nations under short governmental budgets can afford to buy XO laptops for their children, by reducing governmental expenses, especially ordinary expenses such as salaries for governmental employees, those who otherwise should be newly recruited .

[Tier 1] Server No.12 산업·중소기업

XO Korea/government server/ No.12 Industry & Supporting Small Corporations/lang-ko

[Tier 2] Server No.130 무역 및 투자유치

XO Korea/government server/Trade & Inducing Foreign Investment/lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1319 무역 진흥

XO Korea/government server/ No.1319 Promoting Trades /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1320 무역 구제

XO Korea/government server/ No.1320 Trade Remedies /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1321 국제 산업 협력

XO Korea/government server/ No.1321 International Industrial Collaboration /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1322 외국인 투자유치

XO Korea/government server/ No.1322 Inducing Investments from Foreigners /lang-ko

[Tier 2] Server No.165 산업진흥·고도화

XO Korea/government server/No.165 Industry Promotion/lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1323 지역산업 균형발전

XO Korea/government server/ No.1323 Balanced Local Industrial Development /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1324 산업 경쟁력기반 구축

XO Korea/government server/ No.1324 Establishing Basis of Industrial Competitiveness /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1325 산업기술 진흥

XO Korea/government server/ No.1325 Promoting Industrial Technologies /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1326 자본재산업 진흥

XO Korea/government server/ No.1326 Promoting Capital Goods Industries /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1327 생활산업 진흥

XO Korea/government server/ No.1327 Promoting Living Industries /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1328 산업기술표준 및 제품안전관리

XO Korea/government server/ No.1328 Industrial Technology Standards and Product Safety /lang-ko

[Tier 2] Server No.166 에너지 및 자원개발

XO Korea/government server/No.166 Energy & Resource Development/lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1329 에너지 및 자원정책

XO Korea/government server/ No.1329 Energy & Resource Policies /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1330 에너지 안전관리

XO Korea/government server/ No.1330 Energy Safety /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1331 국내외 자원개발

XO Korea/government server/ No.1331 Developing Global Resources /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1332 에너지 수급안정

XO Korea/government server/ No.1332 Stable Demand & Supply of Energy /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1333 전력산업경쟁력강화 및 전력수급안정

XO Korea/government server/ No.1333 Strengthening the Competitiveness of Power Industry and the Stability of Demand & Supply /lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1334 원전사업 및 발전소 주변지역 지원

XO Korea/government server/ No.1334 Nuclear Plants /lang-ko

[Tier 2] Server No.113 산업·중소기업 일반

XO Korea/government server/Small & Medium Corporations/lang-ko

[Tier 3] Server No.1335 산업자원 행정지원

XO Korea/government server/ No.1335 Administrative Support for Industry & Resources /lang-ko