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The activities of OLPC Korea includes;

  • translating data about XO laptops, softwares, and content: Localization
  • participating in the development of XO laptops, activities (softwares), and content: Developers Program
  • helping Korean government participate in XO deployment: XO Deployment
  • developing XO laptops for older children and VoIP mobile phone sharing mesh network with XO laptops: Larger OLPC, XO Phone
  • configuring and managing servers in schools etc.: Community Servers
  • configuring and managing local networks composed on XO laptops, XO variants, and various servers.
  • supporting open source communities in Korea: Open Source Community
  • establishing and supporting grassroot communities on XO: Grassroot Community

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XO laptop: for kindergartens

The OLPC project is very large and the first one to provide laptops to more than 1 billion children worldwide, and OLPC Korea has set a goal of providing more than 10 million XO laptops to Korean children from kindergartens to colleges.

Kindergartens are where our youngest children meet XOs first in their lives, and Etoy, a variant of Smalltalk and Squeak, Scratch and Logo are very easy prgramming language for them to learn and use.

population of this age (5-7 years old) is about 2 millions in Korea. OLPC Korea hopes to support the distribution and management of XO and school servers for these ages' children also. (>>more...)

XO laptop: for primary schools

At present (July 2007), activities (softwares) and content for primary school students are relatively abundant compared to those for older ages.

One of the major principles of OLPC is for children to be mentors to other children and to collaborate each other. This principle is always present in all hardwares and softwares to be deployed on XO. Worldwide open source communities are producing new and innovative educational activities day by day; music activity TamTam which can be used even by professional musicians, Etoy and Squeak programming languages easy to learn, and other Activities all of which can be used, edited and distributed freely. XO has even View Source key on its keyboard, the only laptop of the world. (>>more...)

XO laptop: for middle schools

Middle schools are not included in the current scope of OLPC project. However, XO lapops have excellent features and performance which even adults can use in daily lives. XO laptop supports dual mode display (color and mono), clean readibility under sun lights, rain or water protection, and great networking features, all of which make XO ideal to digital device for middle or high school students' curricula. In addition, it is expected that middle school students will use Squeak and Python as their primary programming tools. (>> more...)

XO laptop: for high schools

Due to lowering school entrance ages and wide information sources for children to access, we expect most of current college curricula will be moved to high school curricula. OLPC Korea will actively participate in writing content for current college curricula such as WikiEducator etc. and allow high school student to access those curricular without limitation.

However, current college entrance examination in Korea forces high school students memorize (rather than understand) various content helpful only to take examinations, we are now seeking ways for students to enter colleges without taking entrance examinations. (>>more...)

XO laptop: for colleges

Perhaps, colleges are where Activities (softwares) and content for XO laptops are most actively developed,a nd where both production and consumption are done by the same group, so called prosumers. Because, current XO has too small keyboard to be used by older children or college students, OLPC Korea hopes to distribute XOs with redesigned keyboards and periperal keyboards attached to USB port.

One of the experimental project of OLPC Korea is to establish one open university, a complete web based university, where all participants are mentors to other participants. We are now constructing a complete web based university based on Standard Classification of Research of Austrailia. By 2009, though it will still be in an experimental stage, our web university will be shown off in a complete different look from current cyber universities. (>>more...)

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Long-term Research Activities of OLPC Korea!

XO Korea/research/summary/lang-en (>>more...)

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